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JCornford Portfolio


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I sell words and ideas to fund my adventures on and off the bike.

To define things in the more traditional sense I am a sports journalist and marketer, handling roles such as Head of Media & PR and Olympic Test Event Media Manager, through to Copy Writer, Project Manager and Producer.

In my personal time I am a cyclist, no matter the wheel size, having raced downhill to a national level, my biggest achievement was qualifying for the 2012 BMX World Championships. In 2013 it's all change as I look to take on the challenge of triathlon.

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JCornford Portfolio

  1. 1. James CornfordAge: 30 (Date of Birth; 23.02.83)Email: james@jcornford.comPhone: 07791097150Web: www.jcornford.comTwitter: @jcornfordLinkedIn: sell words and ideas to fund my adventures on and off the bike.To define things in the more traditional sense, I am a sports journalist and marketerin both B2B and B2C sectors with experience at Olympic and World Championshiplevel, handling roles such as Brand Manager and Olympic Test Event MediaManager, through to Copy Writer, Project Manager and Producer.In my personal time I am a cyclist, no matter the wheel size, where I haveraced downhill to a national level, but my biggest achievement was qualifyingfor the 2012 BMX World Championships and finishing 17th. In 2013 its allchange as I look to take on the challenge of triathlon.
  2. 2. PR & Copy WritingMy pr and copywriting skills have featured in regional, national and international campaigns, with a wide variety of subject matters fromguttering and trunking, through to independant art movements and Olympic sports, across both B2B and B2C markets. I believe this variety hasadded depth to my work and allows me to jump into any industry and subject matter very quickly.• B2B & B2C• Catered to target audience and publications• Niche & mainstream• Digital & traditional media• Established network of contacts
  3. 3. Case StudyB2B AdvertisingTime costs money!Company: Marshall-TufflexAim: Promote and increase sales for key product lines.Explanation: Undertaking the tasks of brief creation, designconcept, copy writing and media buying, I produced a 6 advertmultinational advertising campaign aimed at mechanical & electri-cal contractors, architects and key specifiers/influencers.The main concept revolved around the ability for these productsto speed up instalation and thus reduce time/labour costs, themost expense element of a job!Result: Improved media buying resulted in lower advertisingspace costs.Highest response rate in the companies history based on thenumber of reader reply cards received.
  4. 4. Case StudyB2B Copy WritingHorses for Courses“Meating The Media” Head OnCompany: Don’t Believe The Hype (DBTH)Aim: The promotion of DBTH as a leading figurein Maraketing & PR within the Brighton area.Explanation: Promotion/education of marketingconcepts to the business community in Brighton,through features for the DBTH website, which willthen be pitched at industry and city publications.Result: The Brighton & Hove Chamber ofCommerce published the article on responsivemarketing and have requested the production ofregular content.
  5. 5. Case StudyB2C Copy WritingOur Best Tasting Jersey!Company: Tenn-OutdoorsAim: Increase sales by playing to the products strengths.Explanation: Formerly known as the Trail Jersey, this range of short and longsleeve jerseys had nothing to really make them stand out from the crowd, unlessyou looked really carefully!Rather than standard polyester, these jerseys were made from coffee, yes thesame stuff you have probably drunk too much of today! With that in mind I wentabout rebranding them to make the most out of their unique construction and thusthe Espresso Jersey was born.Result: This grabbed the attention ofthe magazines during product reviews andsaw sales triple within the first week! “Thanks to it’s magic bean material...... No word on whether it’ll magically transform your sweat into delicious espresso juice, but we can dream.” “Out of all the new kit vying for our attention at Eurobike, some less desirable than others, Tenn Outdoors made us really perk up.”
  6. 6. Sports JournalismWith my pen (well keyboard actually), I have worked in-house and on afreelance basis for some of the leading publications and websites in thecycling industry and for the Olympic sport of table tennis.The roles held at these various publications include:• Publisher• Editor• Features Writer• Editorial Columnist• Race Editor• Event Reporter• News Reporter• Product Tester
  7. 7. Case StudyB2B Sports JournalismThe Direct ApproachCompany: BikeBizAim: To highlight the growing trend for manufacturers to changetheir route to market, bypassing wholesale distributors and dealingdirectly with the retailers.Explanation: Combining my years of industry knowledge, I alsospoke to two key industry figures, an early adopter of the directapproach, Alex Coventry from Mavic, and Charles Russell fromRocky Mountain, who have used both models in different marketsaround the world and whose current UK operation was due to bechanged.Result:The article was published in the the main B2B cyclingindustry publication and was well recieved by the editorial team atBikeBiz and those within the Cycling industry."A well researched article on an emerging industry trend, topwork."Mark Sutton - Deputy Editor, Bikebiz
