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ElectroCorr - Sargent Welch New Products Catalogue 2011


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ElectroCorr LED Conductivity Indicator with Flexible Leads

ElectroCorr's Conductivity Indicator is showcased in Sargent Welch's New Products Catalogue on page 23.

Published: 2011

Published in: Education
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ElectroCorr - Sargent Welch New Products Catalogue 2011

  1. 1. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:12 AM Page 1 1 Service, Savings, and 100% Satisfaction Whether you’re shopping for a class, a curriculum, a lab, a school, or a district, Sargent-Welch offers a solution in your size. For every area of scientific study, youll find value-priced prod- ucts, incredible ways to save, and simple shopping tools that make Sargent-Welch your single source for science supplies. Service We specialize in large orders. Receive customized volume purchase programs and custom proposals to complement your science department’s initiatives. Youll also get personal assistance from our dedicated local sales team. Savings Go online to save time and money. Our websites requisition builder, express ordering, and online purchasing make it easy and enjoyable to place an order. Plus, youll find an extensive clearance section with discounted products to help stretch your budget. 100% Satisfaction Are you unsatisfied with your current science supplier? Sargent-Welch can do better. In fact, we guarantee it! Shop our full product lines online at
  2. 2. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:12 AM Page 2 2 sargent-welch online Save and Share Online Visit our website for opportunities to save on science supplies and share your thoughts on our products with your peers. Deal of the Day Clearance Look for showcased savings Find rock-bottom prices on dozens on our homepage each day. of incredible products in our online These popular products are clearance section. Stretch your selected for a limited time only budget by purchasing reduced sale, so act quickly to save! price supplies. New products are updated regularly, so check back often to save. Rate and Review Tell us and your fellow teachers what you think about our products and how they work with our online Rate and Review feature. You can rate any item offered online. You can also read reviews from your peers to help you make informed buying decisions. Go online today.
  3. 3. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:12 AM Page 3 3 Get Personal Assistance and Attention from the Sargent-Welch Sales Team With more local representatives than any other science education supplier, Sargent-Welch offers personal service for every product, process, and project. How your Sargent-Welch sales representative can help: • Selecting lab and classroom supplies • Compiling a quotation • Conducting product demonstrations • Answering equipment inquiries • Planning new school construction • Starting science room renovations • Stretching your grant funding further with "Grant Match" • Resolving service issues Our sales team is always on call. Visit our website to find the representative in your area. Everything You Need For Science From Start To Finish!
  4. 4. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:12 AM Page 4 4 Lab Planning & Furniture Solutions Sargent-Welch Furniture Comprehensive Solutions and Personal Service From Start to Finish Whether you’re designing a new laboratory, outfitting a science room, or renovating a classroom—Sargent-Welch can help. With a focus on service, safety, and state of the art equipment, we simplify the process for you. Sargent-Welch Offers Services for Every Step of Your Project: • Local Furniture Specialists offer expert support • Free on-site consultation and initial drawings • Project coordination and management • Written proposal and estimates, including installation and final CAD drawing Request a FREE copy of the Sargent-Welch Furniture Solutions Catalog or Planning Guide for step-by-step instructions and guidelines for any construction project. You can order your cat- alogs online or by calling customer service. FREE Online Science Room Planner at Pre-planned Templates Budget Estimate Safety Assessment Design using your room Printable budget estimate Review the online safety dimensions or choose from shows pricing and assessment checklist nine pre-planned templates room design layout for compliance This simple, customized tool will save you time and effort. Try it online today for FREE.
  5. 5. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:12 AM Page 5 5 Labware Microscope Micro-Charge Station Charge any Ken-A-Vision cordless microscope while keeping them safe behind locked doors with this mobile charging cabinet. The peninsula-style cabinet holds 16 microscopes with additional space for slides and other materials. Microscopes will charge within eight hours and the LED meter will display when all scopes are fully charged. Cabinet features just one electrical connection on the cabi- net side. The 1 1⁄4" plastic laminate top doubles as a work surface. Note: Charges Ken-A-Vision cordless scopes only. Size: 48"W x 30"D x 41 1⁄ 2"H; weight: 311 lbs. WLG4741 Digital Hot Plates Analog Heat samples to desired temperature Hot Plates quickly and accurately with the micro- Deliver accurate and repeatable processor control regulating heating results with these reliable hot function. The digital units feature a plates offering numerous user- recall last temperature feature to friendly features. locate last set temperature even after Microprocessor control regu- unit has been turned off. Rear hous- lates the heating function, so samples are heated to temperature ing features a built in support rod holder with locking knob. Easy to read quickly and accurately. The rear housing features a built-in support LED display shows set-point temperature and provides repeatable and rod holder with locking knob. Made of a heat resistant polymer, accurate results every time. For lab safety, a caution hot top indicator fea- the housing is also resistant to corrosion and offers a spill resist- tures a warning symbol light that illuminates when the top plate reaches ant, low profile design. A caution hot top indicator features a 40°C and remains lit until unit cools down. Overshoot protection also auto- warning symbol light that illuminates when the top plate reaches matically shuts down unit if temperature exceeds set temperature by 10°C. 40°C and remains lit until unit cools down. Temperature Range: Ambient, +5°–500°C with ±3% temperature stability. CSA listed. Ambient, +5°–500°C with ±3% temperature stability. CSA listed. 4" x 4" WLS-1765-44 4" x 4" WLS-1765-41 7" x 7" WLS-1765-45 7" x 7" WLS-1765-42 10" x 10" WLS-1765-46 10" x 10" WLS-1765-43 Digital Hot Plate-Stirrer Analog Hot Ensure samples are heated to tem- Plate-Stirrers perature quickly and accurately while Microprocessor control regu- speed is precisely controlled. An lates the heating and spinning adjustment knob is labeled with rpm function, so samples are heat- markings for increased speed control. ed to temperature quickly and A recall last temperature feature also accurately while speed is pre- allows the user to recall the last set temperature even after the unit has cisely controlled. The rear housing features a built-in support rod been turned off. To further avoid splashing and control the spin bar, the holder with locking knob. Made of a heat resistant polymer, the units include a ramping feature, which slowly increases speed for housing is also resistant to corrosion and offers a spill resistant, improved safety and enhanced coupling. Additional features include a rear low profile design. The unit’s ramping feature slowly increases housing with a built-in support rod holder and locking knob, a caution hot speed for improved safety and enhanced coupling; this avoids top indicator, overshoot protection that automatically shuts down unit if set splashing, improves spin bar control, and provides excellent low temperature is exceeded by 10°C, and stir protection that automatically speed control. Additionally, stir protection automatically shuts shuts down heater if stirrer motor fails. Temperature Range: Ambient, down heater if stirrer motor fails and a caution hot top indicator +5°–500°C with ±3% temperature stability. Speed Range: 60–1600rpm features a warning symbol light that illuminates when the top plate with ±2% speed stability. CSA listed. reaches 40°C and remains lit until unit cools down. Temperature 4" x 4" WLS-1765-50 Range: Ambient, +5°–500°C with ±3% temperature stability. 7" x 7" WLS-1765-51 Speed Range: 60–1600rpm with ±2% speed stability. CSA listed. 10" x 10" WLS-1765-52 4" x 4" WLS-1765-47 7" x 7" WLS-1765-48 All units include a 92" detachable, three-wire cord, and 10" x 10" WLS-1765-49 a two year limited warranty on parts and labor.
