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Student Success Workshop: A Set of Tools to Support Adult, Part-time & Online Students


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This workshop focuses on how flexible learners can be effectively supported through key transitions in the early stages of the Higher Education study-lifecycle: from thinking about study; making choices; the registration process; and through the first few weeks, using Digital Readiness Tools. Flexible learners are defined as adults engaged in part-time or online/distance learning. Enhancing the persistence of flexible learners is a significant problem both globally and within the Irish context (HEA 2012; Simpson 2005). Although the number of flexible learners in Ireland is low in comparison to other countries, at around 17% of undergraduates (HEA 2012), there are concerns about their ability to progress towards completion. Set against this backdrop, and with support from the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education [], the Student Success Toolbox project is an initiative by four partner institutions to address this problem through the creation of a suite of Digital Readiness Tools.

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Student Success Workshop: A Set of Tools to Support Adult, Part-time & Online Students

  1. 1. Project Lead: Dr. James Brunton, DCU Student Success Workshop: A Set of Tools to Support Adult, Part-time & Online Students
  2. 2. Project Team Dr James Brunton (DCU), Prof Mark Brown (DCU), Ann Cleary (DKIT), Dr Eamon Costello (DCU), Lorraine Delaney (DCU), Seamus Fox (DCU), Jennifer Gilligan (IT Sligo), Brian Mulligan (IT Sligo), Lisa O’Regan (MU), Jamie Ward (DKIT)
  3. 3. Workshop Activity Approximate Time Introduction to Project 5 min Test the Tools 15 min Discussion 5 min Customising the Tools 5 min
  4. 4. About the Project What we set out to do… • Enhance success of flexible learners • Develop eight digital readiness tools – (OERs) to be shared with programme teams/institutions • Undertake synthesis of literature • Undertake an institutional audit • Peer and flexible learner feedback
  5. 5. The Toolbox
  6. 6. Key Principles Student Success Self Regulation PersonalisationCustomisation Point of Need Voice of Other Learners
  7. 7. Let’s Test Some Tools!
  8. 8. toolbox/
  9. 9. Let’s Evaluate some Tools! Sink or Swim? • Strengths • Weaknesses • Improvements • Mark
  10. 10. Discussion
  11. 11. Am I Ready for Study? 1
  12. 12. Do I have enough Time? 2
  13. 13. Who Can I Ask? 3
  14. 14. My Computer Skills 4
  15. 15. My First Assignment 5
  16. 16. Get Ready for Success-6
  17. 17. Study Tips For Me 7
  18. 18. Online Orientation 8
  19. 19. Get Ready for Success-6
  20. 20. Tool Use and Customisation Image by By Trekphiler - Own work, CC BY 3.0,
  21. 21. Customisation –