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Online Network of Independent Learning Professionals Webinar 3/10/16


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Presenter: James Finder
Topic: Online Marketing using LinkedIn & Is it effective?
Time: 9:00 AM Mountain (Thursday, March 10)

Published in: Marketing
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Online Network of Independent Learning Professionals Webinar 3/10/16

  1. 1. How I leverage my 9000+ connections on LinkedIn to find prospects James Finder
  2. 2. Intro • Owner of Promethean Learning Experience Design LLC • Pursuing a Master’s in Instructional Technology at University of Wyoming via Online delivery • My portfolio link:
  3. 3. How’d it start? With sourcing… • First started growing my network in 2008 • Currently I have 9,650 connections • Shout out to Jonah Manning who taught me “The Method” of sourcing for recruiting. • In short- “The Method” was breaking down a job requirement down to brass tacks. Completing a competitive analysis of the industry for a recruiting requirement. • Find the keywords in the requirement • Find the competition • Send A LOT OF MESSAGES
  4. 4. Things have changed • My network growth was significantly curtailed in 2015 • LinkedIn restricted Basic search in 2015 (Chris South’s blogpost here explains a lot) • In response, I purchased a year of LinkedIn Business Premium in late 2015.
  5. 5. How do I do it?
  6. 6. Links • Prophet (Free BETA) • Rapportive (Free) • LinkedIn Autopilot (~$500 for a year) • LinkedIn Premium (~$500 for a year)
  7. 7. What search strings do I use? • Looking for people similar to me. • Why? • They’re looking for talent. • They know someone. • They’re in the same boat.
  8. 8. Workin’ it; Step-by-Step 1. Run LinkedIn Autopilot 2. Look at who has viewed me. 3. Message them on LinkedIn. • This is the message I use word for word; • Thanks for checkin' me out! Was there a person you needed some help connecting with or a project you needed some extra hands on? Let me know how I can help you out! Cheers, James @getplexdesign
  9. 9. Workin’ it; Evolution of the Message What’s Changed? • Made it much more personal and informal. • Eliminated Jargon. Get to the point. • Give them another way to connect with you (Twitter handle)
  10. 10. Workin’ it; What’s Worked/What Hasn’t? What’s Worked? • Connecting my Twitter to my LinkedIn. • Being “Real”. • Commenting on status updates is key. • “Reducing” the size of my network (Interact with leaders and people will follow).
  11. 11. Workin’ it; What’s Worked/What Hasn’t? What Hasn’t? • Getting people to read my posts.
  12. 12. What’s Next/Upcoming Decisions? • Will I purchase Premium and Autopilot again? • Possibly. –Depends on how much work I have in the pipeline. • I’ve found the ability to inMail and search so many profiles per day an amazing way to market myself.