  6. 6. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:12 AM Page 6 6 Labware Chemical Spill Tray One-piece, rotationally-molded polyolefin trays protect cabinets and shelving from acid spills. Corners are rounded for easy cleaning, and walls are 4.8mm ( 3⁄16") thick for rigidity.Trays are dishwasher safe and autoclavable. Available in three different sizes, all trays are 2“ deep. 14" x 14" WLS-1765-26 17" x 14" WLS-1765-28 30" x 18" WLS-1765-27 Science Lab Safety DVD Provide essential safety awareness in the laboratory with this engag- ing and enter- taining progra. It teaches students how to recognize hazards, prevent accidents, and cope with emer- gencies, includ- ing the proper way to extinguish a fire and conduct first aid for acid burns and electric shock. The DVD correlates to the National Science Education Standards developed by the National Academies of Science and Project 2061 Benchmarks for Science Literacy from the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Duration: 19 minutes. WL1765-21 Student Hot Plate For general laboratory heating of aqueous solutions, evapo- ration of aqueous solutions, acid/base micro-digestion, and sample drying, this hotplate provides reliable performance. The thermostatic temperature control offers excellent stabili- ty of the top plate temperature and sample. The hot plate reaches 260°C (500°F) in under five minutes. Maximum tem- perature: 371°C (700°F). 120V, 50/60Hz. 325 W. WLS-1774-49
  7. 7. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:12 AM Page 7 7 Labware Ohaus® YA Series Pocket Scale Put convenient, compact, and portable weighing capability right in the palm of your hand. These pocket sized scales deliver great performance in a stylish, yet functional design. With simple oper- ation, the units include a stainless steel weighing pan, high-con- trast LCD, unique hinged cover to protect the scale, and an ener- gy-saving auto shut-off feature. The rugged plastic scales weigh in g, oz, ct, gn, and dwt. Requires two AAA batteries, included. 100g x 0.01g WLS-1765-53 300g x 0.05g WLS-1765-54 500g x 0.1g WLS-1765-55 Ohaus® Newton Hooked Mass Set This set of nine stainless steel 10N x 0.1N masses come with a rack. WLS-1765-29 Ohaus® Newton Slotted Mass Set Set includes one each of the 5N and 0.5N masses, four each of the 1N mass, five each of the 0.1N mass and one slotted mass holder. All masses are made of stain- less steel and are also sold individually. WLS-1775-06 Individual Newton Slotted Masses, 0.5 N WLS-1775-07 Stainless Steel Cylinder Weight Set These stainless steel weight sets are Stainless Steel fitted in a sturdy styrene storage Fractional Weight Set block. The Set of 12 includes one Our set of fractional metric each of 1, 5, 20, 50, 200, and 500g weights includes a molded stor- weights plus two each of 2, 10, age box with hinged snap lid and stainless steel forceps. Set Slanted Mass Hanger 100g weights. The Set of 13 includes one each of 1, 5, 10, 50, Ensure slotted masses stay put with includes all the same weights as the Set of 12, plus one 1000g weight. 100, 500 mg weights, plus two this angled hanger. Designed for gen- each 2, 20, and 200 mg weights. eral lab use, the stainless steel hanger Set of 12 WLS-1775-02 is ideal for the classroom and lab. 50g. Set of 13 WLS-1775-03 WLS-1775-00 WLS-1775-25 500g WLS-1775-01 Everything You Need For Science From Start To Finish!
