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Family Recipe


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Family Recipe

  1. 1. 1 Family Recipe JamesHope 16217 MorrisDrive Orlando,Florida
  2. 2. 2 EXT. RURAL AREA – DAY Compilation of shots in wooded areas including areas that show children have played there, as well as herbs and/or flowers. The flowers should include: poppies, lilies, and/or nightshade. Ending shot on two tombstones with the names LILY and NATHANIEL CARNER. INT. CABIN BEDROOM – DAY Pan across a teenager’s room, finally landing on DANIEL. DANIEL sits by a window over- watching the earlier seen graves. Over DANIEL’S shoulder, PATRICK enters the doorway to the room, holding a bowl of soup. We see DANIEL’S somber look turn to one of aggravation. PATRICK (tentatively, yet lovingly) Hey Danny. How you doin’ bud? I made some soup for you. It’s chicken. Made with mom’s family recipe. Would you like some? A pause, DANIEL not giving any indication that PATRICK was heard. PATRICK (CONT’D) (sighing) Listen. I know it’s hard right now… DANIEL (aggravated) Where were you? PATRICK tries to answer but is immediately cut off. DANIEL (shouting) I didn’t know what to do! You were the prodigy son. The one that always knew which herbs worked with which. The son that everyone always trusted to make everything better. Now, when they needed you most, you were too busy in England to help. PATRICK sets the bowl down and tries to rest his hand on DANIEL’S shoulder, only to be shrugged off. DANIEL (CONT’D) (exasperated) Just… Just forget it. I’m going out. DANIEL is seen grabbing a bag and begins to walk out. PATRICK
  3. 3. 3 (sadly) I’ll fix up some dinner okay, okay bud? DANIEL Whatever. After a few seconds PATRICK lets out a sigh, followed by a coughing fit. EXT. SUBURBAN STREET – DAY An almost empty street with buildings and a few people nearby. DANIEL is seen walking along a sidewalk with shoulders hunched. Eyes slightly rise to see a group of young men approaching him. One of the men, CARL, meets his eyes. CARL (snarling) Hey, buddy. How’s my favorite flower planter? DANIEL (whispering) Oh no. CARL I’m hurt Dan. Why aren’t you happy to see me? Am I interrupting your flower picking time? DANIEL (aggravated) They’re not just flowers, Carl. They’re herbs. The group of men openly laugh. DANIEL backs up, intimidated. The men once again close the distance to DANIEL. An older voice is heard off screen. MALE STRANGER Is there a problem here Carl? CARL (startled) N-No Mr. Evans. MR. EVANS I think you boys should run off now.
  4. 4. 4 The group of men then proceed to run off, clearly intimidated by the newcomer. DANIEL averts his eyes, embarrassed at having to be rescued. MR. EVANS (softly) You all right there, Danny? DANIEL (curtly) Yeah, I’m fine. I could have taken em you know. MR. EVANS (humoring) I’m sure. Listen. I know things have been tough since your parents di- err, got sick. But I want you to know that you don’t need to be ashamed to ask for help. I consider you and your brother like my own nephews ever since your parents used their herbal medicine to save my wife. DANIEL Sorry Mr. Evans but I gotta go. DANIEL jogs off while MR. EVANS shakes his head. INT. LAB – DUSK/NIGHT DANIEL is seen walking down a hallway. During the scene, a female voice can be heard from the other side of the wall. DANIEL walks into a room to find a young woman about his age, surrounded by various plants, turn toward him. She is startled, but then smiles. FEMALE STRANGER Well hello Daniel. Come to bask in my presence? DANIEL (sarcastically) I just couldn’t stay away Bertha. So watcha working on? BERTHA (coyly) Oh just mixing and matching. Hey watcha got there? BERTHA enthusiastically steals DANIEL’S bag and proceeds to take out the plants. BERTHA (CONT’D) We got valerian, goldenseal, digitalis, hawthorn, and, my favorite, oregano.
  5. 5. 5 BERTHA starts to mix several herbs in a beaker already filled with a murky liquid. DANIEL (condescending) And you’re just mixing all these plants together because…? BERTHA (egotistically) I, Bertha, am looking to find the next medical breakthrough- BERTHA is cut off by a puff of smoke coming from the beaker. BERTHA (jokingly) I figure if the mixture doesn’t knock me out, again, then I’m halfway there. DANIEL You know you could just ask me what each herb does. BERTHA Medical breakthroughs are not found by doing what we already know. Sometimes, we have to take risks. Behind BERTHA, DANIEL smiles, but quickly changes to surprise when he looks outside. DANIEL (exclaiming) Dark already? I have to get back home before Patrick throws a fit. BERTHA (concentrating) Hmm? Oh, yeah, yeah. I’ll see you later Danny. (mumbling) Where did I put the Cat’s claw? EXT. CABIN – NIGHT Establishing shot showing that this is the same cabin from the beginning. DANIEL is seen running to the front door and then inside. INT. CABIN – NIGHT DANIEL (shouting) Patrick, I’m back!
