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Gibbens_James_Resume (2)


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Gibbens_James_Resume (2)

  1. 1.  704 McKenzie Street [706] 267-2541 RESUME STATEMENT I am a dynamic, creative, and highly motivated designer and developer with over 15 years of experience in the Multimedia field with a strong focus on User Experience. I am a team lead dedicated to the quality of our products, the relationship to our customer, keeping costs low, and the development of my team. I dedicate time to stay current with emeriging technology and trends. I have been working on implementing the Army Learning Model (formerly known as the Army Learning Concept 2015) for U.S. Army Signal Corps. I have developed tools to help move from static to dynamic content, implemented a successful campaign to migrate to a “mobile first” environment, developed mobile/web/desktop applications geared toward the Experiential Learning Model, and all while working side by side with some of the most innovative Curriculum Developers in the industry. EDUCATION Art Institute 2012 - Bachelors of Science, Interactive Multimedia EXPERIENCE General Dynamics C4 Systems Multimedia Designer - 2013 – Present (2 years) I lead a team of 3D developers, Videographers, Graphic Designers, and Programmers as well as design and develop tools and products for a learning environment. I lead the user experience (UX) design and development, gathering requirements, developing task analysis, researching user needs and expectations, and final implementation.  Serve as team lead - ensuring the quality of products, customer relations, and team development  UX/UI designer/developer - oversee team function to ensure the highest quality user experience and design is achieved  Serve as lead programmer/software development  Oversaw the design, development, and wrote all of the code (JavaScript/jQuery, HTML5, LESS, PhoneGap/Cordova, RESTful API) for the Digital Rucksack, a mobile application that allows the soldier to download any and all digital material to include videos, practical exercises, and technical manuals  Responsible for gathering requirements and meeting with stakeholders to ensure the team stays on track  Responsible for product research and testing JAMES GIBBENS
  2. 2. 2 James Gibbens  Responsible for task analysis and oversight  Responsibilities include working with IT to build and maintain LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) servers for our internal network  Responsible for implementing Instructional Design concepts like experiential learning and cognitive load theory to the user experience  Represents and is consulted for the Multimedia team  Ensure all products (video, 3D, print, design, and simulations) meet set standards and strive to exceed quality expectations  Instituted a program to teach front end development/programming skills to team members. This resulted in two more people on my team that can be counted on for development/programming duties and thereby expanding our overall capabilities  Instituted peer review for all projects to ensure quality and consistency  Implemented SCRUM - resulted in a boost in productivity and communication  Implemented GIT for our version control  Developed a program management tool that gives real time project status and provides the ability to give an accurate estimation for the completion of a project  Mirrored our internal intranet site with an external content host. This provides our customer the exact same experience they had in the school  Successfully combined three servers which consisted of four repositories, 5 tb of files, 6 web applications, and 11 databases to new server. This included dynamically changing all links in the databases to the new locations and running batch commands to change improperly written extensions (capital to lower-case)  Setup and instituted SmartFox Massive Multiplayer game server for use with 2D and 3D games and simulations  Strong interpersonal skills  Excellent verbal and written communication skills  Excellent ability to multitask General Dynamics C4 Systems Instructional Programmer/ Multimedia Technician - 2007 – 2013 (6 years) I design various applications for Distance Learning as well as a traditional brick-and-mortar environment using PHP, MySQL, ActionScript, C#, Flash/Flex 4, HTML[5], CSS, and jQuery. I also work to develop better user experiences through task analysis and dedication to a positive end result.  Over 10 years’ experience in the Multimedia field, 6 years in a military learning environment and 4 years’ experience in the military intelligence field  Serve as team lead on most Multimedia Projects  Expert in computer programming scripts for developing web pages, courseware, animations, and desktop/mobile platforms  Expert in creating graphics products using tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator  Advanced in developing textures (2D graphics applied to 3D computer models)
  3. 3. 3 James Gibbens  Advanced in creating 3D graphics products using tools such as Blender  Excellent verbal and written communication skills and presentation skills  Excellent at data gathering and task analysis to design and build a beter uer experience  One of the first multimedia developers to implement the Army Learning Model (Army Learning Concept 2015) resulting in work being featured in the Army Communicator magazine and enticing visits from all over the world  Built an interactive signal flow diagram. This tool gives the instructor hands on approach to teaching a complex subject  Built multiple apps for the Android and iOS platform  Principle Designer/Developer of the Maru Database – an enterprise system to help aid in the tracking of course information and an internal redline process. The Maru system is a relational database normalized for optimal performance and expansion. The Maru Database was built using Object Oriented PHP5, MySQL, JQuery, HTML5, and CSS/CSS3  Developed an interactive, web-based mobile learning platform using PHP and MySQL  Principle Designer/Developer of the Tempus engine - a modular Flash/AS3 based simulation engine that allows for rapid development of "free-play" simulations. These simulations are less than 200k and can easily be ported to iPhone or Android (and have)  Principle Designer/Developer of Helios – a proprietary application designed to aid Curriculum Developers more efficiently build lesson modules. Helios reduced the number of man hours spent on lesson modules as well as the number of people involved. Helios was built with Flash, ActionScript 3, and AIR  Illustrated equipment in Flash, Illustrator, and Blender 3D for various learning modules. Used Blender 3D to animate various pieces of equipment to be used in Computer Based Training (CBT) modules  Created interactive tools for use in lesson modules  Removed the “lock step” system from a number of CBTs to allow the student a more real world simulation type of environment in which to learn  Maintained SCORM compliance for lessons used in the Moodle Learning Management System.  Produced and edited video for a number of company functions and briefings  Implemented the Joomla Content Management System into the General Dynamics LandWarNet School intranet and built custom templates and modules  Filmed and edited video for a number of learning products as well as special occasion products  Built custom desktop applications for day to day operations and special activities.  Built Flash based games for various projects  Introduced a Content Management System to document the progress of Multimedia projects  Strong belief in measure twice, cut once philosophy  Strong interpersonal skills  Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  4. 4. 4 James Gibbens SKILLS Languages  PHP  C#  JavaScript  jQuery  CSS/CSS3  SASS/LESS  HTML/HTML5  XHTML  XML  JSON  MySQL  SCORM  Java (familiar)  Android (familiar)  Objective-C (familiar) Software/Technology  Unity3D  Netbeans  GIT  PhoneGap/Cordova  Android SDK/Eclipse  Xcode (iOS)  Adobe Flash  Adobe Flex / Flash Builder 4  Adobe Photoshop  Adobe Illustrator  Adobe Premiere  Adobe After Effects  Adobe Encore  Adobe Dreamweaver  Adobe Acrobat  Blender  3D Studio Max  May  Joomla  Moodle  WordPress  Adobe Media Server  PC/Mac/Linux