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The otherside of the coin script


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The otherside of the coin script

  1. 1. Dorothy in Oz – The other side of the coin scriptPage 1 side 1 (6 panels) 1) Full width panel: showing a large open plain. A small cottage is seen on the right, fields of corn in the middle and a slow approaching black cumulonimbus cloud making its way towards the cottage. 2) Small panel: A young Dorothy Gale staring up a soot black cloud. Rain is trickling down the windows. 3) Small panel: Aunt Em is seen entering the room that Dorothy is in as the rain worsens. 4) Small panel: Dorothy is looking up at Aunty Em who is now holding her hand out to Dorothy. AUNTY EM Dorothy… come along now. DOROTHY Where’s Uncle Henry? 5) Small panel: Aunty Em has grabbed hold of Dorothy’s hand. AUNTY EM He’s fine, he’s outside at the moment. 6) Medium width panel: Aunty Em clenches Dorothy’s hand. An open door can be seen on the right while lightning is seen flashing through the window on the left. Dorothy is frightened. Page 1 side 2 (8 panels) 1) Small panel: Dorothy and Aunty Em are seen running towards Uncle Henry who is in the foreground trying to open the storm hatch. Toto is barking at the approaching storm cloud. The weather is worsening. 2) Small panel: Uncle Henry is looking back at Dorothy and Aunty Em as they approach. UNCLE HENRY We got ourselves a big one comin! 3) Small panel: Uncle Henry ducks as the cottage weather vane is struck by lightning. Sparks fly in all directions. 4) Medium Width panel: Henry is seen climbing into the storm hatch with Toto. Dorothy and Aunty Em are in the centre running towards him. The storm lumes over them all, growing in
  2. 2. size. The form of the cloud begins to take on the appearance of an old hag’s face, eyeless and grinning. 5) Small panel: Dorothy and Aunty Em are seen climbing into the storm hatch. The wind has blown their hair and dresses all over the place. 6) Small panel: Dorothy take one last look back at the storm as it approaches. She is in tears at this point. 7) Medium width panel: The hag faced cloud stares at Dorothy, pointing a long finger at the cottage. Lighting shoots out and strikes the house which sends it up in flames. 8) Close up panel: Extreme close up of Dorothy’s tear filled eye widened by fear.Page 2 side 1 (7 panels) 1) Small panel: Uncle Henry pulls the door shut. Dorothy and Toto watch in the corner as he wrestles with the lock. 2) Small panel: The lock begins to break as the storm grows stronger. Uncle Henry is clenching it tight to try and prevent it from opening. 3) Small panel: Extreme close up of Uncle Henry as he turns round with a look of fear. Flashes of lightning can be seen through the hatch door gaps. UNCLE HENRY Em! I can’t hold it alone! 4) Medium width panel: Aunty Em and Uncle Henry trying to hold the storm hatch shut. 5) Small panel: The latch on the door is beginning to crack and split. Aunty Em and Uncle Henry are holding the latch down together, almost holding hands. AUNTY EM Henry I can’t hold it! UNCLE HENRY Yes you can! Don’t give up! 6) Small panel: Dorothy is in the corner hugging Toto in her arms her eyes are watery with tears. AUNTY EM The lock is breaking!
  3. 3. 7) Medium width panel: The door gives way. Aunty Em, Uncle Henry and the door are thrown into the air. Dorothy is horrified at the sight of this.Page 2 Side 2 (9 panels) 1) Small panel: Aunty Em and Uncle Henry are seen being dragged into the storm. They’re holding hands as they disappear into the clouds. 2) Small panel: Their silhouettes are seen in the distance. The Hag faced cloud slowly appears. 3) Small panel: Aunty Em and Uncle Henry have disappeared from sight. The hag faced cloud stares down into the hatch at Dorothy. 4) Small panel (Extreme close up): Dorothy’s eyes flash wide open. DOROTHY (Narration) The same nightmare again…. of the day that my aunt and uncle were taken from me. 5) Small panel (head shot): Dorothy is lying in a bed. She was dreaming and has just woken up. DOROTHY (Narration) I wish to forget my past and prepare for the future but the thoughts haunt me. 6) Small panel (Mid shot): She is lying in her room at trail side orphanage. The room is small with only a desk, chair and bed in view. DOROTHY (Narration) More so than the suffering I have had to endure here at Trail side Orphanage. 7) Extreme close up panel: Dorothy is seen brushing her hair with an old, damaged hairbrush. 8) Extreme close up panel: She then put on heavy eye makeup which darkens her lashes to an extent. 9) Extreme close up panel: She is seen doing up the zip on the back of her skirt. DOROTHY (Narration throughout the last three panels) I try to maintain a simple lifestyle… but within these walls… there’s no such thing as simple. Page 3 Side 1 (9 panels) 1) Small panel: Dorothy is seen adjusting her dress in the mirror. Her clothes stand out from the dull surroundings. 2) Small panel: Dorothy makes her way out of her room to the door, leaving a tin of beans on the table which say “Make your heart go toot”.
  4. 4. 3) Small panel: Dorothy is standing in the doorway to her room. We are shown a long gloomy corridor which seems endless. 4) Small panel: Dorothy is seen walking down the corridor. As she does so she looks through into a second open room. 5) Small panel: Three teenagers are seen standing over a small boy who is weeping. One of them is rolling up his sleeves. McCullough Its Wednesday again Todd, and you know what that means. 6) Small panel: McCullough yanks Todd’s pants, giving him a massive weggie. Todd is screaming in pain while the others around them are laughing. McCollough Weggie day! 7) Small panel: Dorothy continues walking down before passing an opening leading to a flight of stairs. 8) Small panel: A long corridor leading towards a flight of stairs is seen. A tall skinny man with a pipe in his mouth is seen pushing a trolley bed past the stairs. The wheels are squeaking. 9) Small panel: The man looks at Dorothy but does not turn his head. He maintains a fixed frown. CARER Good afternoon Dorothy.Page 3 Side 2 (6 panels) 1) Small panel: We see the end of the corridor where a large door stands. It has no smudges and stands out from the dull and dirty orphanage. 2) Small panel: There is a plinth on the door saying “Dr Worley’s office. Carer for the east wing. 3) Small panel: Dorothy opens the door and enters the room. 4) Small panel: Dorothy is seen slowly making her way into the room. She peaks round the corner. A large clock stands right next to the door, which ticks loudly. DR WORLEY Hello Dorothy. How are you?
