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Working with modules

  1. 1. How to guide
  2. 2. What’s a module? To create a functioning network without knowing about code, you need to be fluent in drag and drop. Webjam is made up of scores of modules. Modules are the tools that Webjam provide you with to customise your site. For example a forum, a blog or a photo uploader. Some modules Click ‘edit site’ and using the modules tab you can access a wealth of materials from blogs to flickr addons. z “it’s so simple to make your page unique”
  3. 3. The EDIT button There are a few key notes to take in before you begin creating. Depending on what you have added to your page the ‘EDIT’ button allows you to moderate and amend your module. It allows you to allows to manage privacy, settings, moderation, co- edition and replication rights. By clicking on the ‘ADD’ button Just click ‘EDIT’ to open up a you are able to add specific whole new world of what we do. modules to other pages on your site. For example if you see a widget you like on another site click ‘ADD’ from the top right of the module and choose which page you wish to add to. Looking after your site
  4. 4. Moderation Control who looks at your site and who can access specific pages. Having the ability to change the privacy settings on specific modules as well as pages can be used to great effect when recruiting new members. PUBLIC means that any user from any network can view the page. MEMBERS OF THIS NETWORK keeps certain aspects of the site Going premium private for people who have joined your network. costs just £12.95 PRIVATE can be used as an admin page where only you as the per month or £99 editor have access. per year. CUSTOM is the term used when certain modules have had their status changed. Some private, some members and some public. Moderating your network
  5. 5. Module tabs Arranged for ease of use. The modules are separated into different groups so you can quickly find the module you need. The tabs are: • Me and My Community • My content • Webjam Toolbox • Media + TO PAGE • Internet Services • Widgets Select a tab then choose which • Advertising module you want. Simply click • Promote your network + TO PAGE or drag and drop the • News Feeds module into position on your site. The following guide explores the key modules within these tabs. “just drag and drop and you’re done!”
  6. 6. Me and My Community The best tools for community interaction The first tab in the modules drop down encourages community interaction. Here you can add forums, events, bulletin Activities boards and add friend buttons. One of the The activity feed enables you to keep key modules is the Activity Feed; yourself and your members updated with what is happening on your site. If someone adds a blog, makes a comment, adds a photo or joins your ACTIVITY FEED network it will show up on your “The feed allows editors activity feed. There is more too and to keep up with what is it is all customisable. Once the feed taking place on their is added to your site click ‘EDIT’ on network quickly and the top right corner of the module easily whilst allowing and choose ‘Activity types’ where users quick navigation you can uncheck the types of activity around the site” you don’t want to show up. “just drag and drop and you’re done!”
  7. 7. Activity Feed Once you drop your module onto the page click ‘EDIT’ in the top right of your module. In ‘ACTIVITY TYPES’ tick the boxes you wish to display in the feed. The ‘SETTINGS’ tab allows you to define how many activities are shown and whether you want network activity, page activity, channel activity or personal activity. “just drag and drop and you’re done!”
  8. 8. Adding and Moderating a forum 1 Keep in touch with what your users are discussing Then choose ‘Post a Click ‘modules’ then ‘me & new topic.’ A new my community’ and add a page will appear for forum to your page. you to post a topic. People can easily reply by clicking the topic headline. To subscribe to updates on the forum click the ‘subscribe’ button Me and My Community
  9. 9. Adding and Moderating a forum 2 Keep in touch with what your users are discussing Click ‘EDIT’ on your forum. Here you can give a description to your forum, decide who can post and choose how many forums you have on your site. ADVANCED allows you to decide the post order and user photo size By clicking FORUMS you can control how many forums are displayed on one page. Me and My Community
  10. 10. Choose ‘modules’ then ‘me Please come to my party! & my community’ and add Post events and invite friends to join you. an event module to your page. Set up new event Add all the required details in the marked fields and hit ‘create event.’ Now choose the friends you want to ask, click the box by their name and click ‘invite guests’ That’s it. Now watch as people start accepting your invites. Me and my community
  11. 11. And some more... Five other things you can do for your community.... Add a Poll to your page. Add a question 4 The ‘Bulletin’ module allows Allow friends and contacts to become and answers and visitors to easily post members of your watch as the results notes on your network allowing come in. network. them to see 5 community only content by adding a 3 the ‘Subscribe to newsletter’ feature 2 Allow other users to add you as a friend ‘Join network button.’ 1 allows non-users to add by choosing the ‘Add their email address to as friend button’ tab. your contact list. Part 1: Me and My Community
  12. 12. My Content Tools to make your site reality. Using the tools in the ‘My Content’ tab you should be able to have a fully functional site in moments. The modules are: The ‘Files’ module allows you 1. Blog to upload files to your site for 2. Rich Text users to access. These can be 3. Free HTML anything from a PDF to an 4. Files excel document. Add them as 5. Photos you would a photo. You can 6. Notepad also keep this module private 7. Post it Note or for members only if you want to keep the documentation private. The post it note tool allows you to place notes around your site as guides to users “just drag and drop and you’re done!”