  8. 8. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:12 AM Page 8 8 Labware TI-Nspire Teacher Bundle with Software Create questions for tests, project lessons, or work along with students using this TI-Nspire calculatorand single licence computer software for educators. The Teacher Edition software projects a large split-screen in handheld view, making it easy to see graphs and multiple representations of a problem. The software allows the unit to be integrated withwhite boards and digital projec- tors using DLP technology from TI. Screen captures can also be easily copied into document software, such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, for developing tests and quizzes. WLS-1802-32 Secador 1.0 Desiccator Cabinet Graphing The cabinet has a Calculator single perforated Storage Caddy shelf under which Streamline the organization desiccant car- of your math and science tridges may be equipment. Specially placed. Door is designed inserts hold up to 20 graphing calculators in these convenient hinged on the left storage caddies. Each insert is numbered so that students can find the with the latch on the calculator with the corresponding number you assign to them for simple right. The reusable cartridge, available separately, tracking and student accountability. effectively absorbs moisture through perforations in its aluminum case. Can be regenerated in a 150°C/300°F WLS-1765-21 oven in about three hours. A monitor window shows blue when recharged, pink when saturated. Overall size: Polypropylene 34.1 x 21.3 x 41.3 cm. Beakers with Cabinet WLS-1761-90 Handles Replacement Cartridge WLS-1802-15 These inexpensive pitch- er-style beakers are chem- ical resistant and have permanent graduations in Foam-Tipped Lab liters and milliliters. Made of autoclavable polypropylene. Cleaning Brushes 1 L / 1000 mL WLS-4660-04 Protect your labware from 2 L / 2000 mL WLS-4660-03 damage when cleaning 3 L / 3000 mL WLS-1805-79 with these foam-tipped brushes that won’t scratch Wall Mount glass or plastic. Ideal for Drying Rack wide mouthed bottles, Safely dry and store frequently used cylinders, flasks, and glassware with this sturdy, single-sided more, these dishwasher drying rack. Its high capacity and move- safe brushes make clean- able pegs allows it to hold various sizes ing in the lab much easier. and shapes of glassware, including frag- The three brush set ile items. The dip tray also features includes brushes for long molded-in scalloped wells for holding flasks, beakers, and cylin- long, thin labware such as burettes, ders along with a mounting block for use inside a pipettes. Wall-mounted to save valuable cabinet or on the wall. Each ergonomically bench space, the rack’s mounting points designed brush features wide handles that make fit standard pegboards. Hardware is not for easy rotating of brush. included. Size: 16"L x 7 1⁄2"W x 16 1⁄4"H. WLS-1765-59 WLS-1753-57
  9. 9. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:13 AM Page 9 9 Labware Waterbaths Performance and reliability combine with superior temperature control at a very economical price with these analog and digital waterbaths. The ver- satile baths maintain temperatures from ambient +5°C to 100°C with ±0.25°C uniformity and preci- sion. Suitable for a wide variety of lab applica- tions, the waterbaths accommodate glassware of Analog varying heights for easy loading and removal of Benchtop Autoclaves Waterbath, 2L samples. A safety setting guards against thermal Steam sterilize all research tools and lab- runaway, automatically disconnecting heater Chamber capacity: 2L. power should bath temperature get too high or ware with these compact and convenient Chamber size: 5 3⁄4"L x 11 3⁄4"W x 2 1⁄ 2"H. the liquid level drop too low. Units come with a digital autoclaves that fit comfortably on Overall size: 9 1⁄ 2"L x 13 1⁄ 2"W x 8 1⁄ 8"H. see-through gabled polycarbonate cover and - even the most crowded benchtop. WLS-1765-22 20° to 150°C alcohol thermometer. Despite the space-saving exterior dimen- sions, the stainless steel sterilization chambers are surprisingly large, accom- modating a variety of liquids, media, instruments, glassware, plasticware and other common laboratory items. Both models include a mechanical and electri- cal safety interlock that prevents the door from being opened until the pressure has reached zero PSI. With large digital dis- plays and fully automatic operation, all segments of the sterilization cycle (fill, sterilize, exhaust and dry) commence and run to completion by simply pressing Analog the start button. Waterbath, 5L Chamber capacity: 5L. Digital 8L Autoclave Chamber size: 6"L x 11 3⁄ 4"W x 6"H. Waterbath, 2L The 8L Autoclave Mini is preprogrammed to Overall size: 9 1⁄ 2"L x 13 1⁄ 2"W x 8 1⁄ 8"H. Chamber capacity: 2L. meet basic sterilization needs. Although the Weight: 15 lbs. Chamber size: 5 3⁄4"L x 11 3⁄4"W x 2 1⁄ 2"H. temperature can be selected at either 121°C or Overall size: 9 1⁄ 2"L x 13 1⁄ 2"W x 8 1⁄ 8"H. 134°C, the sterilization time is fixed. Two trays WLS-1765-23 Weight: 12 lbs. are supplied along with a convenient tray WLS-1765-25 removal tool. 120/230 VAC; 50-60Hz; 950W. Chamber size: 6 3⁄ 4"L x 12 1⁄ 2"W Tray size: 4 3⁄ 4"L x 9 3⁄ 4"W Exterior Dimensions: 20 1⁄ 2"L x 13 1⁄ 2"W x 13"H. Digital Weight: 74 lbs. Waterbath, 5L WLS-1765-39 Chamber capacity: 5L. Chamber size: 6"L x 11 3⁄ 4"W x 6"H. 16L Autoclave Overall size: 9 1⁄ 2"L x 13 1⁄ 2"W x 8 1⁄ 8"H. The 16L Autoclave offers three cycle options Weight: 15 lbs. (standard programs),which are preset for the WLS-1765-24 sterilization of liquids, wrapped Instruments or unwrapped instruments/plasticware. A fourth option of dry only is also available for additional drying time to be added to the end of a cyde. For special applications, requiring variations In cycle parameters, all settings on the BloClave Mini ProBath Small Waterbath 16 are fully adjustable. Three trays are supplied A fraction of the cost of other water baths, this compact along with a convenient tray removal model is just as versatile as larger units. Ideal for warming tool.120/230VAC; 50-60Hz; 1600W. agar, the water bath can also be used to create a steam Chamber size: 9"L x 13 3⁄ 4"W bath, keep media warm, or multiple other general purpose Tray size: 6 1⁄ 2"L x 10 3⁄ 4"W laboratory applications. Comes equipped with a heating Exterior Dimensions: 22"L x 17 1⁄ 2"W x 15 3⁄ 4"H. indicator light, temperature regulator control knob, and trans- Weight: 89 lbs. parent polymer cover. Temperature range: ambient–100°C. Size: 8" dia. x 4 1⁄2"H. WLS-1765-40 WLS-1775-23
