Hamilton Bradshaw Careers Guide


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Hamilton Bradshaw Careers Guide

  1. A Career WithHAMILTON BRADSHAW Investing in People with Passion
  2. Investing in people Contents with passion. Hamilton Bradshaw Caritas / 25 Eden Brown / 27 Introduction / 3 EIC / 29 James Caan / 5 Synergy Group / 31 About the HB Group / 7 Resourcing Group / 33 HB Portfolio Industry Sectors / 8 Webrecruit / 35 Our People / 9 Exsurgo / 37 Training / 13 HB Retinue / 39 Career Structure / 14 En-Spiral / 41 Remuneration / 15 Some of our Clients / 16 Other Our Companies The Real Deal / 43 Get The Job You Really Want / 45 DRC Locums / 17 Corporate & Social Responsibility / 47 HB International / 19 Gemini / 21 Attenti / 231 2
  3. Introduction Hamilton Bradshaw (HB) is a leading The businesses joining our portfolio often specialist mid-market private equity firm, seek talented individuals to join their teams based in Mayfair, London. We invest and support their growth plans. Positions primarily in the human capital sector, with a range from Junior Consultants to Managing specific focus and specialism in recruitment Directors. businesses. Our investment strategy is to This book will provide you with more information identify opportunities for buyout and future about the Hamilton Bradshaw group, industry capital. sectors of our current portfolio companies, We provide companies with a combination training, career structure, clients and detailed of financial investment as well as commercial information on each of our companies. Explore expertise to facilitate growth and maximize the information contained here to determine shareholder value. where your skills might be best matched and please apply direct to the relevant company. We seek strong management teams of profitable businesses looking to accelerate growth by partnering with a strategic investor. Our investment management team comprise of highly experienced and professional entrepreneurial talent who are highly focused on adding value to our portfolio businesses. For more information: T: 020 7499 5151 www.hamiltonbradshaw.com3 4
  4. It’s your attitude not James Caan your aptitude James Caan is one of the UK’s most James is well known as a UK expert and that determines respected entrepreneurs and a global name in recruitment. Since 1985, he has founded two global recruitment firms that today spokesperson for the employment sector. He is a frequent commentator in the media, and is an active advisor to the government on new your altitude. have a combined turnover of over £1 billion policies for business. The recent launch of his – Alexander Mann and Hamilton Bradshaw book, ‘Get the Job You Really Want’, has Human Capital. James set up Private Equity reinforced his commitment to the employment firm Hamilton Bradshaw (HB) in 2004, to sector and it has been extremely well received specifically invest in recruitment businesses by both candidates and recruitment experts across all stages. The group now boasts a alike. portfolio of over 30 companies. James is a keen philanthropist, having donated James is passionate about investing in people and raised money for various causes over the not just businesses. He believes it’s important past 10 years. He established The JCF in to work closely with his portfolio management 2010, a charitable foundation which has raised teams to help develop and nurture support over half a million pounds for a variety projects staff at all levels and guide them through their in the UK and overseas. career paths. For more information: T: 020 7499 5151 www.hamiltonbradshaw.com5 6
  5. About the Hamilton Bradshaw HB Group Portfolio Industry Sectors Now one of the Top 50 global recruitment businesses, HB is experiencing exciting growth in the UK. DRC Locums Health Care Locum Doctors En-Spiral HB International Environment & Engineering Financial Services One of the Top 50 recruitment companies in the world. HB Retinue Gemini Over 800 staff employed in the group. RPO Digital Media & Marketing Turnover of more than £500 million. webrecruit attenti Currently 25 offices across the UK. Public Sector Executive Online Recruitment Search The group covers 28 market sectors. Over 250,000 candidates registered. Exsurgo Caritas FMCG Social Care Over 3,200 temps paid per week. Resourcing Group Eden Brown The Built Environment & The Built Environment, Social Public Sector Care & Public Sector Synergy EIC Social Care & Public Sector International Recruitment71 8 2
  6. Our People A selection of team members who work within our portfolio companies. Alastair Maynard Natashja van der Westhuizen Peter Milne Catherine Davis Associate Director Principal Consultant Financial Controller HR Director Being part of HB Group has Alastair has been part of Resourcing Group since March 2005 as part of the Public Sector Property Natashja started her recruitment career in 2004 in Peter Milne is Group Financial Controller for HB Catherine Davis has been Group HR Director for DRC Group and a member of the Board of HB the private sector. In her spare time she volunteered Human Capital. After qualifying as a Chartered enabled me to realise my own Services Division and has successfully established himself as a leading professional in his field. In for a charity and, on discovering an enthusiasm for the third sector, joined Eden Brown, a leading Accountant in New Zealand he came to the UK and worked for a number of high profile organisations Healthcare since January 2010. Prior to this she was HR Services Director for PULSE Healthcare Limited. potential as well as provide 2009 Alastair was promoted to Associate Director. Whilst building on his connections Alastair has specialist in third sector recruitment. She gained valuable industry experience which resulted in such as NatWest, RBS and Boots. During his time at Hamilton Bradshaw Human Capital Group, Catherine is a chartered member of the CIPD with a PG Dip HRM with over 11 years experience in the recruitment industry. Catherine feels that being part established long term strategic partnerships and a promotion in 2011 to Principal Recruitment