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  1. 1. Sure, there are other music sources who create great, memorable music, license music, consult and guide you through publishing issues, handle your sample clearances and can administer your catalogue but MMP since its inception, has established itself as the leading "one-stop" source, where the art of music and the business of music are effortlessly married. Publishing is not difficult but it’s our approach and passion which separates us from others. MMP demonstrates a strong identity and presence in the entertainment and corporate arenas and we’re consistently raising the bar on our client’s expectations with our great ear and eye to detail backed by our sound customer services and our dedicated commitment to excellence. Our founder and CEO, James Jackson, who has 20+years under his belt in publishing, believes it all begins with a song. Period. “Without the song there is no business to conduct or produce…to often too many executives and artist forget this he says.” “Wedon’tviewmusicasourbusinessbutwhatwelivetodo.” Here’s the deal….. We love what we do and if it’s a 5k or a 500k budget we have or can create the music you or your client so desires or can negotiate the best deal for that special copyright. We’re confident that we can find the right solution for your music concern. We’re here to help and make your job easier when it comes to any music matter. As our client, you will benefit from our years of expertise, our unique and innovative approach to copyrights as well as our marketing strategies. OUR SERVICES Content creator and provider | Consult on the Securitizing and evaluation of music catalogues Preparation of Royalty statements | Review royalty statements | Royalty Collections | Publishing & Catalog Administration | Sample Clearances | Preparation of Audits and Audit Rebuttals | Packaging Design | Marketing of Copyrights LICENSING We maintain a song database of more than 5 million song titles. With our strong ties and solid relationships with the major publishers, record labels, music supervisors and consumer product companies MMP can finalize deals in a fraction of the time it would take individuals or independent labels or music houses. ROYALTY STATEMENT REVIEW Clear focus: MrMusicPublisher offers its clients the comfort of knowing that any and all statements they receive are submitted in accordance to their contracts. We diligently review statements for accuracy and check to make sure that only the proper recoupment of costs associated with the project are being charged to the account.
  2. 2. WHAT’S IT WORTH? CATALOG EVALUATION MMP knows! We always have our ear to the ground and know what’s next , what’s available or better yet we can create and present a winning bid to secure that ‘dream’ catalog. Our valuable difference is that we can quantify and put a value on the catalog or copyright from our years of publishing expertise and also give you a strategy on how to grow the value. ROYALTY COLLECTIONS Detailed, & Reliable MMP has proven itself as a leading collection society for publishers, songwriters, and artist, by maintaining a customized royalty tracking program. . The royalty tracking program has been designed to inform us of the release dates, song titles, label, artist, composers, and record numbers. With this information, MrMusicPublisher has the ability to know when, where, if, and by whom, song titles have been released on a worldwide basis. Our clients consider us the hyenas of royalty collections. ADMINISTRATION Trusted, Confidential & Responsible…. As much as MMP loves the art of music we also love and know the art of handling the business of music. We currently have the rights to administer the catalogs of several prominent publishers and catalogs. SAMPLE CLEARANCES We consistently deliver in a timely manner and assure that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed to protect our clients. AUDITS/AUDIT REBUTTALS Copyright & Intellectual Property Expertise Last year, MMP put forth claims totaling more than 6MM on behalf of our clients. We have appeared and testified in court cases involving Copyright Infringement and underpayment / non-payment of royalties. To learn more about our approach in solving your music issue. Please visit us or call us @ 973 783-7385.