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Job descriptions 4.0 - The new frontier


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A presentation on how to write job advertisements that deliver results. Focus on the WHY, connect with candidates, and use multimedia to 10x your recruitment advertising results.

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Job descriptions 4.0 - The new frontier

  1. 1. Connect great talent with jobs they love.
  2. 2. Job descriptions 4.0 – the new frontier.
  3. 3.• Founder of KarmaHire• Entrepreneur• Recruiting BGABOUT MOI
  4. 4. $9B
  5. 5. RECRUITING 2.0
  6. 6. RECRUITING 2.0• Social Referrals• Job Search Engines• SEO, SEM• Email + referral marketing• Cross-platform• Metrics Driven
  7. 7. Why it matters?
  8. 8. 4% Conversion RateINDUSTRYAVERAGE
  11. 11. PROBLEM w/ Job Posts• Current job postings drive away top talent• Conversion rates at < 4%!
  12. 12. Job postings are broken.
  13. 13. RECRUITING 2.0If we knew how badly our employer branding (the kind thatprospective job applicants see) was hurting us in the talentacquisition arena, we might spend more time and energywriting genuine, human job ads in plain English andrethinking the whole red-tape-laden hiring process.Until we do that, we can keep kvetching about how hard it isto find talent, but we can only delude ourselves for so long.Eventually, were going to have to look in the mirror and seethat weve created the talent shortages we complainabout, by driving the best candidates — the ones with themost options in the talent marketplace, that is — away with astick.
  14. 14. WHAT’S WORKING• Focus on attracting right fit• Showcase experience, culture and vibe.• Employer branding a priority
  15. 15. KEY ELEMENTS• Copy that doesn’t suck• Images, video, multi-media• Storytelling• Sharing
  16. 16. COPY THAT DOESN’T SUCK• Start with “why”• Put yourself in the high heels of who you want toattract• What do people look for in a job?
  17. 17. COPY THAT DOESN’T SUCK• What do people look for in a job?
  18. 18. • What do people look for in a job?• Great people to work with• Hard problems to solve• Start with WHYCOPY THAT DOESN’T SUCK
  19. 19. Some good ones.Reliability engineers make Stripe work. Whether it’sdeploying and maintaining server clusters, buildingtools to automate a deployment pipeline, or designingand implementing a new piece of our requestpipeline, reliability engineers make sure that Stripe is asfast and reliable as possible.This is a perfect position for someone who knows howto work fast and smart. You know where the rabbitholes are and you’re good about avoiding them earlyon. You know which details make all the difference, andwhich ones don’t make any difference. You know thedifference between spending time wisely and wastingtime.You’re so bright, people mistake you for the greek godApollo. You’re so multitasking, you’re reading this whilejuggling. You’re so self-motivated, your application ishalf-submitted and you haven’t even gotten to therequirements yet! You love detail, you crushdeadlines, you organize like a Trapper Keeper andswitch gears like Steve McQueen at Le Mans. Discretelike Bond, professional like Jobs, and the kind of humorthat means you understand why a job descriptionshould be fun to read.
  20. 20. The new frontier
  21. 21. Content is key• Tell your story• Share images, video and blog posts• Give an inside look into your company• Sell candidates on the opportunity
  22. 22. Key Metrics• Traffic/ Conversion rates• Social shares• Interviews• Hires…
  23. 23. Traffic?
  24. 24. Results• 3X Increased conversions• Decreased advertising cost• Increase referrals 100%• Higher caliber applicants• Intangibles (Brand awareness)
  25. 25. The Future• Content rules, brand conquers all• Mobile, cross-platform experience• Personalization• Big data. Catering ads to people.• Social “targeting”• Human
  26. 26.