How to build your brand and generate business leads using LinkedIn Groups


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A presentation by Tom Skotidas on how to build brand awareness and generate B2B leads using social media such as LinkedIn.

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  • How to build your brand and generate business leads using LinkedIn Groups

    1. 1. Unleashing LinkedIn:How to Use Groups to Build Your Brand and Generate Sales Leads 1
    2. 2. As a B2B Professional,All I Want Is an Unfair Advantage. 2
    3. 3. As a B2B Marketer,I want to build my Company’s Brand andgenerate as many qualified Leads for my sales team as possible. 3
    4. 4. As a B2B Sales Professional,I want to build my Personal Brand andgenerate as many Meetings as possible with qualified prospects. 4
    5. 5. Let’s discuss one wayto achieve both of these objectives. 5
    6. 6. LinkedInLinkedIn seems to offer the “perfect storm” environment, forB2B brand building and lead generation:  Thousands of relevant + transparent prospects  Frequent member login activity  Low cost of entry and participation  Highly scalable platformAll of the above can be captured within LinkedIn Groups. 6
    7. 7. What Is a LinkedIn Group? • Groups are Interest Forums on LinkedIn • As of 18 Nov 2012, there are over 1.4 million groups on LinkedIn • Groups allow members to post articles and conversation starters, and reply to existing articles and discussion threads 7
    8. 8. Competitive Advantages of LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn for Lead Generation8
    9. 9. LinkedIn Groups Resemble Real Life• LinkedIn Groups are equivalent to a real-life group that’s made up of hundreds of your prospects• Groups offer long-term digital connections between yourself and your prospects – allowing for virtual discussions every day• These digital connections are gateways to real life meetings – like the one we’re having right now  9
    10. 10. LinkedIn Groups Can Capture Your Prospects in One Place Self-Reporting LinkedIn encourages self- reporting: the sharing of one’s details within their personal profile. Self-reporting creates unprecedented transparency of your target audiences. This means Unprecedented targeting. 10
    11. 11. If you’re targeting CFOs, LinkedIn offers you direct access to 1,500+Senior Finance Decision Makers in Australia, in companies > 200 staff 11
    12. 12. If you’re targeting CIOs, LinkedIn offers youdirect access to 1,000+ Senior IT Decision Makers in Australia, in companies > 200 staff 12
    13. 13. If you’re targeting HR Heads, LinkedIn offers youdirect access to 800+ Senior HR Decision Makers inAustralia, in companies > 200 staff 13
    14. 14. LinkedIn Groups Build Prospect Value You Can Deliver Industry Information, Insights, andThought Leadership to Your Members 14
    15. 15. You can postindustrycontent forthe benefit ofyour groupmembers.This contentencouragesdiscussion, which yieldsmarketinsights foryour salesteam. 15
    16. 16. LinkedIn Groups Promote Thought Leadership You Can Engage inIndustry Conversations and Display Your Expertise to Your Members 16
    17. 17. You can have aprofessionaldiscussion withyour groupmembers –buildingpersonal brandwhiledevelopingrelationshipswith them.How would thisbenefit yoursales team? 17
    18. 18. Groups Give Rise to the Personal Brand • Personal Brand has always been important in B2B • How important are the personal brands of your key people to winning business for your firm? • LinkedIn groups are 100% person-to-person based – ensuring the development of personal brands 18
    19. 19. A LinkedIn Group Case Study 19 LinkedIn for Lead Generation
    20. 20. Case Study:B2B Social Media Lead Generation 20
    21. 21. Case Study: B2B Social Media Lead Generation• Launched in October 2010• Currently has 3,000 members, from Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and New Zealand – our key markets• The group’s audience is primarily composed of B2B Marketing Directors, Social Media Managers, and Sales Professionals• The group is an ongoing source of agency B2B leads 21
    22. 22. Case Study: B2B Social Media Lead GenerationOur key uses of the LinkedIn group include: Demand Generation – We are building the category of B2B Social Media Lead Generation by posting articles that prove the concept and its worldwide / local adoption Market Research – We are constantly learning new things about our target audience via the insights they provide during discussions 22
    23. 23. Case Study: B2B Social Media Lead Generation Market Expansion Feasibility – We test the potential of any industry or region I want to expand into, by inviting prospects from those industries or regions, and observing their participation Relationship Building – by interacting with our members, we are building thousands of relationships as we establish our positioning and expertise in our field 23
    24. 24. LinkedIn Groups:The Strategy for Brand Building and Lead Generation 24 LinkedIn for Lead Generation
    25. 25. LinkedIn Groups: The Strategy1. Product2. Prospects3. Content4. Social Sellers5. Management & Policies 25
    26. 26. Strategy: Product• Which is our most strategic product or service? Which do we want to sell more of?• If you have dozens of products, bundle them into product families, then build groups around the families• Always start with the product, never the social network. In the end, it’s always about the leads and the revenue. 26