  5. 5. 5) Medium width panel: Dr Worley is sitting at his desk looking up at Dorothy. Sniper pistols and hunting guns are hung on all of the walls showing his past days as a hunter. He also has a pet sphinx cat, which is sitting on the desk being stroked by him. DOROTHY You wished to see me sir? DR WORLEY I did indeed. Please take a seat. 6) Large width panel: Dorothy is sat right in the middle of the room. Her clothes stand out from the rest of the dark room. Pistols and hunting tools are mounted all over behind her. DR WORLEY So Dorothy the reason I have asked to here is because I have been issued to move you to the teen’s ward on the west wing. DOROTHY The west wing sir? DR WORLEY You’ve been here six years. By now you’ve outgrown the ward and what it has to offer. I believe that putting you in the care of Dr Leonardo, you will find yourself in a more suitable living space until you reach a suitable adult age.Page 4 Side 1 (9 panels) 1) Small panel: Dorothy is still talking to Dr Worley. DOROTHY Suitable? DR WORLEY As much as you appreciate our hospitality you’re going to have to eventually grow up and leave to have your own life. I understand its not been easy for you but everyone has to grow up some day. 2) Small panel: Dr Worley is talking with a serious expression as he pets his cat. DR WORLEY
  6. 6. I know that Leonardo is not the best doctor but he was the one who brought you here so you should at least show a little bit of respect at least when you see him next.3) Small panel: Dorothy is not pleased with what Dr Worley has just said. She remains fixated on Dr Worley, not amused.4) Small panel: Dr Worley is becoming frustrated and slams his hand down on the desk before shouting at Dorothy. DR WORLEY Do not make this difficult for me young lady! Would you prefer the alternative? Would you rather spend the rest of your youth years on the streets with an empty stomach and no roof over your head? I can’t give you a choice I’m simply passing on a message to you. Maybe you would prefer to be in the Asylum instead.5) Small panel: Showing the left hand side of Dorothy’s face. She is shocked by the idea that Dr Worley has just given. DR WORLEYI can tell that you don’t like the sound of that so I’ll say it again, either you take Leonardo’s offer or it’s off to the asylum? Your choice, off you go and I’ll see you later this evening.6) Small panel: Dorothy is exiting the room. Her head is held down while her eyes begin to glisten with tears. DOROTHY (Narration) This what has become of my life, taking orders whether I like them or not. They seem more like blackmail to me than assistance7) Small panel: Dorothy is outside of Dr Worley’s office. She is leaning against the door with her eyes filling up with tears. DOROTHY (Narration)My life is too much for anyone as young as me to bear. Not having a family to love nor guide me.8) Small length panel: Dorothy is seen running down the corridor towards the exit as she cries. DOROTHY (Narration) Why should I endure this any further? I have had my fair share of torture now make this pain go away! I want to escape from this world!9) Small panel: Dorothy is seen running past a carer who is confused as to what is happening. Page 5 Side 1 (8 panels)1) Medium width panel: Dorothy has reached the front door of the orphanage. She holds her hand out ready to open the door.
  7. 7. 2) Small panel: The door swings open as Dorothy charges out of the Orphanage. 3) Small panel: Close up on Dorothy’s face as she looks out. Her mascara is running down her face making her tears appear black. 4) Small panel: Dorothy is seen standing on the doorstep of the orphanage only to find that the ground has disappeared into an endless drop. It’s raining but the rain seems to drop forever. Dorothy stares down in shock as she tries to maintain her balance. 5) Small panel: The doorstep breaks and gives way. Dorothy begins to stumble as she loses her footing. 6) Small panel: Dorothy slides off the doorstep as it crumbles and falls into the pit. She is now screaming as she falls. 7) Small panel: As she descends her surroundings begin to grow darker and darker. Wind is seen swirling round her almost imitating the interior of a twister. 8) Small panel: Dorothy is now nothing more than a small silhouette as she descends further into darkness. The twister like vortex has consumed her completely.Page 5 Side 2 (6 panels) 1) Small panel: (Headshot) Dorothy is seen lying in a grassy field. She is dazed with her eyes half open. 2) Medium width panel: Dorothy sits up slightly to find herself in a large expense of grassy hills. Trees are swaying and bare large fruits of all sorts. 3) Small panel: Dorothy is now standing and walks about the expanse of grassland which stands on a series of eroded hills. Sapphire blue steams run underneath them. DOROTHY Dare I say it? I know for sure that I am not in Kansas anymore. 4) Small panel: Dorothy continues wondering amongst the hills as she explores the land she is in. A crooked signpost can be seen in the distance, which catches her eye. Its black colouring stands out from the beautiful landscape. 5) Small panel: She stands looking up at the sign which points to three directions saying Munchkin Village, Unicorner and Ozure Isles. DOROTHY
  8. 8. If this was where I landed before then I shouldn’t be too far from the Munchkin village. 6) Large width panel: Dorothy is walking along a large winding bridge, which leads away from the hills and the sign. She looks back with curiosity as she does so. DOROTHY The environs seem fairly empty though. Surely I would’ve encountered at least one person by now… or animal or anything really.Page 6 Side 1 (10 panels) 1) Small panel: As Dorothy walks off of the bridge she notices a tree with a chain wrapped around it. The chain disappears into the long grass that surrounds it. Dorothy curiously approaches. 2) Small panel: Dorothy parts the grass as she inspects the base of the chain. The chain is rusty and dull. 3) Close up panel: Dorothy ‘s eyes are seen horrified at the sight of what she has discovered. 4) Small panel: The chain leads to a large bloody bear trap that has been laid out concealed in the grass. Pieces of cloth and fabric can be seen caught on the teeth that line the trap. 5) Small panel: Dorothy is seen stepping away from the trap, horrified at the discovery. As she does so another bear trap can be seen behind her. She is about to tread on it. 6) Close up panel: The bear trap snaps shut, just skimming Dorothy’s foot. 7) Close up panel: Dorothy looks round, gasping with a sickingly horrified expression. DOROTHY What sort of creature are they planning on capturing, Surely not me? 8) Small panel: Dorothy is looking up at the grass ahead only to discover dozens of bear traps laid around her. All of them are rusty and bloody with pieces of cloth caught on them. 9) Medium width panel: Dorothy is seen running through the field of bear traps, minding her step as she goes. She is starting to panic as to why the hills are covered with bear traps. DOROTHY This isn’t the Oz I know. The munchkins wouldn’t lay these out. 10) Small panel: Dorothy is seen running across another bridge that leads off of the hill. The stream running underneath begins mixing from sapphire blue to blood red.
