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Usability is dead...


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UX is not just about building huge coherent web architectures. We have become digital nomads - building tents, rather than building houses, in environments that suit our needs. People no longer inhabit worlds built by designers, but in worlds built by themselves.
Increasingly it is about building applications and understanding how applications interact with each other and their embedded environment. It is about forging relevant links with technologies that are appropriate. Relevance has surpassed usability as the most important factor of web strategy and web design.
Context defines how usable your experience needs to be, and we are steadily moving from interface design to concept design...IA and UX has for many years looked at the web in a traditional one way communications paradigm, where it is all about conveying a message to the end user.
But the Internet is NOT the new newspaper, the new radio or the new television. The web is actually not a medium at all, if anything it is a paradigm of interaction. It is something completely different which as a discipline we need to demonstrate with an open approach to our design work, that is documented, shared and refined.
Those involved in the field must realize that usability is becoming more bound by context and relevance to individual needs, it cannot be merely prescriptive.

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  • Thanks for the comment though despite the nice graphics (all sourced through flickr and creative commons) there is a much deeper message to the presentation. Please read the blog post referenced here and comment further. The post covers areas that this visual presentation does not but the talk did. They are points about collaboration, process, appropriate use of tools and what is becoming known as service design. I do not agree that customer centric and user experience is the same thing and this discipline mirrors that thought in it's holistic approach. All these areas can never be covered in a forty minute talk but old news or not it still needs telling!
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  • Thanks for the wonderful graphics/visuals in the presentation. However, I was also looking for some kind of rationale or examples to support the statements that you made (presentation as well as the article). Lots of interesting points were brought up, but were not followed with any new insights.

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Usability is dead...

  1. Usability 17 June 2009 Interaction Design Day SIGCHI Copenhagen ITU is dead... James Kelway
  2. Some background
  3. Who am I? Senior IA @ before that... designer coder art director design manager agency partner
  4. ” User centred design NEVER worked” flickr: Jesper Rønn-Jensen
  5. ” ...what is clear to me now is that there is no such thing as an information architect” flickr: Jorge Arango
  6. The landscape
  7. 2006
  8. We are social flickr: Seite-3
  9. We are networked Flickr: luc legay
  10. Geek is becoming mainstream flickr: juliaroy
  11. You are (mostly) here
  12. ...and (maybe) here
  13. Context
  14. The context of our experience makes it unique flickr: bright star
  15. Context defines how usable the experience needs to be flickr: jaremfan
  16. The mobile is a social object that also is anchored in a context flickr: Phil Hilfiker
  17. Who we are, will influence what we see and how we use it flickr: premasagar
  18. Relevance Context and the relevance to the user has surpassed usability as the most important factor of web design and strategy flickr: aleksiev
  19. My world
  20. flickr: matt hamm
  21. Facebook TweetDeck Tweetie Twitter
  22. Multiple places and multiple mediums
  23. Technology is relevant to the individual flickr: hichako
  24. Interfaces are becoming more adaptive
  25. Behaviour
  26. Our behaviour defines our work flickr: julianbleeker
  27. It benefits us to know WHY we think like we do flickr: toyfoo
  28. flickr: nicolasnova changes everything
  29. The web
  30. Our challenge is that our work is becoming more complex The challenge is our work is becoming more complex flickr: kingofjive
  31. flickr: Will Lion
  32. Usability and user centred design will be stretched and changed by these developments flickr: nerovivo
  33. The web is not a medium
  34. It is everywhere Shift Image: Fibre Design UK
  35. What can we do?
  36. Collaborate more flickr: toyfoo
  37. Use appropriate tools
  38. Build a relevant experience not a prescriptive one flickr: photolovesyoutoo
  39. Experience wins flickr: cogdogblog
  40. Be flexible
  41. Be culturally aware flickr: jerome sadou
  42. Give meaning beyond an interface flickr: thinkmobi
  43. Summing up
  44. UX is a solution and a process... flickr: pieterbaert
  45. ...and Usability is more alive than ever
  46. Thank you Blog: