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Gbd the south east by cause


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further information on prevention for Thames Valley

Published in: Healthcare
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Gbd the south east by cause

  1. 1. Figure 18: The top causes of morbidity in the South East – Global Burden of Disease Global burden of disease Thames Valley has an ageing population with population growth in the 65+ years age groups where more people can be expected to be living with long term conditions and multiple morbidities, making it important to understand the causes of disability in the population. The global burden of disease looks at disability adjusted life years (DALY), an indicator that measures the years of life lost prematurely and those lived in less than full health.
  2. 2. The figure below, also from the Global Burden of Disease study shows the DALYs accounted for by risk factors and the conditions that these relate to. The highest number of DALYs in men are accounted for by dietary risks but the second highest number of DALYs accounted for by tobacco use even though smoking rates are falling and lower in Thames Valley than nationally. In women, the highest number of DALYs are associated with obesity, with tobacco use remaining in third place, requiring sustained action. Figure 17: DALYs attributable to behavioural risk and disease area
  3. 3. Figure 16: DALYs attributable to behavioural risks, South East of England, both sexes The chart shows the conditions that contribute to living in less than full health in the South East, with the size of the box (area) proportional to the magnitude of the problem (proportion of all DALYs lost). Shading with darker colours within the box shows the proportion of those DALYs for the condition that could be prevented by modifying risk factors. While substantial proportions of Ischaemic Heart Disease, Stroke and Lung and Colorectal cancers are preventable all of alcohol and drug related conditions are preventable.
  4. 4. Risk factors for disease Exploring these risk factors within Thames Valley, there is variation across these with generally Slough and Reading having adverse levels of risk factors in their populations. These risk factors are important drivers of ill health and even where local areas compare favourably with England they contribute substantially to ill health, morbidity in the population, and service use within the NHS and social care locally. Figure 19: Selected risk factors by local authority
  5. 5. Figure 20: Indicators for smoking associated morbidity Risk factors for disease continued