Peter has guided his Finance team through a me with access to high quality is leading the way in innovative solutions for the Housing Market. He was the top fee earner for Consultant. Now with six years of third sector experience, Natashja’s expertise has been transformation into a Group Finance function. His team now operates as a shared service of HB has enabled her to realise her potential and gain invaluable experience at board level. She says, individuals that constantly “The benefits of being part of the HB portfolio are the group in 2010/2011 as well as assisting in recognised by clients and candidates, securing centre for the seven HB Human Capital Group of numerous; a strong brand presence for starters. As the growth of Resourcing Group’s brand within her excellent reputation within the industry. She companies and three external companies. Peter an HR practitioner I now have access to a team challenge and improve our the market. He says, “Being part of HB Group says, “The HB group really invests in its staff by says, “Working as part of the HB group I have of specialists within the HB portfolio to assist with has enabled me to realise my own potential as providing continual training opportunities. HB gained invaluable experience in the management problem solving, new initiatives and to share best well as provide me with access to high quality have really opened doors for Eden Brown in of a large team. It’s an exciting time for us as the business performance. practice ideas. More importantly, employees are individuals that constantly challenge and terms of clients and candidates but at the same group is growing rapidly and our processes are not limited to opportunities within their existing improve our business performance.” time respects Eden Brown’s vision and brand.” evolving and improving all the time.” company, there is scope for high performers to realise their potential in other HB companies too.”9 10
  7. Anna Jeffs Elliot Darcy Summer Rattigan David McLean Reid Recruitment Consultant Investment Manager Group Marketing Manager Chief Executive Officer Anna started her recruitment career in 2006 within the commercial sector, building up a strong Eliot Darcy joined Hamilton Bradshaw as an Investment Manager in June 2011. Previously Summer is the Group Marketing Manager for Hamilton Bradshaw Human Capital and delivers After reading economics in his native South Africa, David began his recruitment career with global Being part of HB allows you the flexibility to be extremely foundation of experience, as well as attaining her he qualified as a Chartered Accountant at integrated marketing to help drive revenue giant Hays in Australia before a transfer to the UK MREC qualification in 2008. Following this she Pricewaterhouse Coopers before joining a and growth for the group. She has gained allowed him to move swiftly into senior management moved into the social care market and quickly technology venture capital fund, where he played extensive experience from a number of leading at Shorterm Engineers, Resourcing Solutions and established herself as a leading professional in her field. After joining Caritas as a Consultant in an integral part in making new investments and supporting investee companies by sitting on global recruitment and professional services organisations, as well as high-end IT solutions Beresford Blake Thomas. In early 2008, David became the first joint venture partner with HBHC entrepreneurial, whilst providing the support of a larger, more Sept 2010, Anna built up a loyal book of working their boards. Eliot has experience in a number of providers. Her team implements all areas of when forming Lehman Ambrose, before moving on markets and sectors, and has been successful in to Eden Brown as Sales Director. Currently a non- candidates and a strong network of clients across marketing including branding and communications all parts of the investment lifecycle, from originating executive Director at Resourcing Group and CEO corporate environment. the UK. She has an in depth understanding of the strategies, PR, research, advertising, events and new investments to exiting portfolio companies at Eden Brown, David has been an integral part of market and the specialised requirements of clients fundraising for partner charities. She says, “I really with an impressive return on investments. He the rapid growth at HB Human Capital. He says, within this sector. enjoy the innovative culture of Hamilton Bradshaw. says, “Being a part of the HB group gives you “Being part of HB allows you the flexibility to be access to the very best people in the industry, and I feel it supports me in terms of cultivating highly extremely entrepreneurial, whilst providing the this combined excellence will help me, and the creative, proactive and standout marketers – who support of a larger, more corporate environment, Group, grow from strength to strength.” ultimately consult and guide our Group’s MD’s.” the combination of which provides an excellent platform for sustainable growth and is, in my experience, unique.”11 12
  8. We focus on giving our people The diversity and breadth of the an edge by providing them with group provides an unparalleled regular and practical training. opportunity for career progression. Training Career Structure Our companies pride themselves on being There are various career paths in your Our companies attract top talent at every level People who have strong industry sector investors of people. As a group, we believe journey at a Hamilton Bradshaw portfolio and are constantly looking for dynamic and knowledge with a proven track record of in attracting, developing and retaining top company and lots of opportunities for talented individuals who are driven to achieve performance, who are ambitious and who talent. Our people are our greatest asset career development. The career structure is success. The diversity and breadth of the demonstrate a hunger for career development, and we focus on giving our people an edge designed to guide you in the right direction group provides an unparalled opportunity for generally achieve