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James Emms The Man


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James Emms is "The Man" in this thriller about live or love. Does James Emms take on the family business run by James Emms Sr., or does he run the fraternity with all his friends? Only you the reader will know!

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James Emms The Man

  1. 1. James Emms Is “The MAN” In a remarkable plot twister, James Emms, a 21 year old freshman at the University of Kortmula is faced with a problem – does he take over the fraternity or does he take over his fathers business...
  2. 2. James Emms' Big Decision Does James do the right thing for the Emms family or does he do the right thing for his friends?
  3. 3. James Emms, The MAN This epic thriller will show that James Emms is not only the man, but he's THE MAN!