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RESUME - James Eugene Barbush - December 2012 - Cover, Resume, Attachments


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RESUME - James Eugene Barbush - December 2012 - Cover, Resume, Attachments

  1. 1. Introduction & Resume James E. Barbush, P.E. Barbush Enterprises For Leadership and Business Development 2021 Blue Mountain Parkway, Harrisburg, PA 17112 Cell: 717-514-5549 E-Mail: December 17, 2012MAY I INTRODUCE MYSELF TO YOU? I am James E. Barbush, a seasoned professional who haslaunched from an engineering career into new business ventures in enthusiastic and innovative ways.FROM ENGINEERING TO NEW BUSINESS VENTURES. New ventures have includedleadership development, business development, marketing, and sales for firms with a strongemphasis on effectively using Social Media applications. With a style of life-long learning and havingtransitioned my career from engineering to business related ventures, I have been using all my experienceand abilities to execute new ventures that are related to my broad engineering career, as well as, related tonew business ventures. I have focused on using today’s technology, even cutting-edge technology, toperform on-line publishing with Social Media applications.SOCIAL MEDIA IN BUSINESS. I am strong user of Social Media applications, notably Social HubSite, a one-of-a-kind platform designed by Phase 2 Solutions, Harrisburg. I use the applications inleadership development, business development, marketing, and sales. With this unique, versatile,powerful, interactive platform, I have created Social Hub Sites for several communities, two are: 1. Harrisburg Biz Leaders Bringing Solutions to Businesses in the Harrisburg Area and "Beyond" 2. Linglestown Roundabouts: A Vision Became Realty Your Hubs to Our Linglestown Community – Shops, Businesses, Organizations, & Events THE NORM. My use of Social Media and on-line publishing has set me above my peers inunderstanding and using Social Media for business and community applications. I have come tounderstand the value of blending face-to-face networking with on-line networking through Social Media.RESUME. For more on my experience and abilities, the attached resume presents the following: A. Career – Professional Engineer June 1972 to August 2010 B. Career Transition Phase 2004 to 2010 C. New Ventures in Business Sept. 2010 to Present Attachment 1 Credentials & Publications Available On Request Attachment 2 References Available On Request Attachment 3 Employment History Available On RequestINVITATION. I invite you to meet with me to discuss the possibilities of our joining together tocollaborate on meeting your goals, whatever they may be. You can contact me either by e-mail or cell at 717-514-5549.SincerelyJames E Barbush, P.E.Barbush Enterprises for Leadership & Business Development2021 Blue Mountain Parkway, Harrisburg, PA 17112Cell: 717-514-5549 E-Mail: JamesEBarbush@GMail.comOUR MOTTO is “Building Leaders for Todays Success"OUR OBJECTIVE is “Building People Into Leaders They Are Destined To Be”
  2. 2. James E Barbush, P.E. Barbush Enterprises For Leadership & Business Development 2021 Blue Mountain Parkway, Harrisburg, PA 17112 Cell: 717-514-5549 E-Mail: December 17, 2012I am a self-employed professional, retired from a successful 38 year Civil Engineering career with broad experience that I am using to develop new ventures.GOAL to use all my experience to develop new ventures in business development, marketing, and sales for firms with strong emphasis on effectively using Social Media applications.A. CAREER – PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER June 1972 to August 2010 From June 1972 to August 2010, I performed in both the Government Sector (25 yrs.) and Private Sector (13 yrs.) in positions categorized as follows: 1. Facilities Management, Contracting, & Leadership.......... Higher Education ................. 10 Yrs. PA State System of Higher Education 2. Engineering, Administration, & Management ................... Government Sector .............. 15 Yrs. PA Office of the Budget and PA Department of Transportation 3. Executive Level Positions for Consultants .......................... Private Sector ....................... 10 Yrs. Development and Management of Bridge Departments 4. Design Engineering For Consultants & Manufacturing ... Private Sector ...................... 3 Yrs. Gannett Fleming (Design) and General Electric (Manufacturing Design & Purchasing) ---------- Unique balance of experience: Government Sector (25 yrs.) and Private Sector (13 yrs.) 38 Yrs My broad experience in those categories includes the following:  Significant experience as a Senior Level Executive engaged with all levels of performance.  In-depth experience as a team leader with the ability to build team consensus.  Significant involvement with program development, administration and conduct for government enabled projects through legislative enactments, involving interpretation of legislation and significant interface with legal counsels in support of successful outcomes. PENNVEST – PA’s State-Wide Loan Program for Water & Wastewater Projects RACP – PA’s State-Wide Grant Program for Development Projects  Extensive performance throughout my career in the numerous aspects of civil engineering, leadership, management, administration, facilities design and construction support, construction auditing, engineering design, construction management and inspection, contract development and interpretation, contract administration, and contract dispute resolution, all involving a broad range of project types and sizes.Resume of James E. Barbush Page 1 of 4December 15, 2012