  9. 9. Page 6 Side 2 (9 panels) 1) Small panel: Dorothy is seen looking out across the landscape. The water now runs red and the ground is covered with bear traps and chains. DOROTHY (Narration) As I looked out across the bleak and unfamiliar landscape one thing was for certain. Oz is no longer the same. 2) Medium width panel: Dorothy is seen on the left looking at what appears to be her old house, which was blown away from the last twister. The house is old and damaged with shards of glass and broken pieces of wood lying all around it. Blood is seeping out from beneath it and trickling into the water. DOROTHY This was how I got to Oz the first time… but the first experience was… somewhat different. Cheerier to say the least. 3) Small panel: Dorothy is seen approaching the front part of the door. A blood like substance is pouring out from a hole under the house. 4) Close up panel: Dorothy places her hand on the handle before slowly opening the door. 5) Close up panel: The door opens slightly. Her hand clenched tightly on the door handle as she opens it. 6) Small panel: She opens the door fully. We see her silhouette against the daylight that shines through into the dark abandoned house. 7) Small panel: Dorothy is seen walking past the living room, which is dark and wonky due to the state of the house. Books are strewn across the floor. DOROTHY (Narration) The living room was a disaster, almost unrecognizable if it weren’t for the bookshelf by the door. 8) Small panel: Dorothy is seen now looking into the kitchen. Pots and pans were all over the floor along with spilt flour, which had wheel tracks running through it. DOROTHY (Narration)The kitchen was unmistakable, for it was always in a similar state even before it was moved here. 9) Small panel: Dorothy is startled by a faint creaking sound made just behind her. Her eyes look to the side but she does not turn her head.
  10. 10. Page 7 Side 1 (11 panels) 1) Thin panel: Dorothy is seen looking into the kitchen still. A small figure is seen at the top of the stairs. 2) Thin panel: Dorothy turns to look up the stairs but the figure has run up and hidden upstairs. 3) Thin panel: Dorothy wonders round to the side of the staircase to get a better look. 4) Thin panel: She is now standing at the foot of the steps. Staring up into the darkness of upstairs. 5) Small panel: Dorothy is making her way up the steps slowly towards upstairs area. DOROTHY (Narration)I’ve had many nightmares of the upstairs corridors when I was young. Too young to think that they could be a reality. 6) Small panel: She is now wondering the upstairs corridors of the house. A bedroom can be seen in the background, which is lit by faint outdoor light. 7) Small panel: Dorothy turns to look into the bedroom as she hears another creak again. 8) Small panel: Dorothy is seen entering the bedroom before approaching a small chest of draws sitting in the corner of the room. 9) Small panel: She is seen kneeling in front of the lowest drawer, which is creaking slightly. 10) Close up panel: Dorothy grabs the drawer handle with slight hesitation. 11) Close up panel: She holds an uneasy expression, unsure as to what might be inside.Page 7 Side 2 (8 panels) 1) Close up panel: Dorothy has pulled open the draw and is now looking into the drawer. 2) Large width panel: A small Munchkin is curled up inside the draw. This is POD; he is terrified and panicking about the fact that he has been found. His clothes are torn and dirty and he is almost in tears. POD K…keep away, I haven’t done anything to deserve this fate! All I want is to be left in peace! I beg of you, please let me go!
  11. 11. 3) Medium width panel: Dorothy smiles and tries to comfort Pod. He remains curled up in the drawer but begins to relax. DOROTHY Deserve what fate? I have no intention in harming you. Surely you must know who I am. In fact your people were quite helpful during my last visit. POD Last visit? But that must mean… Are you… Dorothy Gale? DOROTHY The one and only of course. 4) Small panel: Pod is sitting up in the drawer now looking up at Dorothy who is still kneeling as she speaks to Pod. Pod has stopped crying now. DOROTHYHowever I must persist, this land has changed. What’s happened to the village and everyone else? Tell me everything. POD He… he came. 5) Small panel: Pod is beginning to shake and sweat. POD He was angry about the way he looked, he said he felt incomplete. So he came… and he took everyone… he has no pity for any living thing. DOROTHY Who Pod, who took them? 6) Close up panel: Pod is shaking violently out or fear at this point he looks up at Dorothy as he whispers to Dorothy. POD Tin-man. 7) Close up panel: Dorothy is horrified by the sound of this. 8) Small panel: Dorothy is standing up again, horrified at what Pod has just said.
  12. 12. DOROTHYLudicrous! I know Tin-man for a gently and loving character. The wizard made sure of that, he gave him a heart.Page 8 side 1 (8 panels) 1) Small panel: Pod reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small pocket watch shaped like a small red heart. It is damaged badly. POD You mean this. 2) Small panel: The watch takes up much of the foreground in this panel. Dorothy’s horrified expression can be seen behind it as she stares at the heart shaped watch. Dust is seen trickling out of it, which glistens in the sunlight. DOROTHY (Narration) I refused to believe what I was told at first but after seeing what was once Tin-man’s prize possession… that changed everything. What has he become? DOROTHY Take me to him. 3) Small panel: Pod is struck by Dorothy’s request. He clings to the draw side refusing to move an inch. POD Did you not glimpse those traps laid out for use out there? Why should I risk my life for you to speak to something you once knew? DOROTHY Because he was my friend. And I know him for a tender and caring ally. POD Nonsense. Speak more nonsense that’s all I hear you doing. The man you once knew exists nolonger. His rage and compassion to become human again has driven him to the point of extensive slaughter. 4) Medium panel: Dorothy has grabbed Pods arm and yanks him out of the draw. Pod does not like this one bit but does not have the strength to fight back. DOROTHY I will judge that for myself. In the meantime you will show me the way to him.
  13. 13. 5) Medium panel: Pod is being dragged away by Dorothy. He tries to break free from Dorothy’s grasp but is unable to. He is terrified of leaving the house his eyes are filling with tears. POD Don’t take me! I’ll die if I leave this house! DOROTHY I have had it with being generous. My whole life I have been generous but that’s gotten me nowhere. 6) Small panel: Dorothy and Pod can be seen in the distance wondering through the forest. The trees are wilted and dry. The Munchkin hills can be seen faintly in the background along with the house. The sky is an eerie pale yellow. DOROTHY (narration)The air was growing colder. Less life was around us as we moved further away from what remains of the Munchkins village. 7) Small panel: Mid shot of Dorothy and Pod. Their faces can be seen faintly in the light. Dorothy is serious about seeking the Tin-man whereas Pod is frightened, holding his head down. DOROTHY (Narration) The unsettling reactions of Pod have warned me that even more horrific sights are still to come. 8) Small panel: Head shot of Dorothy. Her blue eyes stand out from the rest of the panel, which has a yellow shade to it due to the sky and surroundings. She appears angry now, holding her head down slightly so that she appears to be looking up slightly. DOROTHY (Narration)Was tin-man the loyal and emotional companion I once knew really the cause for this destruction? I was sure to find out soon. Page 8 side 2 (6 panels) 1) Long width panel: Dorothy and Pod are walking through the forest still located in the centre of the panel. The trees now bare no leaves and the sky is dark red. Pod is in front with his head still down while Dorothy follows behind. In the foreground a broken cart can be seen with small skeletons strewn around it. POD Much has changed since your last visit Dorothy. Oz is no longer the cheerful place that you once knew it to be. The Tin-man has grown tremendously in power, taking over much of Munchkin country.
