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  1. 1. James Klinger Harrisburg, PA 17110 - 717-497-3698 WORK EXPERIENCE Retired 3 October 2010, with 39 years service working for the Department of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency and U.S. Army. I am presently seeking a position based on my years of knowledge, skills and ability, expertise, and education. I was in charge of a complex warehouse operation involved with military supplies not ready for issue to the customers. This material was suspended due to various contract or other quality control defects which prevented the material from being issued to DOD customers. This functional responsibility covered all areas of distribution in New Cumberland and Mechanicsburg locations visiting material on site or maintained in a 200,000 square feet warehouse with over 80 thousand open lines. I was responsible for receipt, stow, pack and inventory accuracy of material with a value of 40 million dollars. I had 70 employees working on a multi shift operation to perform complex research to resolve the quality control defects or contractual issues associated with why material. DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY, New Cumberland, PA Supervisory Distribution Facilities Specialist Supervisory Production Planning and Control and Business Manager Served as Senior Program Manager/Advisor to the Commander. Previously served as Division Budget Manager, Branch Chief of Special Operations Logistics Division, Defense Distribution Depot Susquehanna, New Cumberland, PA. Work experience consists of every facet of Supply Chain Management. Responsibilities consisted of providing worldwide Global Logistics Services and Support to include of Military Supplies, repair parts, major and minor principal end items, assembles and sub-assemblies, medical, food and industrial supplies material and equipment. I managed reimbursable programs by providing cost analysis for all reimbursable workload programs to include marketing and expanding new business opportunities at the largest distribution depot operations in DOD. The reimbursable programs accross the Special Operations Logistics Division consisted of 7M dollars annually which is now Special Commodities Branch. In the past I had to deal extensively with Foreign Military Sales (FMS) projects, Humanitarian and Disaster relief efforts worldwide. Previously as project manager for humanitarian assistance program providing full logistics support functions of the regional CINC's annual plans to include special tasking from the U.S. Department of State and Foreign Nation Governments. The logistics functions include Asset identification, Classification and Condition of assets and cost estimates associated with Repair of supply items and Equipment. Participated in DOD Senior Executive Board on long term planning of HAP and SO/LIC requirements with Government and Pentagon officials. This project was a 14 million dollar reimbursable program which required tracking cost expenditures from beginning to the end costs of maintaining, sorting, packaging, etc. to include equipment general/direct support maintenance repairs and refurbishments. Maintained an extensive inventory accountability of equipment and supplies in support of the Humanitarian Assistance Program. I and other team members briefed DOD and Pentagon officials on a monthly basis on project status of the program.
  2. 2. Attended DOD level management meetings to discuss short and long term funding, program objectives and requirements to meet program goals. I received an award from Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for support of OASD Partners in Peace. Provided input on marketing strategy of DDRE prior to becoming DDC. Several projects including partnering US postal service, US National Park Service, State government, PENNDOT, General Services Administration and US National Guard Bureau, etc. I presently manage DDSP Commands Not-Ready-For-Issue (NRFI) program. Functions include Receipt stow, pick, pack and ship, Warehousing, Inventory, Technical Inspection and Quality assurance functions, Care of supplies, CRII, Safety of flight, Army Afloat, NASA Programs, Systems product technical lab, Calibration center, Receipt and issue of suspended material. Responsible for Quality Assurance initiatives for depot operations. Provides daily status of various ICP/IM actions relating to non issuable material. Responsible for the Supply Discrepancy Reports (SDR's) to insure accuracy, and actions relating to open and close suspense actions. Quality Assurance of Distribution functions under the Stock Readiness Program. Responsible for 50 million dollar inventory and accountability. Served as DDC senior level team advisor on Central Depot Concept (CDC) initiative. This concept consisted of study, planning and implementation of moving all retail accounts back to all the services. I was tasked with working with Army officials moving retail supply accounts back to the U.S. Army at the Letterkenny Army Depot for DDC and DDSP Commanders. I also served on the executive board which established a Stock Readiness/ COSIS program for DOD, Huntsville, Alabama. This board consisted of every branch of the service to establish and provide directional over site of