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Boulder Writers Alliance April 20th Presentation


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Boulder Writers Alliance April 20th Presentation

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Boulder Writers Alliance April 20th Presentation

  1. 1. BWA Speaking Presentation James Finder 4/20/16
  2. 2. • Owner of Promethean Learning Experience Design LLC • Pursuing a Master’s in Instructional Technology at University of Wyoming via Online/Distance Education • My portfolio link: About Me
  3. 3. 1. What is E-learning? 2. The Tools I Use 3. My Process 4. What I’ve Learned 5. Who I’m Following 6. What’s On the Horizon Agenda
  4. 4. Tools I Use Marketing/ SocialDesign/Development Project Management
  5. 5. My Process
  6. 6. Things I’ve Learned 1. Always get at least 50% upfront. 2. Always save a local copy of anything you’re working on. 3. Use a Project Management Tool. 4. If you’re not working on something, create some new content. For Everyone 1. Participate in the #ELHChallenges 2. Ask Questions on Elearning Heroes Forum Storyline Users 1. Join ONILP Independent IDs
  7. 7. Whom Do I Follow on Twitter? • Keenan (@keenan) • Alice Heiman (@aliceheiman) Sales/Marketing • David Anderson (@elearning) • Zsolt Olah (@rabbitoreg) • Melissa Milloway (@melmilloway) • Jane Bozarth (@janebozarth) • Ashely Chiasson (@amdchiasson) • Linda Lohr (@lindalor) • Alexander Salas (@stylelearn) Instructional Design
  8. 8. What’s on the Horizon? • Attend ATD ICE Expo • Grow my presence on Snapchat and Blab.IM • Try BeBee • Develop a CRM system for my website (SugarCRM) Sales/Marketing • Continue to work my business partner developing a Cannabis Training Solution • Develop my branching scenario template to v.2 where there are bonuses and penalties built in • Learn JavaScript Instructional Design • Continue participating in SCCA’s RMSolo Events • Continue to learn how to play with automobiles Personally
  9. 9. Questions?
  10. 10. Links • My Website • My Portfolio • Prophet (Free BETA) • Rapportive (Free) • LinkedIn Autopilot (~$500 for a year) • LinkedIn Premium (~$500 for a year)