  14. 14. DOROTHYI still don’t understand why he has taken all of the Munchkins though. Surely he doesn’t need that many workers at his disposal. POD He has no need for workers. He has other intentions for us. DOROTHY I always knew Tin-man for being over the top with things but surely he wouldn’t resort to slaughter just so you can work for him. 2) Medium width panel: Dorothy and Pod are still making their way through the forest. We them from behind, looking down on them almost. As they make their way through the forest the scenery becomes more cluttered with machine parts. POD He doesn’t need workers. More like materials. DOROTHY So he uses you all to gather parts for his reconstruction is that it? POD He doesn’t use us to collect materials. 3) Small panel: Close up of Pod as he speaks. His pupils have shrunk and a tear rolls down his face. POD He uses us for materials. A new body cannot be fashioned without living flesh. He needs living parts in order to become human again… that’s what he says at least. 4) Small panel: A flash back to the village being burned down is shown. Munchkins are seen running as they try to escape the flames. POD (Narration) His message was clear. He said that they were given a chance to assimilate… by we refused. 5) Small panel: Munchkins are seen being capture by the WHEELERS. They appear as black silhouettes with glowing eyes and huge grins in this panel. POD (Narration) So he declared us as nothing but pests. He had us hunted and farmed like cattle.
  15. 15. 6) Small panel: Tin-man factory is shown. Munchkins are heard screaming as large scythes and cutting tools hang above them. Bright spotlights shine down on them revealing silhouettes of body parts being picked up. POD (Narration) Some were kept alive until they were a suitable age for harvesting. Others were immediately butchered for vital body parts, and the rest he left to Wheelers.Page 9 side 1 (5 panels) 1) Medium length panel: Pod and Dorothy are making their way into a large open area in the woods. Both are obscured by large shadow. POD He now resides in his fortress. Commissioned and built by what remains of our people. You find him in here. 2) Large panel: Dorothy and Pod are seen standing outside of a large factory. It stands over them surrounded by towers and chimneys which resemble shot guns. Large gears and pistons can be seen spinning in the walls. The door has a large punctured heart engraved onto it. “Tin-man’s fortress” can be seen in the top right corner of the panel. 3) Small panel: Dorothy is inspecting the large door. She is looking up at it as it stands over her. DOROTHY Is there a less obvious way inside? POD Usually this door is used only for captured victims however there is a passage used by his associates. 4) Small panel: A long distance shot of Dorothy and Pod is seen as they inspect the front of the fortress further. In the foreground a rusty set of wheels can be seen. POD Though it is only accessible when they return from their patrol but In the meantime we lay low until they return. 5) Small panel: Dorothy and Pod are startled as they hear someone speak behind them. They both turn to see who is speaking. WHEELER That’s a great idea Munchkin.
  16. 16. Page 9 side 2 (6 panels) 1) Large width panel: Four wheelers can be seen standing in Dorothy and Pods way. Each of them has a fixed grin and wide blood shot eyes as they approach the factory. WHEELER 1 Who’s the girl though? WHEELER 2 I think that’s little Dorothy. WHEELER 3 That not little that’s a big problem. Wasn’t Dorothy the one who defeated the Witch? WHEELER 1 If she is then the Tin-man shouldn’t be a problem for her. 2) Medium width panel: The Wheelers corner Dorothy and Pod up against the door to Tin- mans fortress. WHEELER 2 Perhaps she would like to see Tin-man again. DOROTHY Well that was what I intended on doing. WHEELER 1 Well perfect timing, we were just returning from our regular patrol. Won’t he be pleased to hear that you’ve come all this way? 3) Small panel: Dorothy and Pod have backed up right against the wall. Pod is clinging to Dorothy’s dress. WHEELER 3 And look you even brought us a Munchkin. How about we take it off your hands for ya? POD (Whispering) Don’t leave me Dorothy. DOROTHY Sorry but he will be staying with me.
  17. 17. 4) Small panel: The Wheelers begin to close in. A Wheeler’s face takes up the majority of the foreground illustrating how close they now are to Dorothy. His blood shot eyes stare straight at Dorothy. WHEELER 1 How rude of you missy. I think you need to be taught a fair few manors. I’ll say it again… give us the Munchkin. 5) Small panel: The Wheeler is now nearly face-to-face with Dorothy. WHEELER 1 Look girl we’re just doing our job, in fact I don’t even know why I’m saying all this to you. Now if you don’t mind we’ll be taking Pod here. 6) Small panel: Dorothy tries to stand up to the Wheelers. We see a close up of her face as she stares back at the Wheeler. DOROTHY Pod will be staying with me!Page 10 side 1 (8 panels) 1) Small panel: A Wheeler suddenly steers towards Dorothy and pod. It catches them by surprise. 2) Small panel: The Wheeler trips up Pod who collapses to the ground. Dorothy tries to help but the Wheeler is too quick. 3) Small panel: Dorothy has stopped. A second Wheeler’s silhouette is seen right behind Dorothy. His eyes glow red and stand out from his black silhouette. 4) Small panel: The Wheeler smacks Dorothy in the face. Blood spurts from her mouth. Pod watches in shock as Dorothy collapses. 5) Medium panel: Dorothy is lying in the foreground unconscious. Blood is seeping out from the side of her head. Pod is being dragged away by the Wheelers. POD Dorothy! Don’t let them take me! Wake up Dorothy! You said that you wouldn’t let anything happen to me! Dorothy! 6) Small panel: Two Wheelers are seen looking over Dorothy’s body. WHEELER 1 So what we gonna do with this one here then?