  10. 10. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:13 AM Page 10 10 Biotechnology Equipment TC-3000G Gradient Thermal Cycler Compact, yet full of superior gradient capabilities, this mini thermal cycler holds forty-eight 0.2mL PCR tubes. The unit’s powerful software allows gradient to be set up during any temperature step of your experi- ment, at a gradient of up to 15° between 20 and 80°. Unit features a four line display, alphanumeric keys, and a memory to store up to 80 pro- grams. Includes a four year 80,000 cycle warranty. Ramp rate: 3.3 c/sec. Temperature range: 4°–99°C. WLB1753-59 Variable Speed Bench BlotBoy™ Rocker 3D The two- Platform dimensional, see- Rocker saw motion of this Safe for use in variable speed rock- cold rooms er is ideal for a variety and incuba- of mixing parameters tors from required in the laboratory. 4–65°, this platform Designed to provide the rocker provides the perfect widest range of speeds and tilt 3D motion for all blot related angles to cover all molecular and biological mixing applications, the applications, gel staining, unit features adjustable speed control and adjustable platform tilt and destaining. Its angle. The user can set both parameters to match the vessel size speed and ±8° tilt angle and volume of liquid being mixed, yielding optimum results. Rocker have been optimally set is suitable for work in cold rooms at temperatures down to 4°C at 12rpm for gentle yet and in incubators up to 65°C. Speed range: 2–30 rpm. Platform tilt thorough mixing in gel angle: 0–30 degrees. Load capacity: 2.0 kg/4.4lb. Platform size: trays, boxes, and other flat 14" x 12". 115 VAC. Includes a two year warranty. A stacking plat- vessels. Includes auto- form is available seperately. This platform includes four corner clavable flat mat, 12" x 12" posts, hardware, platform, and flat mat. When attached to the platform, and two year Bench Rocker it expands the usable worksurface by 80%. warranty. Rocker can sup- Bench Rocker WLB1807-45 port up to 4.4 lbs. 115 Stacking Platform WLB1807-46 VAC. CSA compliant. Size: 12"W x 12"D x 8 1⁄2"H; weight: 12kg. Platform Rocker WLB1763-89 Stacking Platform WLB1807-47 Signature Variable Volume Micropipets Designed for precision, these lightwieght pipettors are ergonom- Variable Volume Economy ically shaped for a comfortable Micropipets grip in any size hand. The volume High performance pipets feature built-in tip ejector, setting is continuously adjustable click stop digital system, easy calibration and mainte- using the recessed thumbwheel nance, autoclavable tipcone assembly. Easy to disas- or dispenser button, for simple, semble for servicing and autoclaving. The 100–1000 µl yet exacting operation. Each is micropipet uses 1,000µl tips. All other micropipets use fully autoclavable and universally standard 200µl tips. compatible with all pipettor tips. Range: 0.5–10 µl WLS-69501-A 0.5–10 µl WLS-1763-42 Range: 5–50 µl WLS-69501-C 2.0–20 µl WLS-1763-43 Range: 10–100 µl WLS-69501-D 10–100 µl WLS-1807-51 Range: 20–200 µl WLS-69501-F 20–200 µl WLS-1763-44 Range: 100–1000 µl WLS-69501-G 100–1000 µl WLS-1763-45
  11. 11. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:13 AM Page 11 11 Biotechnology Accessories & Supplies PCR Rack with Lid This sturdy plastic rack features a 96 x 0.2 ml well format with an 8 x 12 grid, labeled for easy identification and record keeping. A lid securely locks tubes includes to prevent accidental spilling. Rack can be frozen to -20°C. Designed for use with most 0.2 ml strip tubes. WLB1807-50 Blue Ice Pan, 1L CoolCube The perfect size for small group or indi- Combo Microtube vidual use, this ice pan keeps your sam- Cooler and PCR Workstation ples and reagents safe for hours. Just Designed to store temperature sensative samples add ice and the unit is ready for use. safely on the lab bench, this station maintains a Durable and rigid polyeurathane foam temperature of 0°C or less for up to four hours. construction makes the pan nearly Simply place the workstation in the freezer unbreakable. Its excellent insulating prop- overnight. One 6 x 6 grid side can be used for 1.5 erties are suitable for use with both dry or 2.0 ml microtubes; the other side can be used ice and water ice salt soutions. Resistant as a PCR workstation for up to 96 0.2 ml PCR to temperatures : -20 to 70[degree]C. tubes and 10 microtubes. WLB1807-49 WLB1807-44 Ice Bucket with Lid, 4L Durable and rigid construction makes this bucket unbreakable during normal lab use. Made of polyurethane foam, it has excellent insulating properties, and is suitable for use with both dry ice and wet ice salt solution. The large 4L size makes the bucket ideal for classroom use or large bottles of chemicals/reagents that must be kept cold. A flat locking lid also allows for convenient stacking and stor- age. Resistant to temperatures from - 20°C to 70°C. WLB1807-48 Nunc Maxisorp Microplates Gel Loading Not your typical microplate, these one-piece 96-well Micropipet Tips microwell plates are made from a highly controlled Ideal for for loading PAGE gels, these clear and characterized resin. The MaxiSorp surface is a polypropylene tips include long, thin capillary hydrophilic/hydrophobic mix that binds to a wide sections. The 1–200 µl capasity tips fit most variety of biomolecules, making it a great choice to brands of micropipets. Tips are autoclavalbe bind most anitgens or primary antibodies during and certified RNase-, DNase-, and endotox- ELISA. Includes 50 plates. Microplates are quality in-free. Package of of 576 tips are supplied in tested for lab 14a in Biotechnology: Science for the six hinged top racks that hold 96 tips each. New Millennium curriculum. WLB37001-154 WLB62402-933 Everything You Need For Science From Start To Finish!