success within our by providing them with regular and practical for you, at the right time. career progression. structure. training in order to enhance their careers and We use practical on the job training plus a Typically we hire people at the following levels: The group has achieved phenomenal growth to help them achieve their full potential. Our variety of external industry leading trainers to over the last 5 years despite the challenging training programs are designed to provide ensure that your skills are always best in class. Junior Consultant conditions within the market. This has only been key skills to help enhance performance on the The training covers sales, management and Consultant achieved through the passion and ambition job. Our people’s success is our success. leadership training, using audio, video and Senior Consultant of our people who have consistently pushed classroom based modules. Team Leader themselves to achieve greater success. Director Associate Director Managing Director Joint Venture Partner13 14
  9. Our peoples’ success is our success. Remuneration Hamilton Bradshaw companies offer attractive and market comparable salaries. We operate a meritocratic remuneration structure where performance is recognised. Typically most consultants will earn a generous basic salary with a commission structure and will be incentivised through bonus schemes. Our commission structures reflect our philosophy of awarding stellar performance with tangible financial reward. Some of our companies offer employee share schemes allowing for employees to participate in the success of the business they contribute value to. A number of our businesses consistently reward their people above and beyond financial incentives, for example, travel abroad, entertainment and days out and gifts such as iPads. The Hamilton Bradshaw portfolio of companies work with a huge range of major brands and blue chip companies, as well as the public sector.15 16
  10. DRC Locums is one of the UK’s One of the UK’s top leading healthcare staffing providers to the NHS. healthcare staff providers Working with the top public and private sector clients With over 10 years’ experience and a team with unrivalled market knowledge, DRC Locums is one DRC have been a member of the NHS National Framework Agreement for the supply of medical staff of the UK’s leading healthcare staffing providers to the NHS. Currently ranked in the top 3 medical since 2005 and during this period have established themselves as a top three supplier of medical locum staff suppliers in the country, they hold contractual relationships with the majority of NHS Trusts, thus staff to the NHS. They hold over 90 Service Level Agreements with the NHS Trusts and private sector allowing them to offer the very best job opportunities, whilst their unparalleled specialist recruitment clients throughout the UK. What’s more, their ability to supply within that framework means they are expertise means they also provide exceptional levels of service to their clients. one of only five suppliers that have been awarded a place on the NHS Scotland National Framework Agreement for the supply of medical locums. An ambitious vision and a cutting edge approach With growth comes career opportunity The DRC vision is to be recognised by staff, customers and candidates alike as the best and most knowledgeable provider of medical staffing solutions to both the public and private sectors. Importantly, As DRC continue to expand there will be openings in many areas of the business. Some resourcers go they also see their cutting edge approach to the development of the business and commitment to on to be Managers, whilst others decide that the Recruitment Consultant path is more suited to them. developing their people as the catalysts for attracting the best talent in the market. Compliance is another key area. As the paragraph largest Buying Solutions approved agency, DRC need to adhere to the highest standards. Accordingly they have a team of consultants and managers in A new breed of staffing solutions place to ensure 100% compliance. Plus, in an increasingly competitive market, they are keen to ensure they meet client expectations and explore new markets specialities. This means there will be openings The changing landscape for healthcare services in the UK and internationally presents an opportunity at all levels in business development. Last but not least, Recruitment Consultants - those joining DRC as for DRC to develop and deliver a new breed of staffing solutions. Accordingly, they have a 3-year plan Consultants’ can progress to Senior Consultant level then either to a Principal or Managing Consultant to enhance value for their customers through more effective procurement and supply processes and role, depending on whether they want to become a Manager or stay purely as a Recruiter. better use of technology. They also intend to broaden their service and expand geographically by both organic and, where appropriate, acquisitive growth. For more information: T: 01908 545 999 www.drclocums.com17 18
  11. HB International delivers a personalised service to an exclusive client base. The Financial Services sectors partner of choice A leading global executive search firm specialising Working with financial big hitters in the Financial Services sector, HB International Operating in areas such as Private Wealth delivers a personalised service to an exclusive client Management, Treasury & Transaction Banking, base. Their team are one of the few global search Commodities and Executive Office and emerging specialists and have access to unrivalled market markets, HB International’s client list includes names intelligence that they gather through their strong like Standard Chartered, Coutts, HSBC, Barclays, international network of contacts. That, combined Standard Bank, RBS Coutts, Petrochina, Oando, with a unique and highly successful methodology, Gazprom, McKinsey, JP Morgan and Goldman means that HB International are very much seen as Sachs. a partner of choice by each and every one of their clients. Training & Development is the backbone