Volunteer Orientation


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SAMOCA (San Angelico Museum of Contemporary Art) is an art museum with a focus on Modern Art from the last 75 years. This presentation is used for volunteer orientation.

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  • Thanks for sharing this James. I help out at a local nonprofit so I think we can use this for future training.
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Volunteer Orientation

  1. 1. Volunteer Orientation
  2. 2. History and Purpose Since 1973, our museum has been at the forefront of contemporary art and design. • Highlight the importance of contemporary art within modern society • Are influenced by pop, cinema, and current events Our collections:
  3. 3. Organization Jane Gregory, PhD Executive Director Francine Rosseau Public Relations Javi Yarborough Donor Relations Bernice Loopard Volunteer Coord. Phillip Glascow Museum Curator
  4. 4. Volunteers Are Key to Our Success Volunteers 44% Full-time staff 37% Part-time staff 10% Consultants 9% Labor breakdown last year (%)
  5. 5. Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities Role Primary Responsibilities Admin Assistant Answer phone, respond to email, open and file mail Assistant Curator Assist in the selection and presentation of art Docent/Tour Guide Educate patrons about museum collections Fundraiser/Grant writer Write grant applications; organize fundraising events Marketing & PR Rep Write press releases; organize events; serve as media contact Web & IT Tech Maintain website, server, and all computer systems Sales Clerk Sell and display products; operate register in café/museum shop
  6. 6. Rules of Conduct DO • Dress neatly and professionally • Keep side conversations to a minimum • Focus on our patrons • Arrive on time for your shift • Keep your voice low and turn off the ringer on your phone • Leave your belongings in your assigned locker Do NOT • Talk on your cell phone during work hours • Bring food and drink outside the café and break room • Play video games or music in the museum • Smoke inside or within 20 feet of the building • Leave the front desk, or your post, unattended at any time
  7. 7. Customer Service Basics Always strive to be HELPFUL: = Handle yourself with professionalism = Enjoy helping others = Listen closely to questions and requests = Provide correct information = Focus on the customer = Use common sense = Learn from your mistakes
  8. 8. Collections Our collections are carefully curated to create a uniquely special contemporary art experience. • Oil and Watercolor • Pencil and Charcoal • Photography • Sculpture • Mixed Media Collections include:
  9. 9. Collections We feature contemporary artists from all around the globe, to provide a multicultural blend of artwork. • Sculptor, Eleanor Friosh • Photographer, Jim Sugar • Painter, Paul Shellmont • Mixed media artist, Tang Lee Our current artists include:
  10. 10. This Month’s Resident Artist Jim Sugar will be in the halls of SAMOCA throughout April. Watch a sneak peek of this world famous photographer in his first ever lynda.com video appearance.
  11. 11. Thank You for Volunteering Your Time