  13. 13. Adding a Blog Turning a blank canvas into a wonderful website When the blog appears on your page, tap ‘Write new post’ You can either drag and drop the module onto the page or alternatively click ‘+ TO PAGE’ Do this with any module you like until you are satisfied with your content. i Add text relevant to A new box will appear your blog post to the where you can start tags to help search writing. You are now engines find your blog ready to become the next quickly. Charlie Dickens! Easy. y My Content
  14. 14. Adding a Blog More than what you see. Click ‘EDIT’ The blog module doesn’t end simply at typing a post. The BASIC tab allows you to define how many posts and tags per page. The COMMENTS tab increases your control of comments on the blog, you can moderate all comments , decide who can comment on posts. The UPDATE SEVICES feature will automatically update your blog onto various websites including Technocrati, thus feeding your blog around the web with minimal effort. CO-EDITORS gives the network editor control over who can write in the blog. If you want a user to be able to post blogs but to have no control over the rest of the site then simply make them a co-editor. My Content
  15. 15. Rich Text Do just about anything in Rich Text The ‘Rich text’ module allows you to add text, pictures, links, videos, flash and more including an HTML editor. Use the key below to see which button does what and use these to your advantage when creating your site. Key 1. Add Hyperlink 2. Insert table 1 2 3 4 5 6 3. Add image 4. Insert files 5. Embed video/media 6. Edit HTML Do anything in Rich Text!
  16. 16. Upload Photos Make your site feel unique Find a picture you love. Add ‘My Photos’ to your page then click the Add photos button to bring up the Image Library, click the Upload tab and follow the prompts. Insert into a module from the Image Library by selecting the 'INSERT' button in the actions tab. “Try a slideshow too.”
  17. 17. Upload Photos Do more than just simply adding a photograph. The SLIDESHOW settings define the time, transition and height of the images to be displayed. In the COMMENTS tab you can choose to allow comments and also to subscribe to comments should you wish to moderate. In the SETTINGS tab you can control how the photos are displayed; Slide show, thumbnails or grid as well as showing the title, date and author. Collaborative mode allows members to add photos to the library. “Try a slideshow too.”
  18. 18. Toolbox Keep on top of your site using the toolbox. By using the modules in the toolbox you are able to guide users around your site, offer information that is useful to them and the ability to use the NEW search function. Tools to take notice of are: 1. Show top users 2. Search 3. Page Navigation 4. Saved Search “just drag and drop and you’re done!”