of their success Pre-eminence through service delivery HB International prides itself on being a true HB International’s vision is simple - to be the pre- meritocracy. The regular training and development eminent partner of choice globally for executive they provide for all levels of staff ensures each search across each of their areas of specialisation individual is well equipped to deliver the very best and to continue to provide the very best service to service. Indeed, it’s the dedication to their training their enviable and select group of clients globally. and development programme that enables them to nurture and develop raw talent, as well as attract Building businesses, creating wealth experienced Senior Consultants and Practice HB International’s ongoing strategy is to employ Heads. and enter into equity participation with leaders in their respective sectors and to help them build their business. They aim to do this by providing back office support, attraction of top talent, cross selling and training and development, therefore leading to mutual benefits in wealth creation. For more information: T: 020 7290 5560 www.hbinternational.co.uk19 20
  12. Specialists Gemini clients range from blue chip in creative, multinationals to SMEs, each committed advertising, to finding the best talent. digital and media The very best recruitment solutions Gemini Search is a specialist media and In an increasingly competitive world, Gemini Search fully appreciate that the effectiveness of any advertising focused recruitment business organisation depends entirely upon its people. With that in mind, their ongoing strategy will be to help made up of three specialist divisions – Digital, clients and candidates alike fulfil their potential by sourcing only the very best talent and providing the Advertising and Integrated. Each team provides very best career opportunities. In short, Gemini is all about outstanding service, genuine dedication and targeted and comprehensive recruitment recruitment solutions that are second to none. services for permanent, temporary, contract and freelance roles and source people at every Clients in some exciting fields level from graduate entry through to executives Gemini clients range from blue chip multinationals to SMEs, each committed to finding the best talent. on salaries in excess of £100k+ a year. The areas they operate in are too extensive to list but include: Advertising, Marketing, Sales Promotion, POS, Retail, Broadcast, Ambient, Digital, Experiential, Print, Press, Shopper Marketing, DM and Where passion and versatility abound Integrated. Gemini Search are a passionate and versatile team whose aim is simple - through continuous The opportunity to influence lives and help achieve goals growth and increasing market expertise, A career with Gemini Search offers the opportunity to deliver expert advice, influence peoples’ to become leaders in their field without working lives and help organisations realise their commercial goals. Gemini’s consultants also have the compromising their personable approach and independence to make decisions that have a direct impact on their business. They love who they are boutique feel. and how they do things and invest heavily in their people. Accordingly, all new staff are equipped to perform to the highest standards and develop their career. For more information: T: 020 3056 5515 www.gemini-search.co.uk21 22
  13. Totally focused on improving Attentive, and making a real difference trusted to organisations by helping them meet the business and challenges they are facing. talented A range of clients Bringing together the combined expertise of talented executive search, OD and attenti’s team has extensive experience of delivering at a senior level for a wide range of transformation, restructuring, assessment, and interim management professionals, organisations that include local authorities, housing associations and charities, as well as attenti provide their clients with a unique range of high quality, individually tailored healthcare and private sector employers. service. The attenti vision is to help organisations meet the unique and varied challenges that they are facing. An unforgettable experience awaits Made up of a talented team of experienced professionals, attenti have thought about every Focused on making a difference system, every process and every last detail to make sure their clients and candidates will Totally focused on improving and making a real difference to organisations by never forget the attention they receive when they experience attenti. The attenti values also helping them meet the business challenges they are facing, attenti’s values sum aim to grow and develop their employees into the most talented and successful professionals up the ethos of everything they do - attentive, trusted and talented. in their field. Delivering choice, quality and value Gone are the days of one-size fits all consultancy services. That’s why attenti’s ongoing aim is to deliver choice, quality and value to clients, candidates and senior teams alike. Whether that’s recruitment, assessment, re-organisation, restructuring, transformation or interim solutions, they will achieve this by delivering all or part of the solution, as clients require, by using their high level of expertise, listening to For more information: the clients needs and customizing their services to meet those needs. T: 020 7422 0620 www.attenti.co.uk23 24