  8. 8. Case StudyB2C Sports JournalismThe Direct ApproachCompany: Englsih Table Tennis AssociationAim: To manage, source, edit and create all content for themonthly magazine of the NGB of the Olympic sport of table tennis.Explanation: Upon taking charge of Table Tennis News Iinstigated a face lift of the title to bring it up to date and inject amore features based bias.Regular coaching features, along with an editorial coloumn and lifestyle pieces were written and edited by myself, with regularcontributors in the form of Times Columnist Matthew Syed andJeremy Wilson of The Telegraph.Result: Increase in younger readership figures in line with theorganisations goals, plus a more valid membership benefit andimproved feedback from the readers and contributors.
  9. 9. EventsFrom project managing a companies exhibtion presence and visual representation, through to marketing and media management forinternational sports events, I have worked across a broad spectrum of events and handled many roles within them.• Brief Creation • Design Concept • Media Management• Event Reporting • PR • Supplier Selection/Buying• Event Literature • Publicity
  10. 10. Case StudyB2B ExhibtionSee Through Walls!Company: Marshall-TufflexAim: Display products at a tradeexhibition.Exhibtion: M&E Building ServicesEvent - Earls CourtExplanation: Many of thecompanies electrical productsperformed their tasks in newinnovative ways, but were oftenitems that could never be seen intheir working environments as theywere inside walls or under floors.This meant that most companieswould display a portfolio of items incabinets or wall mounted. I came upwith the concept of showing them insitu by cutting out sections of thewall and floor and replace them withperspex (allowing people to walkover them).Result: The complete cablemanagement range was displayedas it was intended to be used, thismade selling and demonstrating it alot easier for the sales force.The stand was flooded withcustomers and competitors!
  11. 11. Case StudyB2C EventOlympic Test EventCompany: English Table Tennis Assocition/LOCOGAim: Promote the sport of table tennis to the massesand gain media exposure.Explanation:Pre eventProject managing the promotions, website creation,media accreditation, publicity and pr.EventMedia Manager for the large press contingent madeup of 148 accredited journalists covering, print, web,radio, photography and TV from the UK and abroad..Running a team of staff producing in depth coverageacross all digital mediums, as well as LOCOG staffacting as mixed zone and photography managers.Result: Large ticket take up from the public andinternational coverage from a field of 148 accreditedjournalists, below is a smaple of where some of thecoverage appeared.• Guardian • BBC• CNN • Today• Sky Sports • Eurosport• The Metro • The Evening Standard• More Than The Games • Channel News Asia• Telegraph • The Score• Around The Rings • Sporting Life• Inside The Games
  12. 12. Digital MarketingOne term that covers so many project types!For today’s marketer it is very rare that digital marketing doesn’t play a big,if not the dominant role within a project, I have created, developed andmaintained a wide range of digital marketing plans and projects including:• Project managment• Web audits• Wordpress site creation/management• Website development• Video editing• Video story board creation• SEO• Email marketing• Content creation• Pay Per Click• Analysis
  13. 13. Case StudyB2B Digital MarketingViral MarketingCompany: Marshall-TufflexAim: To grow awareness of a new product/brand.Explanation: In a very saturated marketalternative avenues of promotion needed to beused to make an impact! I came up with theconcept of a vrial space invaders game to runalong side the similarly themed advertisingcampaign.After entering your high score there was theoption to challenge a friend and also to request abrochure, as well as having key information in thegames side bars.This was initially emailed to a targetted list ofarchitects and specifiers and then left to go viral!Result: The sales force noticed a significantincrease in brand awareness and perception ofthe company was evolving into one of beingmodern and forward thinking, having previouslyhad a reputation of being safe and reliable, but alittle stale!
  14. 14. Case StudyB2C Digital MarketingSelling a LifestyleCompany: Tenn-OutdoorsAim: Move away from promoting purely on aprice point.Explanation: If you want to grow brandloyalty, generate a feeling of empathy withyour customers and potential customers andcreate an aspirational brand, then you need tobe selling a lifestyle.The use of cold sales heavy imagery wasremoved and replaced with lifestyle imageryand phrases.Result: Public perception of the brandchanged, comments were no longer purelyprice driven, customers were responding as ifthey had found a secret gem of a company,rather than a cheap one off purchase.
  15. 15. Social MediaWhy be known by your customers when you can be “friends” with them?Being closer to your customers makes your customers closer to you!There are more social media platforms out there than there are acronymsin a marketers toolkit, but there are six main outlets that I have used togive the organisations I work for a public face and to bring them closer totheir target audience, as well as acting as valuable multimedia outlets.• Facebook• Twitter• Flickr• You Tube• LinkedIn• Pinterest