  12. 12. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:13 AM Page 12 12 Biotechnology Biotechnology: Science for the New Millennium The standard for high school and collegiate biotechnology lab-based programs. pAmylase Genetic This pAmylase was created by inserting the amylase gene into pUC 18 plasmid vector. The pUC vector also contains the Ampicillin resistance Technology gene (AmpR), yielding two selection criteria for bacteria transformed with Grade Agarose this plasmid — amylase production and ampicillin resistance. The pamy- Appropriate for most DNA lase at 0.2 ug/ul concentration is used as a known sample, or standard electrophoresis procedures, for DNA electrophoresis in labs 8b, 8f, and 8g from Biotechnology: this agarose powder is spe- Science for the New Millennium curriculum. The molecular weight is cially prepared to allow 6700 bp with a single site for Hind III digestion and three sites for Bam recovery of active DNA after HI. The pAmylase at 0.005 ug/ul concentration is used in lab 8c from separation, with minimal inhi- Biotechnology: Science for the New Millennium curriculum to transform JM109 bacteria. bition of restriction and liga- The transformed bacteria are later used to demonstrate scale up prodcution of transformed tion enzymesthan. Dissolge bacteria, and miniprep techniques using lysozyme digestion and alkaline cell lysis. to desired concentration is 1X running buffer. WLB5447081 High gel strength for separating nucleic acid frag- ments greater than 1Kb, melting point 36°C. WLB5447082 WLBIC800668 Promega DNA These high quality DNA Markers were created by digesting specified DNA to completion with one or more restriction enzymes, complete with heat inactivation. The recommended loading for each is 1µl per lane. 40X TAE Used in DNA electrophoresis labs. Note: Perishable. Store frozen. Electrophoresis Shipped next day air on ice. A ship date is required. Buffer Lambda DNA The most commonly used Lambda DNA c1857 Sam7is isolated from infected e.coli strain buffer for agarose elec- W3350 and typically used as a molecular weight marker during trophoresis, this Tris-acetate- DNA electrophoresis. Will yield typical patterns when cut with restriction enzymes. EDTA is certified free of Uncut size is 48.5 kb. Note: Storage at -20°C required, ship date required. Dnase, Rnase, and protease Available to U.S. customers only. activity. Dilute 1 part in 39 WLBPAZD1501 parts deionized water. Store at room temperature. Available Lambda DNA cut with HIND III to U.S. customers only. This high quality DNA marker is created by digesting Lambda DNA to completion WLBPAV4281 with Hind III restriction enzyme, complete with heat inactivation. Great for use as a molecular weight marker during DNAelectrophoresis, it is supplied with 1ml Blue/Orange 6X loading dye. Recommended loading is 1 «M,50[mu lower case]»l per well. Note: Storage at -20°C required, ship date required. Available to U.S. Chymosin, customer only. Recombinant WLBPAZG1711 Rennin A 100% natural chymosin Promega Restriction Enzymes from natural fermentation, One unit of this Restriction Enzyme will digest 1µg of DNA in chymosin is a coagulant 60 minutes in 50mL r x n volume. Each comes in a recycla- often used for cheese- ble packaging that holds the enzyme, buffers, and a lot-spe- making. Activity: cific product information sheet that contains details of the rig- Minimum 600 orous quality control assays performed, product storage and International Milk Clotting usage information, protocols, and references. Used in DNA Units/ml (IMCU/ml). pH: Chapter 8 labs of Biotechnology: Science for the New 5.60 to 5.95. Refrigeration Millennium curriculum. Note: All restriction enzymes is required. Minimum shelf life = 12 months. require storage at -20°C. A ship date is required. Used in Lab 1C of Biotechnology: Science HIND III WLBPAR6041 for the New Millennium curriculum. Note: ECO RI WLBPAR6011 Perishable. Delivery date required. Bam HI WLBPAR6021 WLB1030
  13. 13. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:13 AM Page 13 13 Forensic Science Lab Activities You Be the Detective: Unsolved Mysteries CD Put students in the shoes of today’s foren- sic scientists as they use evidence and clues to solve elusive scenarios. From the creators of the Dealing with Murder series, this new set of cases to crack leads students through many essen- tial forensics lessons Forensic Chemistry: Fabric and and skills. From fin- Fiber Analysis Activity gerprint analysis to Discover how fibers and fabric evidence are used to solve message decoding and analyzing DNA patterns from electrophoresis gels, many crimes and cases. Characterize unknown and standard these multidisciplinary activities aid in development of critical thinking skills and fabrics and fibers based on their reactivity to extreme heat, the scientific method. Four separate cases are included — Curse of the strain, solubility, and microscopic characteristics. Using a vari- Mummy, DeathBoat, Slime 9, and Alien Invasion. ety of chemicals and fiber analysis techniques, students will determine what evidence is most important. Includes materi- WLS-1765-65 als for six setups. A microscope is required, but not included. WLS-1765-68 Dealing With Murder: Dead Robbery At and Breakfast Anytown Lab Activity Mall Lab Clues continue to Activity unfold as students Use six different become critical readers types of trace evi- in this engaging lab dence to solve the activity. Beginning with crime in this an evaluation of crime scene sketches, students will analyze lab hands-on CSI-like reports, phone messages, and interviews using methods such as activity. Using the scientific method steps of observation, experimenta- highlighting, tagging, and note-taking. Extracting key information, tion, and interpretation, students will analyze hair, fiber, fabric, blood, fin- hypotheses are soon formulated about the identity of the murderer. gerprints, and handwriting. This evidence coupled with included personal As additional information is uncovered students will reformulate their profiles enables students to crack the case. Includes materials for six stu- initial hypotheses. Eventually students are able to recreate the night dent groups. in question and determine which suspect should be charged with WLS-1765-69 murder. Includes a reference poster with clues and a CD-ROM con- taining all required print material. Blood Spatter WLS-1765-66 Detectives Lab Dealing With Activity Complete over six different Murder: Fatal experiments in this in-depth Error Lab activity kit. It includes use of Activity a build it yourself spatter Richard Webster and his chamber for worry free, crack staff of software aggressive casting tech- developers have locked niques. This process also themselves in a think teaches students the 16 tank until their ground- general rules of blood spatter interpretation and investigative technology breaking computer program “Rosebud” is complete. When the doors terms. Experiments include Distance Effect on Blood Spatter, Identifying finally open Webster’s dead body is discovered, apparently strangled Distance and angle of travel with Blood Spatter, and Investigating Blood by a mouse cord, and his prized program is erased. Can your stu- Spatter with Luminol. A focus on student test knowledge and cross-cur- dents solve this fatal error? Activity includes a laminated reference ricular use of science and writing skills are also applied to creating a crime poster with clues and a CD-ROM containing all required print material. scene scenario. Includes materials for 12 setups. WLS-1765-67 WLS-1765-70 Everything You Need For Science From Start To Finish!
