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Faithful john


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Faithful john

  2. 2. Copyright © 2010 by Stone Shadow. 71475-HALS ISBN: Softcover 978-1-4500-0787-0 All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying,recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are theproduct of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. This book was printed in the United States of America. To order additional copies of this book, contact: Xlibris Corporation 1-888-795-4274 2 NO WHITE GUTTER
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The content ( graphics / pic ) of this book, “Faithful John”, was developed for me by the very creative employees ( see the credits ) of the Audio Visual Department at Simon Fraser University, in 1979. It was originally, a two projector, sound sequenced, music and voice lap dissolve slide show presentation. It was put into a CD format in April of 2000. CONTACT: for the details & to make the arrangements for ordering the CD. NOTE: As in the credits the voice, on the CD, is that of George Bowring the first Poet Laureate of the Federal Government in Ottawa Ontario, Canada. Faithful John 3NO WHITE GUTTER 3 71475-HALS
  4. 4. FORWARD Fairy tales are a “Love Gift” in that they: 1. Reassure. 2. Give hope for the future. 3. Promise a happy ending. 4. Never make one feel inferior. 5. Do not compel one to act or feel in a specific way. 6. Do not place demands on the reader or listener. “In order to gain the most from fairy tales one must be willing to dive into deep water”. A. They arouse curiosity B. Enrich life C. Stimulate imagination D. Develop intellect E. Clarify emotions F. Attune one to anxieties and aspirations G. Bring recognition to difficulties H. Promote confidence in oneself and in the future. Fairy tales take anxieties and lifes’ problems seriously and they take the reader or listener into and through them: Primitive drives, violent emotions, the need to be loved, the fear that one is of little value, the love of life and the fear of death. Enjoy, learn and teach about and from “FAITHFUL JOHN”.4 Stone Shadow 4 NO WHITE GUTTER
  5. 5. Artwork and design Elizabeth Carefoot Photography Michael Hoskins Script adaptation Ralph Maud Narration George Bowring Music Lou Crockett Sound Doug Gyseman Produced for Jim Halstrum By the Instructional Media Centre Simon Fraser University Faithful John 5NO WHITE GUTTER 5 71475-HALS
  6. 6. BIBLIOGRAPHYThis is a very limited list of books and authors.1. Marie-Louise van Franz: ( Jungian )A. An Introduction to the interpretation of Fairy tales, 1973, 159 pagesB.Shadow and Evil in Fairy tales, 1973, 284 pagesC. Individuation in Fairy tales, 1977, 210 pagesD. Problems of the Feminine in Fairy tales, 1972, 194 pagesSpring Publications, Postfach 190, 8024 Zurich, Switzerland.2. Grimm, The Brothers:A. Grimm’s Fairy Tales, New York: Pantheon Books, 1944 Note: Faithful John is in their major list of Fairy tales, Author unknown, in the Public Domain and not under copyright.3. Elizabeth CookA. The Ordinary and the Fabulous: An Introduction to Myths,Legends and Fairy tales for Teachers and Storytellers:New York: Cambridge University Press, 19694. Bruno Bettelheim ( Freudian )A. The Uses Of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy tales.Vantage Books Edition, May 1977 NOTE: This is a very limited list of books and authors, that do provide a starting place, related to Fairy tales, their Symbolism and their Interpretations. ( Lessons in Psychology ) 6 NO WHITE GUTTER
  7. 7. There once was an old king, who was dying, and he called for his trusted servant, Faithful John.”I have no anxiety left”, he said, “except about my son. He is still young and cannot always know how to conduct himself.” And he made Faithful John promise to teach him everything he should know and be a father to him. He should show him the whole castle, all the rooms and all the treasures, Faithful John 7NO WHITE GUTTER 7 71475-HALS
  8. 8. but not the last chamber in the long gallery for to see what was in that room would place him in grave danger. Faithful John pledged himself to carry out the kings wishes, . even if it should cost him . his life. When the king was dead and buried, and the period of mourning was over,8 Stone Shadow 8 NO WHITE GUTTER
  9. 9. Faithful John told the young prince, who was now king, of what he had promised his father on his deathbed. “Now is the time for you to see your inheritance” he said. He took the young king all over the castle, up and down, round and about, and opened all the rich and splendid rooms except one. The young king wanted to Faithful John 9NO WHITE GUTTER 9 71475-HALS
  10. 10. know why Faithful John passed this room by, and he was told, “The king forbids it, because there is something in that room of great danger to you.” The youth was not satisfied with this, and tried to open the door himself. Faithful John held him back, saying that he must keep his promise to the old king even if it should cost him his life.10 Stone Shadow 10 NO WHITE GUTTER