  14. Aiming for the The ultimate goal for Caritas is to be the market-leading supplier of Qualified top in social care Social Workers in the UK. recruitment A diverse client base An established presence in their marketplace, the Caritas team has over 80 years combined Caritas work with a wide selection of statutory, private and voluntary organisations across the entire social experience in the Social Care recruitment arena. Regularly placing temporary, project-based and care spectrum. As well as supplying candidates to temporary, contract, project based and permanent permanent Social Care professionals throughout the UK, they work with an array of statutory, private vacancies, they also handle ad-hoc shift bookings, through to longer-term contracts and permanent and voluntary organisations. recruitment campaigns – each tailored as a bespoke offering to individual clients’ needs. Building on success to date Structured progression and great rewards Caritas are already renowned as an agency that focuses on developing quality relationships with Everyone at Caritas enjoys a competitive salary, commission structure, bonus scheme and benefits and candidates and clients alike. Their immediate aim is to maintain, build upon and further promote a clear progression path. They are also incentivised to contribute to the growth of the business through that positive reputation in the market. Through strengthening those relationships with clients and a generous staff equity scheme. 5% of Caritas’ share holdings are set aside to reward performance and candidates, as well as industry stakeholders, Caritas will continue to deliver the highest quality, holistic commitment from the team over the first three years, whilst promotion opportunities are based purely solution available, whilst their flexible approach will enable them to seek out new and innovative ways upon commitment. There are five levels of Consultants ranging from Recruitment Consultant through to gain exclusivity and brand loyalty. to Associate Director - Sales. When employees qualify to be an Executive Consultant they’re invited to attend a quarterly board meeting and able to hire a Resourcer to support them. As well as the Consultant Big plans and a great place to work route, there are also openings from time to time for Team Leaders or those who would prefer to go into management. The ultimate goal for Caritas is to be the market-leading supplier of Qualified Social Workers in the UK, without compromising on their personalised quality service. They also aim to be the first choice recruiter for all off contract clients and to achieve £30 million turnover by 2014. Above all, however, they want to continue to be known as a great place to work. For more information: T: 020 7456 8950 www.caritasrecruitment.com25 26
  15. A reputation Eden Brown is a place where successful recruiters truly thrive. that’s second to none Ambitious growth plans Two fast track routes to success With over 21 years’ experience, Eden Brown have gained an As well as employing top-notch consultants As with all Hamilton Bradshaw businesses, enviable reputation and worked with an exceptionally wide and support staff who can bring growth and Eden Brown enjoys full and comprehensive range of clients. Little wonder then that they have access to add knowledge, ability and experience to the support in developing prospective managers the majority of relevant Approved Suppliers Lists. And, with business, Eden Brown will seek to maintain their and directors at an exceptionally fast rate. their core markets covering both public and private sectors geographical reach within their core markets. They also offer two very distinct routes to a and including technical, social and healthcare, housing, They’ll also focus on stealing market share from directorship: charities and not-for-profit, Eden Brown is a place where key competitors. Put simply, Eden Brown’s aim successful recruiters truly thrive. is to sustain their current growth curve by both Traditional management – those with the right organic and acquisitive means. personal qualities and relevant experience under Established but still hungry their belt can join as a Senior Consultant and Working with the very best quickly progress to Team Manager, Associate Far from resting on the laurels of their success, Eden Brown’s Director and then Divisional Director. goal is to become the UK’s leading recruitment consultancy Eden Brown’s list of key clients read like a across all of their specialist disciplines and to continue with ‘who’s who’ of their specialisms and, amongst Sales – this route also takes a path that starts at their relentless drive to employ only the very best people. others, includes blue chip organisations such Senior Consultant level but you will then move Along the way, they’ll look to exceed the highest expectations as WS Atkins, WSP, Network Rail, Jacobs through to Principal Consultant level before in all facets of the business as they continue to build upon Global, British Land, Savills and Jones Lang becoming an Associate Director - Sales. This their reputation as a highly professional knowledge-based LaSalle, as well as public sector giants like the path allows those who don’t necessarily want recruitment business. NHS, many local and regional councils and all For more information: to manage large teams to develop to the same of the London Boroughs. level and at the same speed as others. T: 0845 450 5202 www.edenbrown.com27 28
  16. The most recognised recruitment brand in A passion for emerging two countries is testament to their success. markets Elite International Careers specialise in the recruitment An enviable client list of highly skilled and educated emerging market Elite’s client list includes well-known companies like nationals from around the world into large companies Chevron, Halliburton, Coca Cola, Procter and Gamble, operating in Africa, The Middle East and Latin HSBC, Saudi Aramco, Odebrecht, Accenture, Dow, America. They have had a presence in the emerging Boeing and Microsoft, as well as a variety of lesser markets for over 5 years and enjoy excellent working known but thriving organisations. relationships with a variety of high profile clients. Passion and flair A vision of expansion The key to a successful career with Elite is a Already the recruiter of choice for multinationals with passion for emerging market recruitment and lots of operations in Angola and Saudi Arabia seeking large entrepreneurial flair – it’s these two attributes that will numbers of early to mid career professionals from the enable you to develop and grow. For example, one of local workforce, Elite works at the highest levels to Elite’s team joined as a part time admin assistant and assist with the politically sensitive issue of