  19. 19. Show top users/networks Choose to display popular users. You can choose to show users from the whole network or from a specific channel TOP NETWORKS that you are a member of. By showing the top networks visitors are able to see popular networks with high content and community interaction. Toolbox
  20. 20. Search Function In ‘Toolbox’ add the 'Search' module to your site. This allows you to have a search box on your network to search for a specific query within content type (such as blog The search results are posts, photos, comments), users, net displayed so that you works or within all of these. The can quickly choose radio buttons can be selected to what type of content show search returns within your you want to search network or all networks. within (left). You are also given quick links sorted by relevance or date (see below). Toolbox
  21. 21. Media Add You Tube videos and flickr photos to Copy and paste the embed your network using the Media tab. There code from YouTube to display is also an MP3 Player and the option to a specific video. You can find add photos and files. this to the right of the video on the YouTube website. Add YouTube videos Add the YouTube module to your page and then click ‘Show Videos’. Here you can choose what videos will show up. Select the ‘Display by’ drop down to choose the video search function. “Add YouTube videos direct from your site”
  22. 22. Add Flickr pics To add pictures from Flickr click ‘media’ in the modules tab and select ‘Flickr Photos.’ Drag and drop or click add. You can change the Flickr tags Use the dotted you search by free tags or by a particular line to change username by clicking edit in the flickr module the size of and editing the preferences. Set up your photos your column. as a Grid or Slideshow Tag your images using the edit button Media
  23. 23. Internet services The whole web under one roof. There’s tonnes of tools for you to use in the ‘Internet services’ tab. Just add to the page and follow the prompts to set up your chosen service. Google Maps 1. Google Maps Venda shop 2. Shopping Search 3. POP3 Email 4. Bookmarks 5. Yahoo! Mail 6. Amazon Search 7. Web search 8. Gmail 9. Venda shop “just drag and drop and you’re done!”
  24. 24. Google maps Adding stuff to your site Once you’ve placed click Modules/Internet Services and the map in your site then add Google Maps choose your location and set it as the default view. You can now simply add markers by clicking ‘add new marker’ and typing in the details Click ‘EDIT’ to control the map. Like the photos you are able to allow collaborative mode. You can also give each marker a key. Internet services
  25. 25. Quick tips. 5 more Internet services modules you can add in seconds Email. Add an email 4 Search your favourite TOP TIP!! 1 module to you page Build your own by clicking ‘add’ Gmail games, DVDs and music with the shopping district on or Yahoo! Mail. your website using 5 snappy Amazon Search module. the Venda tool. Venda allows you to have a shop set up in 2 3 Add your favourite bookmarks Set up a shopping search engine using just 10 minutes! for other’s to see the internet’s top by clicking ‘add’ shopping sites. ‘Add’ bookmarks. shopping.
  26. 26. Widgets From Super Mario to Petz A Widget is free content that you can add to your site to give it more glitz. Widgets make it easy to customise the content of your network and are excellent for both users and owners. How to get a widget. In the ‘Widgets’ tab you have three choices. 1. Webjam widgets which are created by us for you to instantly add to your site 2. Widgetbox library are popular widgets taken from and offer everything from Super Mario games to Family Guy episodes! 3. Create a widget allows more advanced users to add their own widget using HTML Super tools to make you smile.
  27. 27. Webjam Widgets Ready made for your site Polls Find out what people Weather like and what they Click add to page and then don’t like by adding a choose your location… poll to your site. Click Really that’s it. You are the ‘add a question’ and weather forecast. use the form to create your poll Google Calendar Keep your diary on your own site. Just add the Google Calendar to your page and set it up by linking it to your gmail account. Make it private if you don’t want anybody to see it – or perhaps members only if there is key member info on the calendar. Created by us for you.
  28. 28. Widgetbox Adding one to your page 1Search the widgetbox library using the search tool 3 Decide on the width and height to fit the widget on your page and click GET WIDGET Click VIEW AND Simple as that. ADD to bring up a new screen where you can test the widget. 2 The amazing widegetbox library
  29. 29. The News You’ll only need one URL to be in the know. Type... …the news channel you want to search in the search box and click find feeds, eg BBC CNN SKY Find the feed you like A list will appear for you to choose the feed that you want on the page. You can preview this or simply + to page. If you preview you are able to edit the amount of This button stories in the feed. Otherwise click ‘edit’ on the right refreshes your corner of your news module. news feed RSS Feeds
  30. 30. Quick tips. The top 5 helpful tips for building your site Add a column by 4 Change the style of your website by TOP TIP!! 1 clicking the plus sign. webjam is so easy to Use the x to delete clicking ‘styles’ on the toolbar and selecting use. To make your the column. site look great all you 5 one that suits you. have to do is drag and drop modules. You will create your 2 3 Find out how many people have See an index of your pages and move from own personalised website in a matter of minutes. visited your site in page to page by the last day, week or clicking the ‘Settings’ month. tab.