  16. 16. Case StudyB2B Social MediaLinkedInGroup: Sports CreativeAim: To create a network of creative professionalsworking in the sports industryExplanation: I have set up the members onlyLinkedIn group Sports Creative to act as a centrallocation for those working in creative jobs within thesports industry to share ideas, contacts and askadvice. From marketing and pr through to socialmedia and graphic design, this group serves them all,we all have areas of expertise and like wise we allhave questions, Sports Creative provides a place towork together and pool our knowledge.Result: This closed group with vetted membershipcurrently stands at over 290 members, whichincludes individuals from some very influentialcompanies/organisations from all around the world.Members include journalists, photographers, creativedirectors and marketing managers from companiessuch as:.• Red Bull • BBC• PUMA • Telegraph• Sky Sports • NBC• ESPN • FIFA• Adidas • Fox Sports
  17. 17. Case StudyB2C Social MediaFacebookCompany: English Table Tennis Association (ETTA)Aim: To work with Facebook and Sport England togrow particpants through social Media, rather thanthe traditional club structure.Explanation: The ETTA were 1 of 6 NationalGoverning Bodies (NGB’s) to be involved in apartnership with Sport England and Facebook to usethe social media platform to get more students toparticipate in sport through special “social events”.The other 5 sports used traditional game scenarioswith social media leagues, where as the ETTAembraced the social aspect, placing tables in studentunion bars and encouraging informal games andparty nights with dj’s and a few drinks.Result: The ETTA were able to get individuals thatordinarily wouldn’t think about playing to get involveddue to the informal and social nature of the project,where as the other sports only really attracted peoplethat would have played anyway!The target of 2,000 people playing and interactingwith the table tennis Sports Hub facebook apps andpage was achieved within 2 months.Facebook became a big part of the ETTA’s pr andnews delivery system, taking particular prominencefor event reporting. During the English Openimpressions reached 13,000 a day!
  18. 18. AdvertisingI have managed and created local, regional andinternational advertising campaigns in both B2Band B2C scenarios, for a variety of businesssectors.As with the majority of projects I undertake, Ihandle every aspect apart from the actual designwork, the roles that I have handled include:• Project management• Brief creation• Design concept• Media buying.• Analysis
  19. 19. Direct MarketingAllthough potentially seen as unfashionable in thedigital marketing age, I have found that within theright environment a traditional direct mail campaigncan still be a very effective approach and is one Ihave used to great results particulalrly within theB2B sector.• B2B & B2C• Catered to target audience• Brief Creation• Design Concept• Supplier sourcing/buying• Mailing list creation/sourcing
  20. 20. Case StudyB2B Direct MailGolf MailerCompany: Marshall-TufflexAim: Secure sales appointments using a targeted mailing list.Explanation: After purchasing a mailing list of key contacts that the saleforce wanted to secure meetings with, the job in hand was to entice thosecontacts via the method of targeted direct mails.Instead of a normal direct mail, I came up with the idea of a die cutincentivised mailing, themed around the companies product and golf, due tothe high popularity of the sport within the industry. All of those that returnedthe prepaid reply slip would receive some product literature and a set of(Marshall-Tufflex branded) golf balls and tees, these would then be handdelivered by the sales rep, thus gifting them an appointment.Result: A 22.5% reply rate based against the industry standard of 0.5-1.5%.
  21. 21. Recommendations“James has three important things working in his favour, he knows what hes talking about, the quality of his work is excellent, infact he deliveredwell beyond our expectation and hes a really easy guy to work with too! So he comes thoroughly recommended as far as we are concerned.”Nick York, Director, 2UpFront Design“James delivers creative copy with punch. He crafts words to great effect and has proved highly valuable in our press-centric campaigns.”Chris Garrett - Director, Abstraktion“Great writer and all those in depth interviews is what I love about James. Research, knowledge and passion are second to none. A great guywho always has a smile on his face...”Jonathan Beckett - Owner/Editor Descent-World“James is an exceptionally talented marketing and communications practitioner. He possesses the ability to think strategically and practically andcan deliver high quality work, independently or as part of a team. What impressed me most about the three years I worked with James was hisflexible approach and ability to learn and implement new skills. He continually strives to improve. James’ implementation of a clear and unifiedSocial Media Strategy enabled the ETTA to move into new markets, opening up a host of additional opportunities and revenue streams that werepreviously untapped. I highly recommend James.”Richard Pettit, National Communications Manager, English Table Tennis Association“Not only is James a really nice guy that you warm to immediately, but he is also a very strong PR and Marketing Comms professional. I haveseen the evidence of James work ethic and ability both up close and from afar and must admit to being a big fan of what I have seen. Creative,driven and passionate to deliver results I would recommend James wholeheartedly.” Mark Almond, Owner, Red Cloud Marketing & Communications“James is clearly passionate about his field, and developing a positive working relationship to create results. His insight into the ever adaptingmarketing opportunities to promote his brand is refreshing.”Philip Everett-Lyons, Senior Sales Executive, Future Publishing
  22. 22. Tel: 07791097150 Email: Twiiter: @jcornford077910 97150 @jcornford