  11. 11. But the young king insisted that the room could not harm him, and that he would have no peace day or night until he had seen it with his own eyes. Indeed, he refused to go away from the place until the door was unlocked. Faithful John, knowing what the room contained, sought out the key with a heavy and foreboding heart. Opening the door, he stepped in first, hoping to block the young man’s view, Faithful John 11NO WHITE GUTTER 11 71475-HALS
  12. 12. but the king stood on tiptoe and saw immediately, placed in full sight, the portrait of the Princess of the Golden Dawn. The picture shone with gold and precious jewels, and even the face was so beautiful that anyone who saw it fell utterly in love. The young king was dazzled and sank to the ground in a dead faint.12 Stone Shadow 12 NO WHITE GUTTER
  13. 13. Faithful John took him up, carried him to his bed and sorrowfully murmured, “The misfortune is now upon us; what will become of me?” He strengthened the young king with wine, and the first words he spoke he spoke with a deep sigh “Who is she?” When Faithful John had explained whose portrait it was, he said: Faithful John 13NO WHITE GUTTER 13 71475-HALS
  14. 14. My love for her is so great that if all the leaves on the trees were tongues, they could not declare it.” He said he would stake his life on winning her, and that Faithful John must help him.” Now Faithful John knew it was well nigh impossible to gain access to the Princess of the Golden Dawn But he also knew that she loved to surround herself with objects made of gold. All her tables, chairs, bowls goblets and other household furnishings were made of gold. “In your treasury are five tons of gold,” he told the young king.14 Stone Shadow 14 NO WHITE GUTTER
  15. 15. “Let the goldsmiths fashion it into all manner of vessels and utensils, into all kinds of birds and strange animals, such as may please the Princess, and we will go to her with them and try our luck.” The goldsmiths worked night and day, the ship was made ready, Faithful John and the king disguised themselves as merchants Faithful John 15NO WHITE GUTTER 15 71475-HALS
  16. 16. and they set out on the voyage to the Kingdom of the Golden Dawn. When they finally arrived, John gathered a sample of the golden treasure, bade the king to prepare the ship and treasure for display to the princess and went up to the castle. In the courtyard he saw a servant girl drawing water from the well. As he expected the buckets in her hands were made of gold. He showed her samples of the gold objects they had brought,16 Stone Shadow 16 NO WHITE GUTTER
  17. 17. and she took him immediately to her mistress. When the king’s daughter saw the wares, she was delighted and said; “They are so beautifully worked, I will buy them all from you.” “Ah,” said Faithful John,” what I have here is nothing compared with what my master has on board ship. They are the most artistic and valuable things ever created in gold.” When she wanted to have them brought up to her, he said that it would take many a day to do that, and really her house was not big enough for everything. Faithful John 17NO WHITE GUTTER 17 71475-HALS
  18. 18. Then her curiosity and longing were so excited she agreed to go and see such things for herself. As the Princess approached the ship, the king could hardly greet her, for she was even more beautiful than her portrait. Gaining his composure, he ushered her below and began showing her the lovely golden objects. She was delighted with everything. Meanwhile, Faithful John had stayed on deck, ordering the ship to be put out to sea. .Quietly he told the helmsman: “Set all sail, till it fly like a bird.” The ship was far from land by the time the king had gotten through all of the wild beasts and strange animals that so fascinated the Princes that she did not notice the motion of the ship until she tired and wanted to go home.18 Stone Shadow 18 NO WHITE GUTTER
  19. 19. “I am betrayed,” she cried out in alarm. I have fallen into the power of a merchant - I would rather die.” The king, removing his merchant’s disguise, quickly took her hand, and told her that he was not a merchant, that he was a king as well-born as herself. “If I have carried you away by guile,” he said, “it is because of your portrait and my overpowering love for you.” He told her everything that was in his heart, and she was so drawn to him that she willingly consented to be his wife. Faithful John 19NO WHITE GUTTER 19 71475-HALS
  20. 20. It so happened that as John sat on deck, three ravens landed on board the ship, and Faithful John understood what they were saying to each other. “He hasn’t got her yet” said the first raven. “Oh yes he has” said the second raven “she is sitting there with him in the ship.” “What good will that do him?” said the third. “When they reach land20 Stone Shadow 20 NO WHITE GUTTER
  21. 21. a red horse will leap forward to meet him, and the Prince will want to mount, but if he does the horse will fly away with him into the air.” “Is there no remedy?” asked the second raven. “Oh yes,” chimed in the first, “if someone else jumps on the horse and slays it the young king will be saved.” “But,” said the third raven, “nobody knows to do that and if they did, the king will still not gain his bride Faithful John 21NO WHITE GUTTER 21 71475-HALS