  18. 18. WHEELER 2 We can’t just lave her here now can we? We’ll bring her in and see what tin-man thinks. 7) Small panel: Dorothy is seen being dragged away by the two Wheelers. The factory stands in the background while Dorothy’s is shown in the foreground leaving a faint trail of blood as she is taken inside. 8) Small panel: Dorothy is seen still being dragged away but is slowly obscured by darkness as she and the Wheelers enter the factory. Blood can still be seen trailing in through the front doors.Page 10 side 2 (10 panels) 1) Small panel: The panel is black showing that Dorothy’s eyes are still closed but voices can be heard speaking. LANCASTER She looks a bit peaky don’t she? TIK-TOK What d’you expect Lancaster. She took quite a nasty blow to the head. 2) Small panel: Dorothy’s eyes open slightly. Two figures can be seen standing over her though they appear slightly blurred. LANCASTER Hang about she’s waking up. Took her long enough. TIK-TOK Dorothy… can you hear me? 3) Small panel: Dorothy’s eyes are nearly fully opened. LANCASTER THE CAT and TIK-TOK are seen standing over her. LANCASTER How ya doin missy? Need a moment or two? TIK-TOK Come on pull yourself together now girl. 4) Small panel: Dorothy is seen sitting up again. She is rubbing her head, which still has a faint amount of blood on it. Tik-Tok and Lancaster are standing on wither side of her.
  19. 19. DOROTHY My head feels as if it’s had a hole drilled into it. LANCASTERIf we hadn’t had stepped in then you would’ve had one. The Wheelers were about to glutton you. DOROTHY Glutton me? LANCASTERA term used here for when they remove any unnecessary body parts that wouldn’t appeal to Tin- man. 5) Small panel: Dorothy is looking up now. She is relived to see Tik-Tok. DOROTHY Tik-Tok! Where’s Pod have you seen him? I have to find him! TIK-TOK He’s been taken straight for surveillance on the far side of the factory where they examine captives for any well-suited parts. 6) Small panel: Dorothy staggers to her feet. Lancaster watches as Tik-tok tries to prevent her from falling. DOROTHY I must reach him! TIK-TOK Not in the state you’re in now. You can’t even manage to stand up on your own at the moment. DOROTHYI have no time to rest. Pod was my responsibility and I must prevent anything from happening to him. 7) Small panel: Dorothy is now standing up right. Lancaster approaches her has he speaks. LANCASTER Dream on dearie. You’re lucky enough to be standing where you are right now. If Tin-man ever knew you were here.
  20. 20. DOROTHY Whether he does or does not I don’t care. Right now my main priority is to find Pod. It’s my fault he’s in here. Now it’s my responsibility to get him out. 8) Small panel: Dorothy is seen walking away. Lancaster chases after her while Tik-Tok watches. LANCASTER Hold on girl! You don’t even know where you’re going! DOROTHY Well I’m no use just standing here! LANCASTER What about tin-man? If he see’s you he’ll… 9) Close up panel: Close up of Dorothy’s face as she turns to Lancaster. She is furious. DOROTHY He’ll what Lancaster! 10) Close up panel: Close up of Lancaster’s face reacting to what Dorothy just said to him. LANCASTER He’ll butcher you himself!Page 11 side 1 (7 panels) 1. Small panel: Dorothy continues out into the centre of the factory. Lancaster watches her make her way. DOROTHYThat’s a risk I’m just going to have to take. If I have to face Tin-man in order to get to Pod then so be it. LANCASTER You mad whore! 2. Small panel: Dorothy’s silhouette is seen as she makes her way outside. We see a large archway with Dorothy walking through it. The sky is dark red. 3. Small panel: A mid shot of Dorothy is shown as she looks out towards the rest of the factory. The sky around her is blood red.
  21. 21. DOROTHY Oz… what has become of you? 4. Large width panel: Dorothy is seen looking out across the factory landscape. Spotlights, gears and pipes surround Dorothy. A large tower lies directly in front of Dorothy. 5. Small panel: Lancaster and Tik-Tok approach Dorothy from behind. Dorothy continues facing forward while listening to Lancaster speak. LANCASTER Take a good long look Dorothy. This once pleasant country has become a haven for butchers and demons. DOROTHY I still can’t believe that this was once the peaceful land that I once visited. 6. Small panel: Tik-Tok approaches Dorothy. He stands alongside her as they both look out towards the factory. TIK-TOK Do you still seek out the Tin-man? DOROTHY If it means finding Pod then yes. 7. Small panel: Lancaster is walking away from Tik-Tok and Dorothy. He is shown in the foreground with Tik-Tok and Dorothy in the background watching him. LANCASTER Then follow me.Page 11 side 2 (8 panels) 1) Small panel: Lancaster is seen standing in the shadow of a large object, which resembles a spider. Dorothy and Tik-Tok approach from behind. LANCASTER The Tin-man isn’t fond of visitors but this occasion calls for specialist equipment. 2) Medium width panel: Lancaster, Dorothy and Tik-Tok are seen looking up at a large spider shaped carriage. The abdomen is the actual carriage and is held to a long wire leading up to the tower by six legs. Two more are located at the front alongside the body and head, which act as the engine.
  22. 22. LANCASTER This acts as the only means of transport in order to reach Tin-man. We use it to ferry captives to their dedicated cells. TIK-TOK It was constructed by Munchkins before Tin-man decided to use them to build his new body. 3) Small panel: Lancaster is at the control pad for the carriage. He turns to face Dorothy as she and Tik-Tok walk onto the carriage. DOROTHY That’s completely barbaric. LANCASTER Hey, it should surprise you missy that we weren’t too fond of the idea ither. 4) Small panel: Lancaster pulls the handbrake, which sets the Carriage in motion. LANCASTER Buckle up now dearie, this old things a bit shaky. 5) Thin width panel: The front eyes of the carriage can be seen. The eyes are off for the moment. 6) Thin width panel: The eyes light up bright purple as the carriage is set into motion. 7) Small panel: Dorothy and Tik-Tok nearly fall over due to the carriage suddenly moving off. 8) Medium width panel: The carriage has moved off and is now quite a distance from the docking station. The carriage is in the foreground. Lancaster is seen driving the carriage whilst Dorothy and Tik-Tok watch from the back.Page 12 side 1 (8 panels) 1) Medium width panel: The carriage is viewed from a bird’s eye view as it makes its way across the factory. Cages and other pieces of machinery can be seen below the carriage. LANCASTER Take a good look at his work. He was indeed once a loyal leader. However when I arrived he had already become the monster that we know today. 2) Small panel: Dorothy is holding onto the rails of the carriage interior to keep her balance. She turns to speak to Lancaster. Tik-Tok is in the background looking out over the factory.