  14. 14. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:13 AM Page 14 14 Vernier Probeware Vernier Gas Chromatograph Safely conduct separating, analyzing, and identifying of substances contained in a volatile liquid or gaseous sample with this innovative miniature chromatograph. This compact unit features all of the key components of a traditional gas chromatograph, including an injection port, temperature and pressure controls, a thin capillary column through which different substances pass at different rates depending on various chemical and physical properties, and a sensor for detecting the arrival of compounds. A new patent- ed MEMS chip sensor is also included to allow for room air to be used as a carrier gas. This advanced MEMS chip technology allows an internal pump to push room air through as the carri- er gas for seamless measurements. You can also connec other carrier gases to the unit. Designed for simpleoperation, the chromatograph is easy to work with and ideal for student use. Simply connect the device to the Vernier LabQuest or your own computer for real-time data acquisition. Using either Vernier Logger Pro for computers or Vernier’s LabQuest, you can execute precise experimentation, because of the built-in integration analysis and retention-time determination software. WLS-1807-75 Vernier Vernier LabQuest SpectroVis A rugged new interface designed to be powerful, Fully functional yet incredibly simple, use the versatile Vernier and affordable, LabQuest as a computer interface, a stand alone this visual device, or for data collection in the field. A vivid, array spec- color touch screen makes for easy navigation trometer is and data acquisition. Four push buttons offer capable of measur- quick function access, while an onscreen key- ing 100 wavelengths over a board offers the ability to take notes during range of 400nm to 725nm. Use experiments. Six channels for data collection the unit in your labs to measure include a built-in air temperature sensor, micro- absorbance spectrum of a liquid, conduct Beer’s phone, and sound sensor, plus USB standard law investigations, complete kinetic studies of absorbance and USB mini-AB ports. The device works vs. time, perform equilibrium studies of absorbance vs. with existing Vernier sensors and collects data time and/or absorbance vs. concentration, and more. The samples at a rate of 100k per second. Splash- unit is easy to use and features one-step calibration. proof rubber molding provides durability for use in Conveniently sized, this compact unit is entirely portable, the field and lab. The LabQuest also includes 50 embedded making experimentation accessible in many labs. experiments and a periodic table. Features LED backlight, 320 x 240 pixel Powered by your computer or LabQuest, no additional display, 40 MB data storage with expandable memory through SD/MMC power source is needed to use the SpectroVis. It connects card. Includes DC adapter and rechargeable battery. Size: 6 1⁄ 2" x 4" x 1 5⁄ 8". directly via USB port. The software Logger Pro 3.6 or newer or LabQuest App on LabQuest are required, and WLS-1764-01 sold separately. Size: 15 x 9 x 4cm. Compatible cuvettes with 20 lids are available separately. Charging Station for Vernier Spectrovis WLS-1807-71 Vernier LabQuest 3.5 ml Cuvettes pkg/100 WLS-1807-72 Save set up time and storage space with this charging station. The multi-bay unit holds four LabQuests. Charging indicators let you know when your units are charging and when charging is complete, so you can being data collection. The compact design uses space on your lab bench efficiently. WLS-1807-74 GPS Sensor for Labquest Whether you are traversing a mountain landscape or Optical Fiber orienteering outside ths school building, this sensor allows you to collect location data, Accessory such as latitude, longitude, and altitude right on your LabQuest or computer. Though for the sensor is as small as your thumb, it is packed with capabilities. With the GPS Sensor, LabQuest can record your location as you measure water quality at various Spectravis sites along a stream, then map the data via Logger Pro. Physics students can use a Turn your SpectroVis LabQuest and GPS Sensor to track location vs. sensor data, such as acceleration in a spectrophotometer into an car or train; then Logger Pro can export a color-coded track for display on a map. See emissions spectrometer using a real-time graph of latitude vs. longitude, or export the data to various mapping pro- this SpectroVis Optical Fiber insert. grams, such as Google Maps or ArcGIS. The sensor connects directly to the USB Simply place the unit into the cuvette holder and port and works with LabQuest App and Logger Pro software. point the 1m optical fiber at a light source. WLS-1807-70 WLS-1807-73 Note: Vernier products not available in Canada.
  15. 15. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:13 AM Page 15 15 Vernier Probeware Vernier Photogate Use this versatile unit both as a traditional photogate for objects passing between the gate arms and as a laser gate for objects passing outside of the gate. Its gate features an input port, so multi- ple gates can be con- nected in a daisy-chain configuration with up to four gates going to a single interface channel. The Vernier Photogate also sup- ports auto-ID with compatible software. Use the unit to study free fall, air track collisions, pendulum periods, the speed of a rolling object, and much more. The Vernier Optics Expansion Kit Vernier Photogate includes an accessory rod for mounting to a common ring Add on to your Vernier Dynamics System with this kit that stand. The laser gate mode requires the addition of a common pen laser, which allows you to conduct optics experiments such as image for- is directed into the laser port. Using this laser, you can measure the speed of mation with lenses and light intensity vs. distance. You can larger objects such as a rocket, model car, or even a real automobile. even use the kit to build a basic telescope. The Optics WLS-1751-62 Expansion Kit includes three lens holders with bases (100mm, 200mm, -150mm); screen, holder, and base; combi- nation luminous and point light source; light sensor holder; aperture screen; and power supply. WLS-1807-76 Motion Detector Study the motion of a person walking, a ball in free fall, a cart on a ramp, and much more. Using ultrasound to meas- ure distance, the motion detector emits pulses, which are reflected from a target, and then detected by the device. The time it takes for the reflected pulses to return is then used to calculate position, velocity, and acceleration. The detector can measure objects within a range of 15 cm to 6 m. The short minimum target distance allows objects to be closer to the detector and reduces stray reflections. A spe- cial track mode also tailors the sensitivity for dynamics carts on tracks for lower noise and higher quality data. The device attaches easily to the Vernier Dynamics track and has a piv- oting head and rubber feet for ease of use when used with- out the track. WLS-1751-61 Vernier Dynamics System Proven the best value for the physics classroom, the Vernier Dynamics System is a slick combination of track and optics Wireless Dynamics Sensor System bench. The carts are extremely Using Bluetooth® wireless technology, this sensor communicates with your com- low friction, because of the puter without the need for messy wires that once limited the locations in which you sealed bearings and the low friction black anodized track. could set up carts and dynamics systems. The wireless sensor combines a three Machined wheels are truly round, unlike molded wheels, for axis accelerometer, altimeter, and force sensor into one, so you can measure force, smoother motions and more accurate results. Equipped acceleration, and altitude all with one convenient and versatile instrument. You can with a metric scale, the system also includes a collection of also use the sensor as a stand-alone datalogger for a wireless way to collect data stops, feet, and brackets to hold photogates and sensors. from other physics experiments. WLS-1755-75 WLS-1751-67 Note: Vernier products not available in Canada.
