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Is6120 data security presentation


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In class presentation for Business Intelligence by students.

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Is6120 data security presentation

  1. 1. Data Security Greg Ashe Ross LeahyNicholas Hayes
  2. 2. What is Data Security• Some Definitions – the protecting of a database from destructive forces and unwanted actions of unauthorized users.• Some Problems associated with Data Security-Data Tampering-Eavesdropping and Data Theft-Falsifying User Identities-Password-Related Threats-Unauthorized Access to tables and Columns-Unauthorized Access to Data Rows-Lack of Accountability IS6120 Data Security 2
  3. 3. Evolution of Data Security – Internet impacts By Ross Leahy
  4. 4. • Open reel magnetic tape was introduced in the 1950’s, These tapes could store 5MB to 150MB of data and marked an evolutionary step in data storage and data protection. IS6120 Data Security 4
  5. 5. • Physical attacks on data can also be known as tampering• Tampering is a physical action type defined as unauthorized altering or interfering with the normal state or operation of an asset rather than, for instance, altering software or system settings. (Verizon 2011)• Still a Security Threat today due to: • Sensitive Data Left in Plain View Unlocked Accessible Computer Systems Data Loss • Data Cabling Accessible from Public Areas IS6120 Data Security 5
  6. 6. New Avenues to steal data• Network• E-mails• Applications• Thirty years ago, the first computer virus appeared. Since then, cybercriminals have created millions of viruses and other malware—email viruses, Trojans, Internet worms, spyware, keystroke loggers—some spreading worldwide and making headlines.• Internet is providing more opportunities for hackers to steal data – Increasing Data theft. IS6120 Data Security 6
  7. 7. Data Theft• Data theft is the deliberate theft of information, rather than its accidental loss. Data theft can take place both inside an organization (e.g., by a disgruntled employee), or by criminals outside the organization.• Examples• 2012- Belgian credit provider, Dexia, where demanded to make payment (blackmail) of €150,000 (US$197,000) to prevent hackers from publishing confidential information.• 2011- Sony Corp suffers breaches that place 100M customer accounts at risk, costing the company up to $2 billion. IS6120 Data Security 7
  8. 8. What types of threats exist?• A lot of viruses and other malware exist and can be seen here.• More than 403 million unique variants of malware detected by Symantec in 2011• Malware• A drive-by download• Denial-of-service (DoS) attack• Trojan• Email hoaxs – “Good Times”• Phishing• Spear-phishing• SQL Injection IS6120 Data Security 8
  9. 9. Definitions of Threats• A drive-by download is the infection of a computer with malware when a user visits a malicious website. Drive-by downloads occur without the knowledge of the user. Simply visiting an infected website may be sufficient for the malware to be downloaded and run on a computer.• SQL Injection is an attack technique used to exploit how web pages communicate with back-end databases. An attacker can issue commands (in the form of specially crafted SQL statements) to a database using input fields on a website.• Spearphishing is targeted phishing using spoof emails to persuade people within a company to reveal sensitive information or credentials. Unlike phishing, which involves mass-emailing, spearphishing is small-scale and well-targeted. IS6120 Data Security 9
  10. 10. Security software and hardware• Antivirus software• Firewalls• Device control• Network access control• Application control IS6120 Data Security 10
  11. 11. Threat prevention• Firewall acts as a barrier between networks or parts of a network, blocking malicious traffic or preventing hacking attempts.• Anti-malware software can defend you against viruses and other malware threats including Trojans, worms and, depending on the product, spyware.• Anti-spam programs can detect unwanted email and prevent it from reaching user inboxes.• Appliances are a combination of hardware and software security elements in one solution. This lets you plug appliances in rather than installing the software separately.• Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) monitor network and systems for malicious activity.• Network access control (NAC) A NAC solution protects your network and the information on it from the threats posed by users or devices accessing your network. IS6120 Data Security 11
  12. 12. Ensure data protection• Encrypt your computers, emails and other devices and use firewall• Use device and application control• Only allow compliant computers to access your network.• Implement outbound content controls• Disable AutoRun functionality- In February 2011 Microsoft automatically disabled AutoRun, preventing malware from copying itself to host computers and shared network drives from devices such as USB drives.• With more than 403 million unique variants of malware detected by Symantec in 2011, enterprises should be updating security virus and intrusion prevention definitions at least daily, if not multiple times a day. IS6120 Data Security 12
  13. 13. What is Mobile Computing?• A generic term used to refer to a variety of devices that allow people to access data and information from where ever they are• Mobile Computing embraces a host of portable technologies that makes internet access on the go not only possible, but integral to every day life• A recent Gartner report claimed that “Mobile Computing is the future”• Report also suggests that mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device worldwide IS6120 Data Security 13