  23. 23. DOROTHY Lancaster please tell me… how did you end up in such a place as this? 3) Small panel: Lancaster speaks but does not face Dorothy. He face shows a faint hint of grief. LANCASTER I wasn’t always a servant to him. Once I was a free ranged mechanic, free to live my own life. 4) Small panel: Lancaster is seen riding a submerged jet ski, which resembles a mechanised sea horse. He is caught in the middle of a strong storm. LANCASTER (Narration) Whilst venturing through the Nonestic Ocean I was caught in a sea storm. At first I was merely swept past a few waves but soon they surrounded me. 5) Small panel: Lancaster is seen being knocked off of his sea horse by a huge wave, which nearly covers him. Lightning flashes in the background. LANCASTER (Narration)Suddenly I was swept into the water. No chance of escape. My career as a mechanic I thought was over. 6) Small panel: Lancaster is seen washed up on a shoreline during the storm. He is face down in the sand. His sea horse is smashed and laying in the foreground. LANCASTER (Narration) I survived but was lost. I woke up on the shores of Ev just barely alive. 7) Small panel: Lancaster wakes up to find himself in the shadow of a large figure. He stares up at the figure but is half conscious. LANCASTER (Narration) I thought that the worst was over for me but little did I know that my troubles were about to begin. 8) Small panel: Lancaster is seen looking up at the figure still that is now holding out a long hand with fingers made out of scissors. It is holding a small bottle labelled “powder of life”. LANCASTER (Narration) I was given a simple but uneasy choice, to live and serve as a servant to Oz or to be left to the elements and die. And so I chose to live as a servant.
  24. 24. Page 12 side 2 (6 panels) 1) Large width panel: Lancaster is seen constructing carious different pieces of machinery. On the left he is welding a pipe, in the middle he is connecting wires and in the distance he is bolting a metal plate to the floor. LANCASTER (Narration) The pain, the sweat, the work, it was too much to tolerate but I hadn’t a choice. I was commissioned to a life to a life of servitude. Back then though I did not though the intentions of this god forsaken place nor it purpose. 2) Small panel: Lancaster is seen staring at the tin-man. Tin-man is on his knees sobbing heavily. LANCASTER (Narration) When introduced to the tin-man he was lost in his emotions. Didn’t know whether to feel sorrow, happiness or anger. I pitied the poor soul and wished to relieve his pain… and so I did. 3) Small panel: Lancaster’s paws are seen holding the Tin-mans clockwork heart. The heart is precious and a bright shade of crimson red. LANCASTER (Narration) The only thing I could do was put my skills to work. He requested that I remove the one thing, which makes him feel the pain that he endures. The heart he was given. 4) Medium length panel: Tin-man is seen holding his axe high in the air. His body is a silhouette as the light shine down on him. His eyes shine white with wrath. LANCASTER (Narration) Little did I know that in doing so I had created an unnatural creature. A being that had no pity for the living around him. 5) Small panel: Lancaster is seen holding a living heart in his left paw while sprinkling powder of life on it with the other paw. He is horrified by what he is doing and nearly in tears of shock. LANCASTER (Narration) He told me he wished to feel the warmth of skin again. To taste and to smell, he wanted his life back. I was charged with the duty of finding him a new heart, a heart that could grant him a human life. 6) Small panel: Lancaster is seen handing the bloody heart to the tin-man. All that we see of the tin-man is his hands reaching out to take the heart.
  25. 25. LANCASTER (Narration) But no matter how hard I tried I could not please the monstrosity I had made. No heart that I salvaged was enough for him. And so began his raid of butchery.Page 13 side 1 (6 panels) 1) Medium width panel: Lancaster is still at the control panel for the carriage. He continues to look ahead as he drives the carriage. Dorothy is now standing alongside him. Tik-Tok watches from behind the two of them. LANCASTER I didn’t choose to lead this life. But I had no choice. DOROTHY But I don’t understand. Who was it that you saw in Ev? 2) Small panel: Lancaster doesn’t turn around. He doesn’t answer but remains fixated on what’s ahead. His eyes glisten as if he is about to cry. 3) Small panel: Lancaster turns his head slightly so that he can just about see Dorothy. LANCASTER We’re here. 4) Medium length panel: The carriage is seen making its way towards a large tower, which stands over the entire factory. It is surrounded by gun shaped towers. The front of it is shaped like the Tin-mans clockwork heart. Gears and springs can be seen spinning both inside and around it. A faint red mist surrounds its base. 5) Medium length panel: Dorothy is seen standing in a large archway leading into the tower. Tik-Tok is seen walking up towards Dorothy. Lancaster remains standing by the carriage. TIK-TOK It’s still quite a distance to his domain. Remember be on your guard. 6) Small panel: Dorothy and Tik-Tok are standing alongside each other now while still looking into the darkness of the tower.Page 13 side 2 (11 panels) 1) Thin panel: Tik-Tok looks up at Dorothy. TIK-TOK We’re not allowed in I’m afraid.
  26. 26. 2) Thin panel: Dorothy looks down at Tik-Tok. She fears for her life but tries to hide it. TIK-TOK Good luck Dorothy. 3) Medium width panel: Dorothy is seen walking into the darkness of the tower. Tik-Tok and Lancaster watch her as she exits. 4) Small panel: Dorothy is seen walking up a flight of stairs. The interior resembles an abandoned slaughterhouse. Dark and rusty panels cover the walls. Dorothy is looking straight ahead almost paying no attention to her surroundings. 5) Small panel: Dorothy is entering a large room. It’s so dark that the room seems endless. All that is seen is Dorothy in the centre of the panel along with a faint amount of light coming from the corridor. 6) Small panel: She looks to the side of her to find a switch panel on the wall. 7) Thin panel: Dorothy has grabbed the switch and is about to pull it down. 8) Thin panel: The switch has been pulled down and has now lit up the front half of the room. 9) Small panel: The light switches on above Dorothy as she looks out towards the rest of the room. 10) Small panel: Dorothy’s face fills the panel. Her jaw has dropped and her eyes have flashed wide open.Page 14 side 1 (6 panels) 1) Large width panel: Dorothy is seen from behind looking up at dozens of hooked limbs, each varying in size and shape. 2) Small panel: Hung limbs cover the left wall including an arm, a leg, and a set of hands. 3) Small panel: Dorothy is shocked and appalled by what she is seeing. 4) Small panel: Hung limbs cover the right wall also including a foot, a forearm, a torso and a thigh muscle.