localising within 3 months had landed a full time role. Within a the workforce. Their vision is to expand into additional year he single handedly developed and launched a emerging markets in Latin America, Africa and the training service and is now leading the sales for Elite’s Middle East and Asia so that they can eventually offer Angolan events, acts as a consultant for IT issues and global recruitment to their enviable client base. has input into marketing and client delivery services. As a result his salary has also increased by 200%. A recognised brand For a small recruitment company Elite definitely punch above their weight! Indeed, being the most recognised recruitment brand in two countries is testament to their success. Elite’s strategy for growth is two pronged: hire locals who are passionate about helping their country to develop and be expert in For more information: finding highly educated and highly skilled local talent for localised recruitment requirements. T: 020 3402 2730 www.eliteic.net29 30
  17. A refreshingly different Delivering services with integrity and professionalism. approach The Synergy Group has been providing recruitment, training communities for candidates and clients to exchange ideas and information. Synergy believes that the and consultancy solutions to public and private sector future, not just within recruitment, but in businesses globally, will demand specialists in every field to employers across the UK since 1997. During that time they communicate and collaborate for the advancement of industry. Part of Synergy’s strategy is to play a key have successfully grown by delivering services with integrity role in bringing about this change. and professionalism and are now firmly established as one of the leading providers of staffing solutions in the country. Or, in A varied and extensive client list their own words, they deliver ‘a refreshingly different approach Having worked hard to develop their client base, Synergy clients include many of the leading organisations to staffing solutions’. in both the public and private sectors. They have supplier relationships with 70% of the local authorities in England and work closely with a number of central government departments and housing associations. A service with innovation and quality at its heart Their commercial client list is also extremely varied, ranging from the largest banks and financial institutions The Synergy brand is synonymous with innovation and quality. in the world, to local businesses across the UK. To sustain that reputation the Synergy team continually push themselves to provide a level of service that outperforms A clear career path and a culture of learning and development their competitors. Their vision is to maintain their position as Synergy is committed to providing a working environment in which all employees feel valued and a top percentile recruitment services provider in all of their respected. They promote a culture of openness and mutual respect, in which all employees can develop core sectors. They also aim to continue to provide services to their full potential and achieve a healthy work/life balance. Paths for career advancement are available to with professionalism and integrity, and are committed to the everyone and are based on personal performance against set criteria. Synergy believes it’s this approach development and advancement of their employees. that empowers their employees to plan their careers and forge their own success. In line with a strong commitment to Investors in People (IIP), they provide regular skills analysis and training so that staff can Keeping ahead of the future maintain their performance and motivation. By enabling their team to utilise the latest recruitment tools Through increased investment in the development of their and methodologies, they have created a real culture of learning and development. services, Synergy aim to expand their national network and extend the reach of their specialist recruitment solutions, For more information: including the award winning ‘Kickstart’ programme and Managed Vendor Services. What’s more, in line with the growing number of digital channels such as social media and T: 0800 725 900 data roaming technology, Synergy will build a variety of online www.synergygroup.co.uk31 32
  18. The best Established back in 2000, solutions in Resourcing Group are one of the market leaders in their field public sector and technical recruitment solutions. Established back in 2000, Resourcing Group are one of the market leaders in public sector and technical recruitment solutions. Working across a variety of sectors, including social housing, maintenance, construction, and the built environment, their focus has been on establishing strong relationships with clients and candidates alike. Indeed, a large percentage of candidates come to Resourcing Group via word of mouth referrals whilst many of their clients have been with them from the beginning. Aiming for the top through continued growth Established client relationships When it comes to a vision, Resourcing Group’s is crystal clear - to be the Resourcing Group has long established relationships with a range of clients to serve all recruitment market-leading specialist recruiter for the social housing, construction requirements through a Master Vendor or Sole Supplier Relationship. They also enjoy key relationships and property sectors. In addition, as a consultative and professional with four housing associations and have a specific strategy to extend this portfolio within the next 12- recruiter, they want to ensure they retain their personal touch whilst 24 months. These relationships mostly fall within the social housing sector, although they also supply continuing to grow their portfolio of clients. contractors through agreements with a number of clients. This, in turn, supports a strong and consistent job flow in other sectors. A reputation to maintain Every encouragement and opportunity to succeed Resourcing Group’s strategy is to maintain their reputation as a ‘stand-out’ supplier of innovative solutions that helps clients