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10088844 tv drama-worksheet

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10088844 tv drama-worksheet

  1. 1. TV Drama: The Red Hand Gang.A show about 3 teenage friends who get into trouble when one nightthey get a bit too drunk and end up different people at the end of theI would say its genre is Thriller/Drama, and also has 3 main/keycharacters: Jack, Hannah and Jake. Jack: He is the more popular one out of the three, although he is more popular, he always puts his best friends first, Hannah and Jake. Jack is aggressive, and gets angry easily and sometimes takes his anger out physically. Hannah: She tries to keep Jack and Jake Friends when they get into arguments. Without her, the two might end up fighting. Although they are best friends, they both have different opinions on the situation at the start of the series. Jake: Jake is a bit more understanding that emotional than Jack. Jake can control his anger, but will use it to his advantage to help his friends.The series would start of with the first night of the disaster. Fromthen on, they are on the run, and each episode continues on from
  2. 2. the murder. At the end of each episode I would leave the episode ona cliff hanger, therefore this keeps the audience on edge andencourages them to watch the next episode to see what happens.I figure 6 episode a series seems to be efficient, or it might start todrag on. The series will take the viewers on a adventure about themurder or someone, but deep down, there are many mixedemotions between the friends and how they think of each other.There will be a rivalry between the two boys when they find out thatthey both start to realize that each one of them likes Hannah, BUTthey canʼt exactly leave each other because they are both tiedtogether by the murder accident