  16. 16. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:13 AM Page 16 16 Physics FUNdamentals of Physics An Entertaining and Efficient Hands-On System for Introducing Physics FUNdamentals of Physics Optics Track Designed for students in grades 7–12, this collection Offer your students a hands-on experience with geometric optics, of interactive products clearly demonstrates core demonstrating polarization, color mixing, and more. The unique physical science concepts in simplistic and design of this device uses supports that attach to the Fun Stand as a horizontal bar and create a student-friendly optical bench for fun hands-on activities. Each activity is many experiments. Includes four color filters; two polarizing lens- aligned with national standards and es; support brackets; light source; support stand; and two each of includes instructional guides for concave, convex lenses, and mirrors; all securely organized in a both teachers and students. sturdy storage container. Instructions for all activities are also sup- plied. Requires, the Fun Stand, available separately. FUNdamentals of Physics offers: WLS-1804-49 • Activities ranging from introductory demonstrations to inquiry based and quantitative experiments, so you can choose the appropriate skill level for your students • Experiments designed around the Fun Stand, a 1-meter tall support stand that adapts easily and quickly from one demonstration to another • Easy-to-use, portable Photogate System that attaches to all FUNdamentals apparatus for user-friendly set-up every time • Large sized apparatus ensures all students clearly see each classroom demonstration • Easy-to-read scales, printed directly on apparatus for simple and accurate measurements FUNdamentals of Physics: Reflection and Refraction FUNdamentals of Using a plane mirror in addition to a concave and convex mirror Physics Pile with different focal lengths, students encounter reflection through a series of hands-on activities. Students also investigate refrac- Driver/Resonance Tube tion of concave and convex lenses, a lucite block, and glass Uniquely constructed to act as a resonance block. The included prism is utilized to demonstrate separation of tube or pile driver, this simple device is com- light into its component colors. prised of an 80cm acrylic tube with a mounted metric scale on its side. Place a container of WLS-1804-50 play dough beneath the tube to demonstrate conservation of energy. When a mass is dropped from the top of the tube it drives a nail FUNdamentals of into container of play-dough at the bottom. Physics Springs Dropping the mass from different heights push- Three short springs with common es the nail in varying depths. Since the tube is spring constants allow students to clear, the FUNdamentals of Physics photogates investigate both series and parallel can also be used to accurately measure the springs. For an even larger demon- time of the mass through the tube at different stration, five long springs — three heights. Since the velocity at the top of the tube with common spring constants is zero, students can then use the idea of con- and two with higher and lower servation of energy to determine the kinetic spring constants — help students energy at the bottom of the tube and the explore the differences in springs amount of work done on the nail. When the nail of common length. An attached holder and play dough are removed from the meter, scale, and pointer make apparatus, it can be used as a resonance tube. Striking a tuning fork near recording data easy and fun. Kit the bottom of the tube and slowly lifting on the masses inside the tube will includes eight springs, triple spring yeild positions where the tone is louder. Students can use this to investi- holder, meter stick, pointer, multiple gate the wavelength of different tuning forks and to approximate the speed spring bracket, and instructions of sound. Kit includes two different sized dropping masses, 80 cm long with activites. Requires the Fun tube, mounting hardware, nail holder, two nails of different sizes, three tun- Stand and hooked masses, avail- ing forks, a container of play dough, and activity guide. Requires the Fun able separately. Stand and Photogate System, available separately. WLS1804-51 WLS1804-52
  17. 17. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:14 AM Page 17 17 Physics FUNdamentals of Physics FUNdamentals of Physics FUNdamentals of Physics Constant Electrical Circuits Motion Car Everything you need to investigate simple, series, and parallel cir- Using a strip of tape and cuits as well and Ohm’s law and resistivity are all included in this this dynamic FUN car, part of the FUNdamentals of Physics series. Instead of the mess your students will clearly of wires usually blocking the study of electrical circuits in tradition- visualize some key physi- al setups, this circuit board has 12 steel posts that are designed cal science concepts. As to accept four types of common circuit components: push button the car rolls over a strip of switch, light bulb, variable resistor, and connecting bar. Three tape, it pushes a marker built-in battery holders allow curcuits to be connected to a 1.5, down in regular timed 3.0 or 4.5 V battery. Kit includes 10 connecting bars, six light bulb intervals — this creates a pattern of dots that vary based on the speed of the bars, two push button switches, a variable resistor, three coils of car. If the car is freely rolling down an incline, the dots will gradually have a various sized wire, graphite rods, steel wool, connecting wires, larger distance between them, illustrating to the students the idea of acceler- and an activity guide. Batteries are required, but not included. ation. If you switch on the motor to one of the four preset speeds, students Size: 33 cm X 33 cm X 4 cm; weight: 5 lbs. are given a stunning demonstration of constant velocity, because no matter what constant speed it was traveling at, the dots are always equally spaced. WLS1804-53 The car’s wheels can also be switched to be freely rolling or driven by four different constants speeds. Requires, but does not include, four AA batteries, a marker, and adding machine tape. WLS1804-66 FUNdamentals of Physics Force Table Economical and convenient, this force table delivers the accuracy of a full unit, but can be stored in half the space. The table’s support rod is designed to attach to the Fun Stand base, which makes the FUNdamentals of Physics line modular and very easy to Rotational Motion set up and use. Table is Simple and fun to operate, this student-friendly apparatus con- marked with degrees and fea- sists of a 40cm wide disc, driven underneath by a motorized tures three hanging stainless wheel. The disc’s moveable pegs can be positoned a specific steel masses and instructions. distance from the center, and a support rod allows a photogate Requires the Fun Stand, avail- to be positoned, reading the frequency of the pegs when placed able separately. at different positions on the spinning disc. When the frequency of WLS-1805-53 the pegs are measured at different positions, but at a constant rotation, students will find the angular velocity to be consistent, while the linear velocities are very different. The drive motor can also be adjusted, so it can be positioned either near the center of the disk, causing a faster rotation; or near the edge, causing a slower rotation. Activity guide is included. Requires the Photogate System, available separately. WLS-1804-54 FUNdamentals of Physics products require the Fun Stand and/or Photogate System, available separately. Find full details online and on page 224.