tackle Consultants who join Resourcing Group will have an exceptional opportunity to succeed within their recruitment challenges. To achieve this, they will continue to a visionary and professional business. Employees are given clear direction and a consistent review deliver those solutions, increase their penetration in the social housing process to guide their career development. There are also market leading commission schemes in place market and new and improved ways of catering for the full breadth of to reward high achievers. As they continue to grow, there will be increasing opportunity for consultants For more information: clients’ needs. There are also plans to diversify into specialist technical to follow a managerial or business development path. An organisation that puts an emphasis on training markets within the private sector, whilst remaining mindful of the need and development, Resourcing Group’s career path structure typically enables successful consultants to to maintain a healthy balance of permanent and temporary solutions. progress from Trainee to Associate Director level at a fast pace. T: 020 72644 0707 www.resourcinggroup.co.uk33 34
  19. They revolutionised Passionate about bringing candidates and the recruitment employers closer together. business An impressive client list Back in 2001, webrecruit changed the recruitment webrecruit have given clients big and small more Clients that have used the webrecruit model include easyJet, Dyson, EDF, AskJeeves, L’Oreal, industry forever. At a time when companies control over the recruitment process and for SIG, 118 118, JD Wetherspoons, Everest and Sunlight. It’s also a firm favourite with a variety of were paying thousands to secure new talent, candidates a fairer way to be considered for their small and medium sized businesses that recognise the advantage to be gained in reducing their webrecruit saw a gap in the market and made a ideal job. Little wonder that, in the ten years since cost-per-hire whilst maintaining control of the recruitment process. bold move by breaking away from the traditional they opened for business, webrecruit have built a recruitment agency model and pioneered a brand client base of around 4,500 made up of a heady Two distinct career paths new concept – an easy to use, low-cost online mix of major industry players and SMEs. webrecruit’s commitment to nurturing, developing and retaining talent has been one of its core recruitment service. Suddenly, businesses had values since inception. Whilst the team comprises a number of disciplines, from sales and a real alternative to the high costs of traditional A passion for innovation accounting, to marketing, customer service and operations, there are two distinct career paths. agencies and press advertising. Ten years on, Webrecruit’s aim is to continue to change the face their innovative recruitment solution continues to of recruitment. They’re passionate about bringing Firstly, sales. Employees are recruited as Telesales Executives and supported to progress to Sales go from strength to strength. candidates and employers closer together by Consultant, Account Manager and then Senior Account Manager level. Secondly, communications. embracing the latest technologies, delivering Those wishing to pursue a career in communications are taken on as Junior Copywriters, then A technology success story significant savings and being innovative. With progress to Copywriter/Team Leader level and become accountable for a number of junior-level Through the application of ground breaking significant investment in online resources writers before considering routes into marketing communications. For more information: technology, webrecruit have helped drive down and people, including social media channels, the cost of recruitment. They have also drastically job boards, their own website and extensive cut the time it takes to find the best possible knowledge of the sector, they offer a mass-market T: 0845 070 7337 match of candidate and employer. Put simply, approach coupled with minimal risk. www.webrecruit.co.uk35 36
  20. To be the best, you need the Exsurgo’s list best With good principles comes growth Exsurgo’s ultimate goal is to be recognised as being the best at what they do in every commercial sector they work in. They’ll of key clients is achieve this by continuing to provide the best quality service to their clients and candidates alike whilst staying true to their extremely diverse and ranges from core principles of belief, empowerment, Relatively young but growing fast, Exsurgo growth, delivery, partnership and integrity. recruits for clients in the private sector, both top tier FTSE 100 in UK & global markets, in areas such as An extremely varied client base Operations, Marketing, Sales, International, Interim and Commercial. Adept at servicing Exsurgo’s list of key clients is extremely & 250 businesses the human capital needs of a variety of multi- diverse and ranges from top tier FTSE 100 & national, mid-cap and start-up businesses, 250 businesses through to dynamic SMEs. they work with speed and integrity and are Names like Procter & Gamble and The passionate about excelling at what they do. Maybe that’s why, in 2010, their sales grew by 300% and headcount by 140%. Carphone Warehouse, Gu Puddings and Arsenal FC are just a few examples of the variety of organisations Exsurgo work with. through to It’s people that make things happen Unsurpassed opportunities dynamic SMEs. The immediate future for Exsurgo isn’t just The opportunities to progress at Exsurgo about focusing on identifying and attracting are, quite simply, excellent. They tend to mid to senior level leaders across a range of recruit externally from graduate to director functions and sectors. It’s also about attracting level and, whether you take the management enthusiastic and ambitious recruitment or the billing route, Exsurgo more or less consultants across all areas of their business. guarantee that their business growth will Indeed, talented people with lots of imagination keep pace with your desire for development. For more information: and initiative are very firmly at the top of the In short, come in and prove yourself and Exsurgo agenda. That’s why everyone who you’ll soon discover you can develop your joins them is rewarded with best in class training career faster than in many other recruitment T: 020 3056 4525 from best in class recruiters. businesses. www.exsurgo-group.com37 38
