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E-safety Impero slides Mar2015


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E-safety Impero slides Mar2015

  1. 1. E-safety Overview James Grew Sales Director
  2. 2. Classroom Control, E-safety and Network Management software that enables: What is Impero? • Teachers to teach (without being IT experts) • Network Managers to manage and protect their network • SLT to enforce AUP’s and identify children that may be at risk from harm • Students to make safe, responsible choices when using ICT and stay on task
  3. 3. What is Impero? Teachers to: • Manage pupil behaviour in relation to the use of ICT and the internet in school • Identify and safeguard a child that may be at risk of harm • Use ICT in a fun and engaging way to enhance lessons • Take a managed rather than a locked down approach to e-safety and web filtering Network managers to control and manage: • Devices on their network • Print • Power usage • Licensing • Patch management • Firewalls • Block websites, applications, windows, USB sticks Network, E-safety and Classroom Management software that enables:
  4. 4. How Impero Ed Pro enables a school to take a managed approach to e-safety in line with Ofsted Best practise
  5. 5. Key word detection policies • Sexting • Grooming • Suicide • Self-harm • Adult Content • Others in pipeline e.g. radicalisation & terrorism, weapons & violence, illegal content, gambling, drugs, hacking, general swearing. • Eating Disorders • Bullying & Trolling • Racist language • Homophobic language 9 key word detection policies with term definitions
  6. 6. E-safety detection policies – quick sample Keyword • FOAD • FUGLY • Bio-oil • An hero • Thigh gap • Pic 4 Pic • Womb raider Definition • Text speak for: F*** off and die (A phrase that may be used to upset someone or encourage them to commit suicide) • Text speak for: F****ing ugly (A phrase that may be used to upset someone or to make them feel worthless) • A stretch mark oil (that is often used by self harmers to minimise appearance of scars) • A dead hero (term used for getting kudos by committing suicide) • A space between the top part of a persons legs (An aspirational body image often sort after by people with eating disorders) • Text speak for: Picture for picture (A potential indicator of a user sharing naked images of themselves online) • Derogatory slang term for: A homosexual female
  7. 7. Screen shots of Console
  8. 8. Acceptable Use policy
  9. 9. Live thumbnail view
  10. 10. Computer List view
  11. 11. Log Viewer
  12. 12. Screen shot evidence
  13. 13. Confide tool • Confidential reporting service • allows users to send notifications, anonymously if they wish, of any concerns that they may have about themselves or any other person. • Ofsted requirement for anonymous online reporting mechanism
  14. 14. Confide tool
  15. 15. Confide viewer
  16. 16. General e-safety - 7 Key strengths over other e-safety monitoring solutions Feature Benefit 1. Classroom control and e-safety monitoring in one system In line with Ofsted best practise, allows a school to take a managed, rather than a locked down approach, to e-safety – shared amongst all staff as part of their general behaviour management processes 2. Granularity of control over keyword detection policies e.g. keyboard, URLs, HTML etc. Allows greater control over managing false positives compared to other leading monitoring systems 3. Key word definitions /explanations Glossary helps teachers to make an appropriate judgement call as this feature helps educate them about a potential incident as it explains text speak/slang terms and puts these into a context around how it might be used
  17. 17. General e-safety - 7 Key strengths over other e- safety monitoring solutions Feature Benefit 4. Video capture for violations Helps provide further context around a violation capture ( new policies set to video record on severe violations). 5. Confide tool with log to record and manage incidents Puts a direct tick in the box with Ofsted as enables students to report incidents anonymously to named contacts within the school and review logs of these incidents – only monitoring and classroom control product to have this facility integrated into it. 6. Auto sanction setting Allows automatic sanctions to be set in relation to the detection of a keyword e.g. ban internet for x minutes.
  18. 18. General e-safety - 7 Key strengths over other e- safety monitoring solutions Feature Benefit 7. Keyword detection policies developed in conjunction with key national organisations and school pupils. Ensures specialist knowledge and that policies are kept up to date and contain the relevant slang/text speak terms being used in schools
  19. 19. Ofsted inspecting e-safety School-based reporting routes that are clearly understood and used by the whole school, for example online anonymous reporting systems.
  20. 20. Samples of Violation Screenshots
  21. 21. Thank you Any Questions? Associate members of: Working partnerships with: