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Student fitness

Overview of my blog about getting and staying fit and muscular whilst studying for a full time degree or other qualification.

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Student fitness

  1. 1. Student Fitness Get in shape whilst you study
  2. 2. Student Fitness  Brand new blog aimed at promoting healthy living  Get students into gyms and get them fit for life  Promote an understanding of muscle building, fat-loss and strength training  Break down stigma or intimidation associated with gyms
  3. 3. Advice  Regular meal plans and exciting recipes  Energizing alternatives to junk food, coffee etc  Shopping on a student budget  Easy to follow workout plans for varying levels
  4. 4. Motivation  Comment encouragement to other readers  Read how I stay motivated whilst studying full time  Links to motivational content  Lifestyle writing about gym humor and student shenanigans
  5. 5. Reviews and Recommendations  Regular reviews of new products, clothing, supplements and accessories  Reviewed recipes and training plans  What worked for me: calorie tracking and workout apps