  6. 6. 6 DANIEL does not receive a reply. He places his bag next to the front door and heads towards his established room. DANIEL then passes by PATRICK’S room and stops. There is a shot of his fist as it is poised to knock, only to falter and then lowered. DANIEL shakes his head and walks away, at a slower pace than he initially arrived. INT. CABIN – MORNING DANIEL is seen yawning and stretching while walking down the same hallway from the night before. DANIEL stalls are he nears PATRICK’S door. DANIEL (mumbling) It’s been a little while since I’ve heard from Pat, not that I’m worried. Maybe I should check just to see if he’s okay. DANIEL opens the door cautiously. We see DANIEL expression go from apathetic to shock and horror. The view changes to show the rest of the room, where PATRICK is seen in bed, surrounded by tissues covered with blood. PATRICK himself is sickly pale, heaving in breaths, not awake. DANIEL, after a moment of shock, rushes over to PATRICK’S side. DANIEL (CONT’D) (rushed) No, no, no. Not you too. I lost mom and dad, I can’t lose you too Pat! Please Pat, I didn’t mean it. It wasn’t your fault they died, it was mine. I didn’t pay enough attention, didn’t know what to do to cure them. I was too scared to help them, too egotistical to find help when they needed me to. Now I’m failing you too. DANIEL’S watery eyes snap open with the realization of his statement. A look of determination crosses his face. DANIEL (CONT’D) (shouting) No! I won’t fail, not this time. DANIEL’S hands reach out to PATRICK’S forehead and side, while DANIEL’S eyes look over the rest of PATRICK’S body. DANIEL (CONT’D) (stating) Trouble breathing and high fever. Two signs of the flu, but this is far stronger in the flu, and there were no previous signs of sickness. Whatever this is, it’s fast acting.
  7. 7. 7 DANIEL’S eyes narrow, contemplating. DANIEL (CONT’D) (calmly) Coughing. Coughing blood. And heavier brething than the flu would suggest. It almost seems like Pneumomia. But he and I both would have seen that coming, unless- DANIEL’S eyes open, mouth slightly parts. DANIEL (CONT’D) (exclaiming) Unless he had Tuberculosis. That would break down his immune system, without being detected. All I have to do is get some Eurycoma longifolia. But there is no way I can get that on my own, except… I’m not on my own. I’ll be back Pat, just hang on. DANIEL rushes out the door grabbing his bag next to the front door while moving, not even stopping to close the door. EXT. SUBURBAN STREET – MORING MR. EVANS is seen exiting a building. His eyes are half closed and arms loose, as if he just woke up. MR. EVANS quickly stands at attention when he hears his name being called by someone from his side. DANIEL runs up to him, sweaty from running. DANIEL (heaving) Mr. Evans! MR. EVANS (concerned) Danny? What’s wrong? DANIEL No time! Do you still have that Eurycoma longifolia that my family used on your wife? MR. EVANS Well yes- DANIEL No time. I need you to put the rest in an electric blender, contain it, and meet me in my brother’s room. I’ll see you there.
  8. 8. 8 DANIEL runs off, leaving MR. EVANS stunned. MR. EVANS quickly spins around and returns inside his house. EXT. SUBURBAN STREET – DAY DANIEL is running along the same location he last met CARL. Before DANIEL can get any farther, he is blocked off by CARL with the same group of boys. CARL (smirking) What’s the hurry Danny? DANIEL (tired) Out of the way, Carl, my brother needs medicine, now! CARL (laughing) And so what? If a flower can cure it, than it can’t be that bad. DANIEL steps right in front of CARL, leaving almost no room. DANIEL speaks in a calm, but demanding voice that leaves no room for argument. DANIEL My brother has tuberculosis. Do you know what that means? Someone with Tuberculosis has a weakened immune system. My brother contracted Pneumonia from it, but it can lead to many things. Viral, bacteria, it doesn’t matter. Without an immune system, you could catch a cold, or just be waiting to die. And the worst part of it? It travels through the air. Highly contagious. And when you get it, do you want to have the only medical family in town angry at you? CARL gulps and slowly shakes his head. DANIEL (CONT’D) Then move out of my way. The group of boys part, and DANIEL rushes off, not looking back. INT. LAB – DUSK/NIGHT BERTHA is messing with beakers and herbs when she hears someone running outside her lab. BERTHA lifts her head just as DANIEL comes in. She slowly walks up to DANIEL as he desperately tries to get out information between breaths. DANIEL
  9. 9. 9 Patrick. Tuberculosis. Eurycoma longifolia. Mr. Evans. Herbs. BERTHA (understanding) Got it. Yerba santa for open airways on the left, Feverfew on the right for abnormal body heat. Let’s get to work. Without another word, DANIEL and Bertha run to opposite sides of the lab, grabbing a herb and a mortar and pestle. We see a few different shots of them running, crushes the herbs, and then finally of them coming back together, each with a container. Both DANIEL and BERTHA nod at the same time and run out the door. INT. CABIN BEDROOM – DAY MR. EVANS is over a sleeping PATRICK. MR. EVANS is clearly concerned. DANIEL and BERTHA burst into the room, the latter nearly dropping her container. DANIEL grabs another one near MR. EVANS. MR. EVANS rises and stands next to BERTHA, out of DANIEL’S way. MR. EVANS continues to look concerned while BERTHA holds a mask of determination. DANIEL takes pieces of each herb out of the three containers and puts it into PATRICK’S mouth. After a while BERTHA lips begin to curl down, MR. EVANS looks downcast. All of a sudden, PATRICK begins to cough, followed by him opening his eyes, meeting DANIEL’S. PATRICK (croaking) I’m feeling better. What did you give me? DANIEL (sniffing) Just a family recipe. PATRICK (happily) So, how about that chicken soup. Both DANIEL and PATRICK begin to laugh, to the confusion of BERTHA and MR. EVANS.
  10. 10. 10 BERTHA raises a hand to MR. EVANS with an eyebrow arched. MR. EVANS shrugs and returns the high-five. One last cut to the brothers, now embracing before a fade to black.