    27. 27. Strategy: ProspectsWhich prospects are most likely to buy our product orservice? • Which are the companies we want to land as clients? • What are the job titles within those companies, that we should be talking to? • Invite them to the group, using LinkedIn Ads or Inmail • Exclude competitors and all other non-relevant professionals 27
    28. 28. Strategy: ContentWhat is the content our prospects need to solve theirproblems and do their job better?  Do you produce our own industry-leading content? If not, can you commission some material?  Can you come up with Conversation Starters or Polls?  Beware of the Ribena effect – too much of your own syrup makes the rest of us choke  3rd Party content is a very reliable way to build true industry credibility 28
    29. 29. Strategy: Social Sellers • A Social Seller is a man or woman who represents their company in social networks • Social Sellers focus on building their personal brand, sharing category content, and generating leads • The most impactful Social Sellers are people in Business Development and Sales – the only ones who close deals. 29
    30. 30. The Social Seller Concept• Social Sellers own their LinkedIn profiles, legally• But – Marketing co-owns the marketing and content dimension of LinkedIn profiles• All group content that is distributed via Social Sellers, should now be approved, or influenced, by Marketing• Social Sellers = Distribution Channels for Marketing• This approach reduces social media risk while maximising brand alignment and compliance 30
    31. 31. Strategy: Social Sellers• Which of your group managers will be appointed Social Sellers; i.e. who will seek out meetings with your group’s members?• Will they come from your Sales or Pre-Sales department?• Marketing and C-Suite do not close deals, so their role within the group is secondary to those who close deals 31
    32. 32. Strategy: Management & Policies• Who will be the Group Owner (1), who will be the Group Managers (up to 10), and who will be Group Mods (up to 50)?• What is expected of the Group’s Management? Do their KPIs need to be adjusted?• Who decides on which Content gets posted, and which group applicants get accepted?• Who makes the decision on the group’s Social Sellers? 32
    33. 33. The Science of Brand Building via LinkedIn Groups 33 LinkedIn for Lead Generation
    34. 34. Personal Brand Building Group Participation Content Distribution + Conversation 34
    35. 35. Personal Brand Building Mere Exposure Effect Group Participation ContentDistribution +Conversation Brand Building Positioning Effect 35
    36. 36. Building Brand Awareness + Familiarity 36
    37. 37. Positioning Effect Associating your personal brand with the content of your posts and discussions, makes you stand out and become synonymous with that content. This gives you greater credibility and trust with your group members. 37
    38. 38. The Science of Lead Generation via LinkedIn Groups 38 LinkedIn for Lead Generation
    39. 39. Lead Generation – Inbound
    40. 40. Lead Generation – Inbound
    41. 41. Lead Generation – Outbound In most B2Bgroups, 90% of your leads will come from Outbound efforts! 41
    42. 42. What Numbers to Expect from LinkedIn Groups 42 LinkedIn for Lead Generation
    43. 43. Member Engagement• Most groups must accept the 3% Rule; i.e. no more than 3% of your members will become regulars (>1 post per month)• So if you have 100 members, then probably 3 of them will be regularsOf the other 97%:  50% are “beneficial lurkers” who consume information  50% have forgotten they are in your group!• Remember that just over 50% of your members are “participants” in your group 43
    44. 44. Costs: What to ExpectLinkedIn Ads o Avg. $2 - $4 Cost per Click; o 0.025% - 0.05% CTR (=1 click per 2000 – 4000 impressions)• Inmails o $10 per Inmail; o 10% - 20% CTRJoin Rate:• 5% - 25% of every invitee will join, depending on the relevance of your invitation script and group name• As a rule of thumb, you will need to send a minimum of 500 Inmails to achieve 100 members (with 3 active members) 44
    45. 45. What Results Can You Expect?Assuming your Social Sellers:• Post at least 2 – 3 pieces of relevant content every week• Engage with your members at least 1x – 2x per week for at least 2 – 3 months, and• Engage in best-practice Inbound + Outbound Lead Generation, then you may expect:  Approx. 15 – 25 leads for every 100 members in your group  This percentage will grow as the brand awareness and positioning of your Social Sellers grows within the group 45
    46. 46. How Do We Measure ROI?• Each Social Seller is given their own list of named prospects with the group (in line with their sales territory)• As each Social Seller meets his prospects, this meeting is recorded in the CRM using source = “LinkedIn Group”• Once a sales proposal is submitted, the Social Seller (or Marketing) records the $ value of the proposal against the company CRM account• The organisation can now determine $ pipeline value vs. the investment in the group (i.e. salaries + agency costs) 46
    47. 47. Thank You! Connect:LinkedIn: Tom SkotidasTwitter: @tomskotidasGoogle+: Tom Skotidas 47