Evaluation Task One


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Evaluation Task One

  1. 1. By James Goodchild
  2. 2. “There is a relationshipbetween the lyrics and thevisuals” laptop there issee theIn the opening scene where youprotagonist on his a short„Facebook Chat‟ sequence where you can seehim typing a message to his friend. What is beingtyped in this scene are the lyrics that are beingsung as they are being sung. This is amplifyingthe lyrics as you can both see and hear them atthe same time.A lot of the lyrics sound as though they aresupposed to be spoke in a conversation betweentwo people, so I thought that integrating Facebookinto the story more than just having the photosshown on there would be a good thing to do. Italso allows for the character of John to beintroduced a bit smoother than him just appearingnext to Mike.
  3. 3. “There is a relationshipbetween the lyrics and thevisuals” to Hadouken‟s music video for theirThis is similarsong „Bad Signal‟ seen below. Although you can‟tsee the screen, the messages that are being sentand received havebeen edited in to hoverabove the phone,letting you see what isbeing said.
  4. 4. “There is a relationshipbetween the lyrics and thevisuals”Facebook into the video. A was not the onlytheAs previously mentioned, the chat sequenceuse of integrating large portion ofvideo is taken up by a „slideshow-esque‟ presentation of differentgirls using the Facebook picture viewer.Throughout the two „Girls‟ scenes the girls shown are supposedto match that of the description of the girl that is being sungabout at the time, with the last girl in each verse having a smallanimation on top of there respective picture to further amplify theusing of this technique. For example, one person seen in the themiddle of the verse is Megan, who likes the older men – So weused a photo of a girl with her arm around an older man. For thegirls at the end of each verse - such as Laura, who likes the ladsand has three kids with three different lads – we have a photorepresenting the lyrics (for Laura we used 3 photos of her with a„lad‟ to show that she likes them) and an accompanyinganimation (for Laura, we had the 3 „kids‟ that are sung about popup in front of the photo on display).
  5. 5. “There is a relationship between themusic and the visuals”There are a couple of examples within the video of there being a relationshipbetween music and the visuals such as the slow-motion sequence towardsthe end of the film matching the mellow, calm feel in the breakdown of thesong, how there are colour temperature changes throughout the whole videoto indicate mood changes or that something significant has happenedwithout dialogue. Another such relationship is shown below in the collage; oneach pulse of the music the camera zooms in slightly until the mid shot of theactor has become a close-up and then then it cuts back to a mid-shot as hegets slapped, still in time with the music
  6. 6. “There is a relationship between themusic and the visuals”An example of amusic video where A good example of athe visuals match the colour change, similarmusic would be to what I did, can beChemical Brothers – found in the film hardStar Guitar. As the candy. It‟s not a musictrain goes along video by any means,there are certainobjects that appear but the colour changein type with certain effect is very similar tosounds, for instance, the one I used – asthe two posts in the the mood changed,screenshot here both the colour changed toappear when a „clap‟sound is heard. match
  7. 7. “Record companies demand a lot ofclose-ups of the main artist or vocalist”Throughout the video there are many clos-ups of the main actors.Many shots of „John‟ are close ups as he is meant to almost be seenas a narrator to the story of the video. By having a close-up of him, itsingles him out making it feel as though he is talking directly to youand not even being heard by „Mike‟. This is shown, in particular, by theopening scene where John seemingly appears from nowhere andbegins talking to the camera giving some backstory on Mike‟s situationwithout him even realizing he is there until he turns to face him.
  8. 8. “Record companies demand a lot ofclose-ups of the main artist or vocalist”Another major point in the video where close-ups are frequently used is in the„breakdown‟ sequence towards the end. The whole thing was filmed at a higher framerate and using almost only close-ups and extreme close ups. This was done to make itfeel like you were actually there, focusing in on what Mike was looking at to anextreme – showing just how closely Mike was paying attention.Another reason for using the close-ups in this scene was so that your eyes couldn‟twander. Having the scene in slow-motion could have meant that you got bored ofseeing not much happen slower than usual. So by having a shallow depth of field(blurred out background) and by using lots of close-ups, you are forced to look at whatyou are supposed to look at and think about it‟s importance.
  9. 9. “Voyeurism is present”There is a very heavy use of voyeurism in the video;the fact that a large part of the video is inside atroubled teen‟s bedroom, the fact that you are lookingin directly at his private conversations with anotherperson, the use of Facebook – showing that you canlog in and view all these personal pictures of peopleyou may not even know and the final sequence whereyou follow Mike on a private date with a girl.Close-ups help to emphasize the use of voyeurism bymaking it feel like you‟re not just watching somethingon from afar with a vague idea of what is going on, butrather, you are right there in the action, acting almostas if you are the very person there – seeing it from theirperspective.
  10. 10. “There are likely to be intertextualreferences”The digipack design that wecreated features a centralface (Mike) with girlssurrounding him looking awayon a black background. Thisis similar to the video forBohemian Rhapsody byQueen, and where we gotsome inspiration for ourdesign.
  11. 11. “There are likely to be intertextualreferences”On one of the inside faces of the digipack, there is a blueglowing fireball. This is a sprite of a „hadouken‟ fireball fromthe game Street Fighter – The game from which the band gotit‟s name. I thought it was fitting to place it on the digipackbecause it is almost like an in-joke; some people would see itand then dismiss it, whileother people would see it andthink “Oh! That‟s from thatgame!” and then perhaps makethe connection between thegame and the band‟s name.
  12. 12. *GENRE*