program needs and accomplishments. As a result Regulation 4145.4 Stock Readiness regulation was drafted reviewed and implementation across DOD activities. DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY, Mechanicsburg, PA. Supervisory General Supply Specialist Appointed by the DDC/DDSP Commanders, Team lead to move retail and wholesale inventory accounts back to the US army at Letterkenny Army Depot. Project involved moving millions of dollars in Inventory from DLA back to the Army accounts. I had several high level command meetings to discuss the time lines, planning and strategies of implementation. Meetings involved and bench mark how and when, do's and don'ts, etc. The project required me to brief the DDC and DDSP Commander weekly on established time line requirements. As past business manager of the Special Operations Logistics Division I was responsible for maintaining budget controls of a 9M reimbursable program. Analyze expenditures of a 9M dollar reimbursement program. I monitor all purchases to insure procurement purchases are authorized within regulatory limits. I prepared service contracts for divisional operations on an as needed basis. Division advisor on all safety and environmental related issues. COMMUTER SERVICES INC., Millersburg, PA Co Founder / President / CEO Owner, President and CEO of Commuter Services Corp. This transportation company provided individuals to share rides to and from work within a nine county regional area. Authorized to carry small packages providing complete transportation services. I served as Chairman of the Board, President and CEO on all related corporation matters. Required meetings with federal, state and local transportation officials to discuss nine county planning commission requirements. NEW CUMBERLAND ARMY DEPOT, New Cumberland, PA
  3. 3. Chief, Preservation and Packaging Branch (176 EMPLOYEES) My responsibilities consisted of chief of the preservation and packaging branch within the general supply division. Part of a 1400 employee structure providing global distribution support to Europe, Middle East, Central and South America, other countries. Positive required extensive knowledge of wholesale and retail logistics inventory systems which included technical and other related supply functions. I plan, organized and structure operating policy and procedures to meet program goals. I made decisions involved with frequent major unpredictable changes in programs or special situations that necessitated changes in guidelines and/or deviation of systems relation to other program and maintenance repairs. I had the responsible of monitoring budget expenditures. Temporary promoted to Division Chief and Deputy Division Chief over all supply functions covering Receiving, Packing, Storage/Warehousing, P&P operations consisting of 1400+ employees covering five (5) major branches in the General Supply Division. Responsible for Receipt, Stow and Issue operations on a daily basis. I had the responsibilities on a daily basis of all personnel matters, labor issues, and to meet performance matrix of accountability. FRUEHAUF CORPORATION, Middletown, PA Production Manager Responsibilities included managing all phases of operations involved with Sea-Van manufacturing. I had to make engineering changes, production changes, and schedules in production planning and control. I was responsible for all phases of heavy manufacturing operations. This was a fast-pace, high-volume production assembly operation where production goals had to be met or exceeded. Work involved some 100 employees working in different areas of manufacturing, assembly of trailer roofs, side walls, and trailer floors, boogie wheel assembly, building frames and painting operations. These processes were needed in order to build 40+ sea van containers daily. I also was responsible for restocking of areas to maintain production output. I was selected and appointed as General Manager of second shift operations for one of the largest heavy manufactures in the world of Van trailer and Sea Van containers. WOOLWORTH CORPORATION, Millersburg, PA Production Supervisor/Manager I was responsible for managing all phases of production within the finishing division. This included production planning and control, process improvements and cost controls. This was a fast-pace production environment where I had to deal with constant changes in production and control to insure daily production goals were met. I monitor quality assurance within the department, production output, and resolved production problems etc. CHERVON OIL COMPANY, Millersburg, PA Retail Station / Dealer Manager I was responsible for retail sales and service, inventory control, accounts receivable/payable, security and cost controls or a retail operation. This included sales of gas and oil products and service repair and state vehicle inspection. I had to monitor daily, weekly and monthly sales volume; reorder merchandise, prepare contracts with different suppliers. I received inventory accounts, validate inventory, stock merchandise, monitor inventory losses, security monitory and accounts payable. EDUCATION Certificate in Strategic Marketing The George Washington University Law School - Washington, DC Planning Charter Institute of Professional Management