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9 Common Challenges for Existing Pharma Co-Promotions


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A review of the common challenges that co-promotion or co-commercialization teams face when establishing and implementing cross-company partnership agreements. RxC International provides their input on how to avoid the common challenges and optimize the chances of success for all parties.

Published in: Healthcare
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  • As someone that has led several co-promotions project in my professional life, this article is amazingly legit and realistic. All of these factors, not only I lived but had to deal with the significant consequences that are associated with each one of them. Most companies suffer from "our way is not only the best way but the only way". And in a partnership this mentality is a NO-NO that can destroy a product and a costly Co-Promotion agreement. Products succeed or fail according to the strength and loyalty of their Co-Promotion Teams. Leadership is paramount but EGOS need to stay at the door. Thanks for this useful and important article to remind the industry of whats important.
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9 Common Challenges for Existing Pharma Co-Promotions

  1. 1. 9 Common Challenges for Existing Pharma Co-Promotions And How to Avoid Them
  2. 2. Co-Promotion Challenges Arise When These Key Drivers are Not Optimized Governance Brand Management Performance Management
  3. 3. Existing pharma co-promotions face challenges that can threaten their success and longevity if not addressed. Here are the 9 most common.
  4. 4. Optimizing Pharmaceutical Brand Co-Promotion Programs RxC International has leveraged its extensive experience establishing and evaluating co-promotions to develop a white paper on the key drivers and best practices of successful co-promotions. Download it today! Get the White Paper
  5. 5. Size Disparity 1
  6. 6. Size differences can create tension over critical co-promotion issues including resource allocation, decision-making processes, and long- term planning. A governance committee with members from critical functional areas such as R&D, medical, and manufacturing can help ensure that the concerns of each co-promotion partner are addressed effectively and efficiently. The Problem The Solution
  7. 7. Clash of Company Cultures 2
  8. 8. Co-promotions can quickly evolve into an “us versus them” situation if not managed properly. Co-promotion leadership can avoid “us versus them” situations by building strong team affinity, developing co- promotion key metrics early, and looking closely at skill sets to determine team behaviors. The Problem The Solution
  9. 9. Ineffective Decision- Making Process 3
  10. 10. Ineffective decision-making processes can prevent the timely resolution of operational issues and hinder daily operations. Co-promotion leadership can avoid decision-making inefficiencies by establishing good governance practices early in the co-promotion. The Problem The Solution
  11. 11. Operational Misalignment 4
  12. 12. Co-promotion partners may have difficulty aligning on all tactics. Leadership must evaluate key differences between partner companies to develop tactics that each entity can agree to. The Problem The Solution
  13. 13. Poor Resource Allocation 5
  14. 14. Resource allocation becomes a complex task in the absence of adequate planning due to stakeholders with different objectives competing for resources from the same limited pool. When allocating resources, co-promotion leadership must consider near-term financial objectives, long-term objectives around brand life cycle management, and risk management to ensure sufficient resources for success. The Problem The Solution
  15. 15. Inadequate Performance Management 6
  16. 16. Diverging performance expectations can lead to confusion and resentment among co-promotion team members. Leadership should clearly outline the performance expectations and measures that are tied to producing successful co-promotion outcomes. The Problem The Solution
  17. 17. Leadership Transitions 7
  18. 18. A co-promotion that relies upon the leadership capabilities of a few individuals can be imperiled during a leadership transition. To avoid operational disorder, the co-promotion team must develop effective communication plans for releasing information promptly, facilitating smooth transitions, and on-boarding new team members. The Problem The Solution
  19. 19. Good Faith Agreements 8
  20. 20. Good faith agreements often take the place of legal documents potentially leading to disruption once the co- promotion has evolved. External support can help by troubleshooting and realigning co-promotional agreements around key drivers. The Problem The Solution
  21. 21. Lack of Outside Insight 9
  22. 22. Many co-promotions do not partner with a third party to assist with co-promotional optimization. Experienced third-party organizations can evaluate an existing co-promotion and provide valuable insights on better alignment and planning across departments. The Problem The Solution
  23. 23. About RxC International We are a premier life sciences management consulting firm with deep expertise in Corporate Strategy, New Product Strategy, and Commercialization. Learn more about us by clicking an image below: Corporate Strategy New Product Strategy Commercialization About the Authors Subbarao Jayanthi is the Managing Partner of RxC International with expertise in corporate strategy, life cycle management, and M&A. James Hoyes is an Executive Partner specializing in corporate development and commercializing pharmaceutical and biotech products.
  24. 24. Want More? Visit our Co-Promotion Resource Center to access our library of articles, case studies, and other resources or to download our white paper on co-promotion success. Visit Our Resource Center Contact us at