  27. 27. 5) Medium panel: Dorothy’s attention is drawn away by a voice, which starts speaking to her from across the room. TIN-MAN Do you like my handy work? 6) Small panel: Dorothy has spotted someone in the distance. She stares into the distance trying to figure out who is speaking. TIN-MAN I know what your thinking but you know what…Page 14 side 2 (2 panels) 1) Large panel: The Tin-man is seen sitting in a large metal throne slouching slightly. He’s seems relaxed and proud of his work. He smiles at Dorothy. His axe hangs on the wall next to him. TIN-MAN I’m a whole new person, or will be soon. 2) Large width panel: Dorothy is struck with horror by what she has just seen. She is appalled by what she is seeing.Page 15 side 1 (9 panels) 1) Small panel: Tin-man is sitting in his throne but no longer slouching. TIN-MAN Yes I know it may be a tad much but it is the only way I could be the person I was again. 2) Small panel: Dorothy is facing the Tin-man who is still sitting down. DOROTHY You didn’t need to be anyone else you were fine the way I knew you. TIN-MAN The way you knew me. Did you know me as a human? No of course not. You found me in this scrap of tin and discarded metal. 3) Small panel: Dorothy is looking up at the Tin-man still. We see the back of Tin-mans head as he looks down at Dorothy.
  28. 28. DOROTHY I understand how you must’ve felt but why resort to a life of such violence? TIN-MAN When I rose to the leader of the Munchkin country I became torn between emotions. 4) Small panel: We see a flash back to when Tin-man was whole again. He is kneeling on the floor almost curled up whilst sobbing. TIN-MAN (narration)I didn’t know whether to feel happy about the circumstance, pity the Munchkins for having to be kept charge or to feel anger due to being given such an intense position. 5) Small panel: The Tin-man is now grinning. He has a heart shaped hole cut into his chest. The panel has a red tint to it to represent the Tin-mans envy. TIN-MAN (Narration)Once that useless ticking machine was removed I realised something. I realised how much I desirethe feeling to be human once again. And with a whole civilisation at my disposal I decided to put them to my use. 6) Small panel: Tin-man is seen again in his throne. He is holding up his right arm, which has, two human forearms attached to it. TIN-MAN And yes indeed it is a working progress but we’re moving in the right direction. 7) Small panel: Dorothy is shocked at what Tin-man has both said and what he has done to himself. DOROTHY Have you not considered for one second the pain you are causing to others? TIN-MANThe pain? Ha, I think of it as them returning a favour. I watched over them as their leader and in exchange for that they simply offer what I need. 8) Small panel: Dorothy is now shouting at the Tin-man however is enjoying the pity that Dorothy is feeling. DOROTHYThis isn’t right. What your doing to these people isn’t them returning a favour it slaughter. You’re taking innocent lives and converting them into yours.
  29. 29. TIN-MAN Gosh you sound just like this half-wit over here. 9) Small panel: Tin-man points to a lit section on the wall. Pod is seen strapped against it. Pod is dazed but manages to look up at Dorothy.Page 15 side 2 ( 1) Small panel: Dorothy watches as Pod screams for her help. Tin-man watches as he tries to break free. POD Dorothy! Help me! Don’t let him take my life! You said you would protect me! 2) Close up panel: The tin-man presses a button with a small label saying “lower”. 3) Small panel: The board that Pod is lying on begins to sink into the ground. We see Pod at a low angle as steam and cutting utensils submerge him. 4) Small panel: We see a side view of Tin-man sitting again only this time he is leaning forward. We also see in the background blood being splattered on the wall behind where Pod once was. TIN-MAN Back to more important matters, one thing that I can’t however salvage from the Munchkins is a suitable heart to sustain my working body. 5) Small panel: The Tin-man stands up now. He continues speaking to Dorothy though. TIN-MAN Though my growing circulatory system is working fine. I still need as sustainable heart that can withstand the amount of blood pressure that is needed for me to stay alive. 6) Small panel: A large robotic arm rises up from where Pod was. The end of it had blood dripping from it. Tin-man watches whilst Dorothy cringes at what the robot arm is holding which isn’t revealed in this panel. 7) Small panel: What the robotic arm is holding is revealed. It is holding Pod eye which stares straight at Dorothy. Blood trickles down the arm that is holding it. 8) Small panel: Tin-man is now facing the robot arm. Dorothy has fallen to her knees, covering her mouth in shock. 9) Small panel: Tin-man walks up to the arm as it rises. Dorothy watches in horror as the eye moves towards Tin-man.
  30. 30. Page 16 side 1 (8 panels) 1) Small panel: The arm suddenly lunges at Tin-man’s head. Blood spurts in all directions. The Tin-man takes a step back due to the force but manages to stay standing. 2) Small panel: The Tin-man staggers back to his seat but keeps his hand over his left eye. Blood trickles from between his fingers. Dorothy watches as he staggers to his seat again. TIN-MAN These… people, these civilised creatures cannot provide me with the heart that I need… I need a strong heart. 3) Small panel: The Tin-man is seen poking his eye socket whilst tilting his head back slightly. The blood begins to pour out less and less. TIN-MAN A heart that is suitable for a human, a heart that is capable of merging with an incomplete circulatory system. 4) Small panel: The Tin-man has now removed his hand to reveal the eye has now become fixed in his eye socket. He looks round at Dorothy using his new eye. TIN-MAN A heart… like yours. 5) Small panel: Dorothy has frozen with fear. She stares expressionless. Her pupils have shrunk due to the fear she is experiencing. 6) Close up panel: Tin-man still has his eye on Dorothy. Though the eye used to belong to Pod it looks cold and evil. 7) Close up panel: Tin-man has grabbed the handle of his axe. We see his hand clenching the base of it. 8) Large width panel: Tin-man has swung the axe around at a shocking speed. Dorothy lunges back to avoid the blade, which skims her dress.Page 16 side 2 (6 panels) 1) Medium width panel: Dorothy is lying on the floor. Tin-man is staring at her. The axe is dragged across the floor towards her as the Tin-man stares at her cold hearted. 2) Small panel: Tin-man swings the axe up into the air as he prepares to strike down on Dorothy again.
  31. 31. 3) Medium width panel: Tin-man’s axe comes clashing down just missing Dorothy’s legs. 4) Small panel: The Tin-man stares down at Dorothy as he wields his axe high in the air again. He is driven by blood thirst and rage TIN-MAN Hold still dearie while I cut you! 5) Small panel: A close up of Dorothy’s face as she stares up at the Tin-man. She no longer recognises the being that stands over her. 6) Medium width panel: Dorothy staggers to her feet as she tries to flee from the Tin-man. She makes her way back to the stairs. The Tin-man watches as she runs from him.Page 17 side 1 (7 panels) 1) Medium width panel: The Tin-man swings his axe again. He misses Dorothy who stumbles as she falls down the stairs. 2) Small panel: Dorothy is seen landing at the base of the stairs. She lands face down and smacks her cheek on the hard metal floor. 3) Small panel: Dorothy looks back to see the Tin-man making his way down the stairs towards her. We see Dorothy lying in the mid-ground whilst the back of Tin-man’s head is seen in the lower foreground. 4) Small panel: Dorothy looks to the side of her and spots a sharp piece of aluminium lying in the dark. 5) Small panel: The Tin-man raises his axe once more. His grin almost seems to cover his face as he prepares to strike down again. 6) Small panel: Dorothy grabs the shard and stabs Tin-mans foot. Blood spurts out. 7) Medium width panel: Dorothy is moving out of the way as Tin-man collapses to his knees. He’s grasped his foot out of pain and as he does so he drops his axe.Page 17 side 2 (9 panels) 1) Small panel: Tin-mans foot is shown in the panel. His hands are covered in blood. TIN-MAN I feel pain… pain of the flesh.