  22. 22. because when they go into the castle his wedding shirt will be laid out looking as though made of gold, but it is really pitch, and when the king puts it on it will burn him to the bone.” when the second raven asked if anything could be done about that the first raven said that if someone wearing gloves threw the shirt in the fire, the young king would be saved.”But what’s the good of that,” said the third, “If after the wedding22 Stone Shadow 22 NO WHITE GUTTER
  23. 23. the young queen turns pale during the dancing and falls down dead “But if someone immediately picks her up and draws three drops of blood from her right breast, she will come to life again,” said the first raven. “What good is that?” replied the third raven. “Whoever does that, and tries to tell the young king, will become stone from the crown of his head to the sole of his foot.” Having said all this, the ravens flew on, leaving John very pensive and sad. At length, however, he said to himself: I will save my master, even if it bring destruction on myself. Faithful John 23NO WHITE GUTTER 23 71475-HALS
  24. 24. So that when they arrived on shore - the red horse sprang forward, Faithful John pushed the king aside and mounted the horse and killed it. All of the court said “it was shameful to kill the beautiful horse that was to have carried the king to his palace, but the king sided with John.24 Stone Shadow 24 NO WHITE GUTTER
  25. 25. When they reached the castle there was the wedding shirt as the ravens foretold, looking bright and attractive but Faithful John seized it with gloves on and threw it in the fire, where it burned like pitch. Again, the attendants complained, but Faithful John 25NO WHITE GUTTER 25 71475-HALS
  26. 26. the king defended Faithful John. And now the wedding was solemnized and the dancing began. Faithful John watched the Princess all the time and when she suddenly turned white and fell to the ground he picked her up, carried her to the bedchamber,26 Stone Shadow 26 NO WHITE GUTTER
  27. 27. knelt beside her, and sucked three drops of blood from her right breast and immediately she breathed again. The young king, ignorant of why Faithful John had done such a thing, had him thrown into prison. Next morning he was condemned and led to the gallows. When he stood on high and was about to be hanged - he decided to explain his actions no matter what the consequences. Faithful John 27NO WHITE GUTTER 27 71475-HALS
  28. 28. “I am unjustly condemned,” he cried out to the king, “I have always been true to you.” Then he told what the ravens had said and why he had been obliged to do what he did. The king was instantly convinced of the truth of what Faithful John said, and ordered him released. But with the last words of his explanation Faithful John had toppled over, a stone.28 Stone Shadow 28 NO WHITE GUTTER
  29. 29. There followed many years of anguish for the king and queen. The king had the stone brought to his own room, and whenever he looked at it he wept. The queen gave birth to twin sons, who grew and gave their parents much joy, but their happiness was not complete. One day while the queen was away at prayer and the children were playing beside their father, the king turned to the statue as he often did, and sighed: “If only I could bring you to life again, Faithful John.” Faithful John 29NO WHITE GUTTER 29 71475-HALS
  30. 30. And then amazingly the stone spoke to him. “You can bring me to life again if you use for that purpose what is dearest to you.” The king jumped up and cried that he would give anything in the world. “Then said the stone “if you cut off the heads of your two sons with your own hand and sprinkle me with their blood, I shall be restored to life.” The king was terrified at this thought, but trusting in Faithful John, who had died for him he drew his sword and with his own hand cut off the children’s heads.30 Stone Shadow 30 NO WHITE GUTTER
  31. 31. And when he had smeared the stone with their blood, life returned to it Faithful John stood once more safe and sound before him. “Your trust shall not go unrewarded,” he said, and he took the children’s heads and attached them again to their bodies. He rubbed the wounds with their blood, and they became whole, and went on playing as though nothing had happened. Then the king was full of joy, and when he saw the queen coming he hid Faithful John and the children in a big cupboard, Faithful John 31NO WHITE GUTTER 31 71475-HALS
  32. 32. and asked her casually if she had been at prayer. “Yes,” she said, “I have been praying that Faithful John might be restored to us.” ‘Dear wife,” said the king, “that can be accomplished, but it will cost us our little sons, whom we must sacrifice.” The queen turned pale, and her heart was full of terror, but she said: “We owe this to him, for his great fidelity.” Then the king rejoiced that she thought as he had, and opened the cupboard and brought forth Faithful John. “God be praised, he is delivered, and we have our little sons also,” and the king told how everything had occurred.32 Stone Shadow 32 NO WHITE GUTTER
  33. 33. And they lived together happily for the rest of their lives. Faithful John 33NO WHITE GUTTER 33 71475-HALS
  34. 34. Stone Shadow 34 NO WHITE GUTTER