  21. For the very Consistently achieving the   best in RPO highest level of customer solutions satisfaction. HB Retinue is an innovative Recruitment Process Outsourcing service provider that excels at A broad and impressive client base delivering high calibre talent sourcing and consistently achieving the highest level of customer HB Retinue’s clients come from a diverse range of business sectors that include, amongst satisfaction. Operating in 17 countries and with a combined 50+ years of RPO and managed others, NHS & private health, professional service, Pharmaceuticals, Education, IT/Telecoms, service experience, their senior management team understands more than most that successful Construction and Housing. businesses are built by talented people. Career path It’s all about agility, expertise and passion HB Retinue is a people powered business so joining the team provides passionate and motivated The HB Retinue vision is all about designing and delivering talent solutions, solving problems people with the environment, opportunity and skills to maximise their potential through a and overcoming challenges. By defining their goals and strategic objectives together with defined career development path. Every member of the team is allocated a career mentor, their clients the result is a ‘win win’ solution for both parties. Put simply, agility, expertise and has a tailored development plan and benefits their own individual training and development passion are at the heart of everything HB Retinue create and do. It all adds up to a service that budget. HB Retinue’s goal is to empower their people to realise their full potential and provide empowers their clients to maximise their talent strategy return on investment. HB Retinue’s clients with a world class service. Getting it right, each and every time The best blend of people and technology – that’s the HB Retinue ethos. They pride themselves on their ability to get the delicate balance between people, process and technology right, each and every time. HB Retinue achieve significant process savings for their clients too, by using For more information: market leading, business friendly technology and concise management information to produce the perfect solution. T: 0845 521 9481 www.hbretinue.com39 40
  22. The renewables, energy and low-carbon recruitment specialists They take pride in their ethics En-Spiral is a visionary business with a core aim Flexible, ethical and transparent Breathing space to develop to become the market leader for the low carbon, green and renewables arenas. Founded by En-Spiral recognise that not everyone wants the En-Spiral offers those with the talent to carve same recruitment solution. Accordingly, their out a career in a global industry genuinely people with a passion for the environment and extensive industry experience, En-Spiral have the contacts and expertise it takes to match approach is totally flexible. They take pride in their ethics too and operate a transparent, open scaleable opportunities to work both across the UK and internationally. Their drive to develop and operate a transparent, open pricing policy. people and jobs, quickly and effectively. pricing policy. Long-standing relationships are prospective consultants, managers and paramount. That’s why, if En-Spiral believe they directors at an exceptionally fast rate, coupled A truly consultative approach can’t meet a client’s needs and expectations, with the amazing growth of the sectors they they won’t take on the assignment, but instead operate in, means every new hire will enjoy clear With networks and databases of contacts recommend viable alternatives. and immediate headroom to develop. built up over the last 21 years, En-Spiral take a consultative approach to identify and source A dynamic client base scarce skill sets for hard-to-fill roles. They also deliver the most valuable combination En-Spiral works across some of the fastest of recruitment techniques including search, growing markets around. Organisations include traditional methods, as well as innovative some true industry powerhouses, as well as strategies. rapidly expanding SMEs, public sector bodies and agencies, both within the UK and around the globe. For more information: T: 020 7422 7300 www.en-spiral.com41 42
  23. The Real Deal An inspiring read Entertaining and informative ‘The Real Deal’ is the incredible story of James’ remarkable I read a lot of business biographies and this has to be up Reading the stories are truly entertaining and it feels like talking to life. With lucid realism, the journey starts from his childhood there as one of the best. James enthusiasm and drive comes James directly. I admire James Caan’s humour, gut and wisdom. as a 1960s Pakistani immigrant in Brick Lane and his through strongly. This is a great starting point for any would-be I highly recommend this book to young people and entrepreneurs decision not to join the family business, through to the entrepreneur. alike. phenomenal success of his first headhunting company, Alexander Mann. Since its release, this intelligibly written but grounded life story has ranked at the top of numerous book charts. ‘The Real Deal’ has continued to appeal to people who are interested to hear the story of James the businessman but also James the personality behind the success. Since its release, this Truly inspirational book Loved it! intelligibly written but Fantastic book. Very well written. I read it during my lunch breaks at work, every time I came back in, I always felt more motivated and inspired. The Real Deal is a great business book. It’s a compelling read as well as an excellent source of business advice from someone who really knows his stuff. grounded life story has ranked at the top of numerous book charts.43 44