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Percussion drilling


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Innovative design solutions for the developing world - A presentation on my work at Developing Technologies developing percussion drilling equipment that can be manufactured locally in rural Sierra Leone.

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Percussion drilling

  2. 2. DEVELOPING TECHNOLOGIES“alleviate long-term chronic poverty in developing countriesthrough the design, development and transfer of technologythat is appropriate to the needs of poor communities.”(1) a focus on appropriate technology,(2) projects initiated by communities/agencies,(3) build capacity(4) environmental sustainability
  3. 3. WELL PROVISION: SIERRA LEONERural Water Aid(1) Project initiated by local NGO in 2005(2) Student research project 2005-06 & further UK development(3) 4 month summer placements 2008/9/10(4) Commercial drilling contracts in early 2011
  4. 4. THE NEED: ACCESS TO SAFE WATERReducing deaths from water-borne diseases• 1 Billion lack access to safe water• 10,000 preventable deaths per day• Single greatest barrier to internationaldevelopment• 1 Million wells required to meet MDG by 2015
  5. 5. CURRENT APPROACHESOpportunity for low cost appropriate drill rig© WJ Groundwater Ltd.Rotary Drilling• $150,000 capital cost•> $10,000 per well• 2 drilling operations in SL• Needs trained operators• Difficult to maintain• $24,000 capital cost• Lack of equipment• Difficult to maintainExisting Percussion• $3,500 per well• Takes weeks• Very soil dependent• Difficult to sealHand Digging
  6. 6. THE DESIGN RESPONSEDeveloping appropriate well drilling rigsHand-Portable Vehicle-Portable• $3,200 capital cost• Local materials• Local construction• $7,200 capital cost• Imported from UK• Maintained locally
  7. 7. THE WIDER RESPONSESupporting business(1) Capital funding and training to set up a workshop(2) Business and finance training(3) Marketing and communications support(4) Contracts support and risk mitigation
  8. 8. THANK YOUJames Brown MEng