  18. 18. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:14 AM Page 18 18 Loading Port Physics/Spectroscopy Electrodeless Spectrum Tube Viewing Window Power Supply Containing Spectrum Tube This innovative device far surpasses the safety, capability, and con- venience of any other spectrum power supply available for educa- tion. Most current power supplies dangerously expose students to Shell 5,000V. This device’s new, advanced design and features eliminate Containing student’s contact to the voltage source. This safety feature allows Gas Tube you to focus more attention on your students’learning experience instead of worrying about their safety. This revolutionary Safe Electrodeless Spectrum Power Supply with Encased Spectrum Tubes offers the utmost in: Safety • No exposure to voltage source possible • No electrodes are included in the bulbs • All spectrum tubes are encased inside durable plastic Capability • Use with spectroscopes or spectrometers • Bulbs will last an incredible 150 hours of burn time Convenience • Unit can remain on, does not need to be shut down frequently like other models • Storage for tubes included directly on the power supply for quick access • Adjustable height makes fine adjustments in demonstrations fast and easy Affordability • Tube life extended, because theres no exit hole in glass wall for gas leaks that cause lamp failure • Replacement parts rarely needed because smaller electrode wires extend life of unit Adjust height easily. Completely safe to use. Description Product # Spectrum Tube Spectrum Tube Power Supply WLS1804-34 Carousel Spectrum Tube Carousel WLS1805-40 A unique device for stor- ing and using your spec- Hydrogen Spectrum Tube WLS1804-35 trum tubes, this carousel Helium Spectrum Tube WLS1804-36 holds eight spectrum tubes and activates one Neon Spectrum Tube WLS1804-38 tube at a time when Carbon Dioxide Spectrum Tube WLS1804-39 connected to the on- board power supply. To view the other tubes, simply Air Spectrum Tube WLS1804-40 rotate the carousel so a different tube can be acti- Water Vapor Spectrum Tube WLS1804-41 vated. This allows for quick and easy holding and changing tubes for an experiment. Spectrum tubes Argon Spectrum Tube WLS1804-42 sold separately. Unit connects to a typical 120 V Nitrogen Spectrum Tube WLS1804-37 wall outlet. Size: 9" x 9" x 9"; weight: 5 lbs.
  19. 19. 1-32 SW New Products_INT 11/11/2009 10:14 AM Page 19 19 AC/DC 30V Physics/Electronics Power Supply Fiber Optic Holder This power sup- ply contains for Red Tide three voltages: This sturdy devices secures the fiber optic 0-30VDC @ 5A, cable during experimentation, making the 0-40VAC @ 5A, cable immovable and ensuring student safety. and 0-110VAC @ The 101mm long optical post can be secured to 2.5A. All three supplies are controlled by the voltage adjust a support stand, while the optical mount attached knob on the front panel. The unit also contains a volt and amp meter to the pole, holds the end of the fiber optic cable — the volt meter is used for both 30VDC and 40VAC output voltages; securely in place. the amp meter only registers the DC output current. The outputs are WLS-1807-41 fuse protected from overload or shorting. Size: 5 3⁄8"H x 7 3⁄4"W x 12"D ; weight 14 lbs. Technical Specifications: Input: 120VAC, 60Hz Output 3: 0-30VDC Solderless Phone Kit Output 1: 0-40VAC Output current: 5A Complete the construction of a push Output current: 5A Output current: 2.5A button electronic telephone. The sec- Output 2: 0-110VAC tionalized construction used in this kit, allows for simple building and testing. WLS-1804-94 The phone itself is equipped with pulse/tone dialing, automatic redial, a ringer turn off switch, four neon bulbs for visual indication of telephone ring- Low ing. Its transparent case reveals the total inner workings of the phone Frequency once constructed. A detailed, easy- Generator to-follow manualand wall-mounting Two potentiometers for cradle are included. frequency and amplitude are featured on this gener- WLS-1807-15 ator along with two dials for selection of frequency and waveform. Two outputs — the alternating signal and the TTL signal — are also included. Frequency range : 1HZ–2 kHz. Waveform: sine square and tri- angular. TTL output: controllable ±13 Volts when auxillary input of 15 Volts is used; 9 volts if batteries are used. The generator can use an external power supply or two 9V batteries you supply. WLS-1804-95 Four Output Power Supply This highly versatile supply comes with digital display for both current and voltages. K’NEX Education Engineering Marvels: Housed in high qual- Buildings, Structures, and Machines ity plastic case, the Support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and unit offers four out- history concepts with this building kit, focusing on real world applica- puts, with each of tions. Students can build nine different realistic models, eight of which the four outputs pro- can be built simultaneously - two at a time. The included 1,355 parts tected from overload build models of the Eiffel Tower, Seattle Space Needle, Flying and short circuit. Perfect for driving motors, digital and ana- Buttress System, Windmill, Crane, Big Ben, Arc de Triomphe, the CN log circuits, light sources, and more, the unit is switchable Tower, and the first iron bridge. Materials are provided for groups of six to eight students working in teams of three to four. A comprehensive, 120 Volt/60Hz and 220V/50Hz. CSA approved. interdisciplinary teacher’s guide includes student readers and career The outputs include : explorations. All materials come packaged in a strong storage case +5V DC, 3 Amp. +12V DC, 1 Amp with movable dividers and a transparent snap-on lid. 0–20V DC, 2Amp -12V DC, 1 Amp WLS-1807-16 WLS-1804-96 Everything You Need For Science From Start To Finish!