  32. 32. 2) Small panel: Tin-man is now smiling despite the pain he is in. He is now looking up at where Dorothy was. TIN-MAN A feeling I haven’t experienced in years. 3) Small panel: The panel shows a close up of the tin-man’s axe as he grabs the handle again. He’s still fixated on where Dorothy ran off. 4) Small panel: Tin-man runs after Dorothy. His foot is still bleeding but he simply ignores the pain. TIN-MAN Dorothy! It’s working! I can feel pain again! Imagine what I will feel if I had your heart! 5) Medium width panel: Tin-man reaches the bottom of the stairs. He looks around to try and see where Dorothy has run off. Her silhouette is seen behind a series of pipes as she tries to hide from Tin-man. 6) Close up panel: Tin-man has noticed something by the pipes. He looks down to inspect it further. 7) Small panel: Dorothy’s shoe is seen on the floor just poking out from the side of the pipes. Tin-mans shadow is seen as he slowly approaches. 8) Small panel: Tin-man raises his axe again, fixated on the spot behind the pipe. He grins, as his axe is wielded higher and higher. 9) Small panel: He strikes the pipe. The axe slices through the pipe and clashes with the floor behind it. Steam pours out.Page 18 side 1 (7 panels) 1) Medium width panel: The Tin-man realises that Dorothy is no longer behind the piping. She has left her shoe there to fool the Tin-man. He stares at the shoe confused as to where Dorothy is. 2) Small panel: Dorothy sprints up to him from the side and stabs him in the leg, which is also made out of flesh. It begins to bleed also. 3) Small panel: The Tin-man legs go of his axe again, which remains embedded in the piping as he yells with pain. 4) Small panel: As the Tin-man moans about the pain he is in. Dorothy rushes up to the axe in an attempt to grab the axe handle. Steam shoots out from the gaps between the axe blade and the pipe still.
  33. 33. 5) Small panel: Dorothy has grabbed the axe and is trying to pull it out of place. Tin-man watches and tries to grab Dorothy who doesn’t notice the tin-man. More steam begins to erupt as the axe gives way. 6) Medium width panel: The axe flies out of place. Dorothy falls back as the axe is released. Boiling hot steam shoots out straight at the Tin-man. He is thrown back slightly by the pressure. He raises his right arm to try and stop the steam from heating up his metal parts. 7) Small panel: Close up of Tin-man’s arm as the flesh parts are burnt and the metal parts are heated. Skin begins to peel and the metal turns red and black.Page 18 side 2 (10 panels) 1) Small panel: The Tin-man collapses due to the amount of damage he has taken. His right side is completely damaged. All flesh parts are red and burnt whilst all the metal parts have been turned black and scorched. 2) Close up panel: A pressure gauge sitting on top of the pipe shows that the pressure is building. The gauge begins to crack as steam spills out. 3) Close up panel: A second pipe bursts. Bolts fly out of place as the steam builds up. 4) Small panel: Dorothy is looking up at a series of pipes that run above her as they begin to burst as well. TIN-MAN You see what you have done now! 5) Small panel: Dorothy is looking down at Tin-man. She struggles to keep her balance as the room begins to shake due to the damage. TIN-MAN All you had to do was co-operate with me but you had to be persistent, and for what? 6) Small panel: The Tin-man is sitting against a wall now as he tries to stay conscious despite the pain he is in. Behind him machinery can be seen falling apart. TIN-MAN Look around you. My domain is now collapsing before my eyes. All the work that I have done is now wasted because of you! 7) Small panel: Dorothy is seen holding her fist up to Tin-man. She is furious at what tin-man has both said and done. As she speaks, Lancaster is seen making his way towards her.
  34. 34. DOROTHY You monster! I trusted you before and look what has become of you? Resorting to slaughter for your own selfish purposes, may you and your domain fall! 8) Small panel: Lancaster watches as the surroundings collapse. He is horrified to see his work fall around him. LANCASTER What is the meaning of this? My life’s work now being turned back into the scraps from which I constructed it! 9) Small panel: Dorothy turns to see Lancaster. As she speaks the floor begins to crack and more piping bursts behind her. DOROTHY This was all you! You were the one who did this to Tin-man. You constructed this fowl facility! What would drive such compassion? 10) Small panel: Lancaster responds to what Dorothy has just said. He seems angered but frightened at the same time due to what is happening around them. LANCASTER I’m not the enemy you seek Dorothy! This wasn’t my intention I was simply following orders!Page 19 final side 1) Small panel: Lancaster continues speaking to Dorothy. Dorothy listens as Lancaster explains his situation. LANCASTERI didn’t know the reasons for this prison existing. I f you want to know more then speak to Scraps she put me to work here! 2) Small panel: Dorothy responds to what Lancaster has just said. They both try to maintain their balance as the room collapses even more. DOROTHY Scraps? LANCASTER Surely you know her, the patchwork girl? She was the one who instructed me to build this place for the Tin-man. 3) Small panel: Lancaster is now holding out a green glowing bottle that says “Powder of life” whilst trying to maintain balance.
  35. 35. LANCASTERShe gave me this to use for the Tin-man! Speak to her about it! She knows more than I do!4) Medium width panel: The ground beneath Dorothy and Lancaster suddenly gives way. Metal panels and pipes fall through the ground. Dorothy and Lancaster watch as the ground falls from beneath them.5) Small panel: Dorothy falls suddenly. She watches as she falls through the gaps in the floor. Lancaster holds his paw out to try and save Dorothy. LANCASTER Dorothy!6) Large width panel: On the left the room that Dorothy was in can be seen in the distance. Lancaster watches as Dorothy falls. Dorothy is on the right in the foreground as she plummets into what seems to be a bottomless dark pit, screaming on her way down. Pipes and metal fall alongside her. The rest of the factory seems to also be collapsing around her.“To be continued” is displayed in the corner of the page.