  14. 14. Security Risks of Mobile Computing• Fishnet Security survey found that Mobile Computing is the top security concern for 18% organizations 35% Mobile Computing Social Networks• Of the professionals 20% Other surveyed: Cloud Computing 35% Mobile Computing 27% 27% Social Networks 20% Other 18% Cloud Computing IS6120 Data Security 14
  15. 15. Security Risks of Mobile Computing• The popularity of mobile computing is accelerating, as their sales reach a critical mass smartphones and tablets will become prime targets of malware attacks• There’s now more than 1 billion active Smartphones, that’s one for every seven people on the planet• As with any computing solution, tablet PC’s and Smartphones are exposed to software threats• However, Mobile brings additional risks like theft or accidental loss where sensitive data can be lost IS6120 Data Security 15
  16. 16. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)• The idea behind BYOD is that users can use a personal device such as a Tablet or Smartphone for both personal and business use• This scenario of users bringing in their own devices to connect to a corporate network could result in malware spreading through the corporate network• BYOD multiplies the number of networks, applications, and end-points through which data is accessed• Moving data across different devices and networks is increasing security risks by opening sensitive corporate data to leaks and attacks• This has led to some people dubbing BYOD as “Bring Your Own Disaster” IS6120 Data Security 16
  17. 17. The Issue With Mobile Browsers• On Mobile Browsers, even experts have trouble determining the legitimacy of a website due to a lack of an icon that shows the browser is using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)• These icons, which are present on almost all desktop browsers, quickly tells users if the site is secure and legitimate eg. The padlock icon• Once developers figure out a smart and consistent way to implement SSL, everyone will be more secure and better served IS6120 Data Security 17
  18. 18. Mobile Payments• Despite convenient and futuristic qualities, the mobile platform not designed as a secure application environment• Lots of sensitive data stored or entered in your Smartphone and because it is connected to the internet at all times, Smartphone at great risk for malware designed to grab sensitive information IS6120 Data Security 18
  19. 19. Example: NASA Data Security Breach• Last year, data breaches occurred in the space agency NASA as a result of the theft of 48 portable electronic devices• Among the data compromised were International Space Station command-and-control codes and employees’ personal information• As a result NASA has enacted new policies including mandatory full- disk encryption for NASA-issued computers that go off the premises• In addition, NASA will forbid employees from storing sensitive information on mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets IS6120 Data Security 19
  20. 20. Possible Steps to Minimise Security Risks• You’ll never eliminate all of the potential risks, but you can minimise the threats1) Know your hardware and operating systems2) Think before you store3) Shop for Apps securely4) Install updates IS6120 Data Security 20
  21. 21. Social Networks – Problems with Security & Data Privacy• Use of the internet is changing• Huge growth in the volume of personal information being shared on the web• Huge opportunities for businesses IS6120 Data Security 21
  22. 22. Issues with Social Networks• Personal Information• National incentives are ineffective IS6120 Data Security 22
  23. 23. Security Issues in the Future of Social Networking1. Storage of personal data2. Tools for managing personal data and how it is viewed3. Access control to personal data based on credentials4. Tools for finding out who has accessed personal data IS6120 Data Security 23
  24. 24. Examples of Social Networking Sites IS6120 Data Security 24
  25. 25. Examples of Social Networking Sites• “Just received a job offer. Hooray!”• “I’m tired of all the rain.”• “Looking forward to the family vacation next week at Disney World.” IS6120 Data Security 25
  26. 26. Clever Boy IS6120 Data Security 26
  27. 27. • “The boss just laid off 32 employees. I hear there may be more coming on Wednesday.”• “Rumor has it that the Acme Widgets acquisition fell through.”• “Working to troubleshoot a major software bug we just found.”• “I just posted a funny video of myself frying a rodent at the restaurant where I work.” IS6120 Data Security 27
  28. 28. Brad at it again IS6120 Data Security 28
  29. 29. How much will providers actually allow the export and open transfer of their data stores?• Social Networking is becoming the preferred way to manage personal data• Identity Theft & Authentication• Web of Trust Techniques IS6120 Data Security 29
  30. 30. IS6120 Data Security 30
  31. 31. Possible Steps1. Each user is issued a token2. Every time user A is accepted as a friend by a user, token given positive/negative trust training3. User A suspects User B is not who they say they are4. User A knows user B personally5. Scores aggregated IS6120 Data Security 31
  32. 32. ..continued6. Tokens are visible7. Tokens are transferable8. Key can be extendedSource: IS6120 Data Security 32
  33. 33. Password Protection• Video explaining password protection:• Thanks for listening IS6120 Data Security 33