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  1. 1. FRONT COVER IN WHAT WAYS DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT USE, DEVELOP OR CHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF REAL MEDIA PRODUCTS? I added the date and issue number as it is something My masthead is easily readable essential to any magazine. This allows readers to whilst keeping within the theme of remain update and also look specifically at this the 1960s Mod and 1990s Britpop magazine if required in the future. Both of these are also The border of my front scenes. This allows readers to added to the contents page. In addition to this I also cover adds a professional Firstly, my main image is in associate this font with the said added the magazines website address, allowing for look, whilst adding an direct mode of genres and subcultures and in readers to stay up to date with the latest news and overall frame to the address, appealing directly to particular, uniquely with my information as well as the magazines history and images and texts. the reader and focusing their magazine. information. Secondly, the border is attention solely to the image red as not only does it link and then subsequently the in with the surrounding text. This coincides masthead, main story and well with the fact the image is in other features, but will the centre of the page, allowing also appeal to any for text and other images to be consumers browsing the placed accordingly. selection of magazines. Incentives entice the consumer into buying the The strapline is a secondary line magazine. This commonly underneath or above the can be done in a masthead. This is a basic message variety of or motto of the magazine used as a ways, such as free selling line to the consumer. Often posters (as relating directly to the ethos of the included on my genre or subculture, this further front gives the reader something to cover), competition associate themselves and their My cover lines s (included on my subculture with. For example the are all based on contents page) and strapline featured on my magazine the same text discount vouchers. focuses on the past traditions of the design and subcultures of Britpop and colour, whilst Mod, whilst indicating that there is adjusting the still and will be for a long size depending time, people with a passion for this on its scene. It also indicates that appeal, giving readers should take inspiration my front cover a from previous years. Underneath the subtitles I added a brief appealing professional description of the article featured, which gives the look. This adds reader further incite prior to reading the article. to the fact it These must be appealing along with the cover lines allows for easy as it is a major selling point. reading.
  2. 2. CONTENTS The images on my contents page are centred in order to give a column affect, resulting in an appealing look and easy I added the date and issue number as it is reading and navigation. This something essential to any magazine. This allows clearly sets the layout in a well readers to remain update and also look specifically organised manner, allowing at this magazine if required in the future. Both of for other information to be these are also added to the front cover. This logo adds consistent house placed either side. style to the magazine and in particular this page. Again, this allows for easy viewing for the reader. I further added a band index which allows the reader to easily identify if Continuing with the and what page a particular organised theme , this band is mentioned on. column (detailing the This is common in many page numbers articles music magazines and are on) is also structured further allows for easier and organised with the navigation of the magazine main focus being on as a whole for the reader. easy navigation and Also, note the consistent reading, whilst also being text style of the main titles. aesthetically appealing (the very ethos of the mod subculture). This is addressed by a vertical I added this self-made line running down the symbol as it keeps the side, along with simple house style from the but effective titling. cover, as previously stated. This add consistency and a more professional look. This symbol is featured Underneath the subtitles I on the front cover, here added a brief appealing and at the top of the description of the article contents page featured, which gives the reader further incite prior to reading the article.
  3. 3. I added this translucentDOUBLE PAGE Imagery is crucial on a double page article as it can be frame to give the overall used in many varieties. The main image must be page a more professionalARTICLE title is bold, straight to the point and quite This appealing, interesting or inspirational for look and allowing for easier dramatic, giving the reader almost no option but to example, whilst also being practical to place text reading. look at the article. This is decisive as the key to any around. Here I used the right hand side of the page Furthermore, instead of the good article and subsequently magazine, is to keep solely for a clear image of the artist and also the title. box being full colour I the reader interested. Furthermore, I applied this font The image of the figure of the artist is framed within the added a slight translucent and text size to focus the reader firstly onto this wall in the background, and the wall to the right is effect to allow for the point, then the subsequent article and photography. effectively used for a background to the text. brickwork in the background to still partly show through. This gives quite an urban, industrial feel, whilst still remaining easy to read. Lastly, this border and box clearly defines the text from the rest of the Continuing from image, something which the contents may have been difficult to page, this vertical distinguish if it hadnt have line keeps the been added. consistency and house style. This This Pull Quote is use d to allows for readers draw attention to a to associate this dramatic, interesting or layout specifically important piece of text. with this While a reader is skipping magazine, even at through the pages, they will just a glance of see this quote even at just a the article. glance, as a result drawing them to the article and page, subsequently making them read the it. Here is the basic info of The text itself related heavily to my genre/subculture I the page – the page aimed to appeal to. The article precisely talks about the number and specific to this bands past, present and future, as well as other notable page, who the article is bands from the genre, and lastly the bands fans and about. Again,. This is done audience. Throughout the article I retain the readers in the same colours as all interest by asking questions the public wants to hear, as titling throughout the well as language followers would be accustomed to. magazine, again adding consistent house style.
  4. 4. HOUSE STYLE Throughout the magazine I aimed to keep a consistent house style associated with my subculture. In order to achieve I used many shapes, borders, images and symbols. Firstly, I chose a specific text for the name of my magazine; ‘My Generation’. This was used on both the front cover, and contents page. this will allow for the magazine and font to be recognised with the magazine and genre in particular, even at a glance. Secondly, I created a remake of the symbol which is commonly associated with the ‘Mod’ subculture. This was almost an addition to the text logo and again appeared on both the front cover and the contents page a number of times. Similar to the first point, this symbol will be associated with the scene and the magazine in particular. Furthermore, I predominantly used 3 set colours (red, white and blue) for the whole of the magazine. This gave a professional and appealing look, whilst also allowing for a recognisable theme, combining with the text and symbol. These colours were used on all pages in some form. On the contents and double page spread I used a blue vertical stripe which would appear on the vast majority of pages throughout the magazine. This combines well with the ‘Mod’ subculture as it has a keen association with stripes, circles and symbols. This stripe added an overall more ‘Mod’ look, whilst also adding a professional edge. This title text is repeatedly used to add a consistent feel and look to the pages, whilst also being a simple, easily readable font. Lastly, I used the appearance of a simple but effective red box to add titles and basic information to pages. This was done on the contents page and double page spread to further add a more professional yet still relating to my subculture’s look. It also linked in with the earlier said 3 main colours I used.