  3. 3. B. CAREER TRANSITION PHASE 2004 to 2010 From 2004 through 2010, I orchestrated a personal and professional transitional reinvention, geared to speaking and leadership development (1) through a philosophy of life-long learning, (2) by speaking on leadership topics with over 25 presentations at facilities related conferences and other venues, and (3) by being an involved member of two clubs of Toastmasters International. Thus, I honed my leadership and speaking skills, gained confidence and expertise in speaking and writing to pursue my passions to speak and teach on leadership. This reinvention was instrumental in being able to immediately launch into new ventures upon retirement. In August 2010, I retired from the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education accepting their invitation to accept an early retirement package created by a changing economic environment. I then launched into new ventures.C. NEW VENTURES IN BUSINESS Sept. 2010 to Present In September 2010, I launched Barbush Enterprises involved in Professional Speaking and Writing in Leadership Development. Barbush Enterprises has evolved to include various ventures with accomplishments in various areas as follows: 1. Professional Speaking on Leadership Topics .............................................Sept. 2010 to Present Thirteen presentations for associations, conferences, firms, and seminars. 2. Professional Writing on Leadership Topics ...............................................Sept. 2010 to Present Professional Blog on Central PA Experts (rebranded to Experts Ezine) Jan. 2011 thru Oct. 2011 Professional Blog in Harrisburg Biz Leaders Sept. 2011 to Present 3. Business Development for Architectural and Engineering Firms ............Sept. 2011 to Present Independent Consultant for Foreman Architects Engineers Sept. 2011 to Mar. 2012 4. Founder of Harrisburg Biz Leaders ( to Present Brand Development. Starting with a concept to provide Leadership Development, Harrisburg Biz Leaders has become a brand that continues to evolve as an inspiring voice in the Harrisburg area for individuals and businesses. Social Media Utilization. Harrisburg Biz Leaders collaborates with Phase2Solutions (developer of cutting-edge Social Media Platforms) in using Social Hub Site, a state-of-the-art Social Media Platform geared to uniting a community, of any type, for a common purpose and a common good. Leadership Development, Networking, Promotions, & Solutions for Individuals & Businesses  Leadership Development Created & Facilitated by Roundtable Sessions  Networking Opportunities Facilitated  Promotion of and Advertising via Social Media Broadcasting  Solutions via Roundtable Discussions and Presentations 5. Social Media Expertise .................................................................................Sept. 2010 to Present Excelling in Social Media applications through research of Social Media theory and concepts, coupled with the use of Social Media Platforms, most notably Social Hub Site, a versatile and powerful platform that creates an interactive, central location (a hub) for all Social Media Connections (Linkedin, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google+, You Tube, and other.) Experienced in on-line publishing with written content, video e-mail, e-mail marketing, embedded video content, e-mail list management, analytics, and event publication. Experienced in on-line publishing geared to brand development, brand recognition, business development, marketing, sales, and community development.Resume of James E. Barbush Page 2 of 4December 15, 2012
  4. 4. ATTACHMENT 1 CREDENTIALS & PUBLICATIONS1. CERTIFICATIONS Professional Engineer: Certificate No. PE-025571-E 1977 Professional Land Surveyor: Certificate No. SU-001317-A 1982 Competent Communicator Toastmasters International 2008 Advanced Communicator Bronze Toastmasters International 20102. EDUCATION Penn State University Civil Engineering/Structures, 1972 B.S. Harrisburg Area Community College Math, Science, Business 1969 Assoc. of Sci. Bishop McDevitt High School Academic 1967 H.S. Diploma3. PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS  APPA International – Educational Facilities Professional – ERAPPA Board Member 8 yrs. National Involvement APPA Regional Representative to International APPA Chapter Involvement KAPPA Member, Pennsylvania Chapter Regional Involvement ERAPPA President 2010, President Elect 2009, Secretary 2003-2008 Northeast USA (DC to Maine) & Eastern Canada  Toastmasters International Susquehanna Icebreakers Toastmasters Member 2006 to 2012 Gannet Fleming Toastmasters Member 2006 to 2012 Susquehanna Advanced Toastmasters Member 2011  Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce Member 2008 to 2012 Active and involved Member Diplomat (A Membership Committee)  Central PA Experts Publisher 2011 Publisher of Articles and Provider of Events on Leadership Topics  Harrisburg Biz Leaders Founder, Facilitator, & Publisher 2012 Publisher of Articles and Provider of Events on Leadership Topics4. PUBLISHED ARTICLES (Hard Copy & On-Line Magazine)  APPA’s Facilities Manager Magazine. Invited to write articles on leadership in the Membership Matters column of APPA’s Facilities Managers Magazine in 2006/2007. - “Effective Leadership” ....................................................... published in Jan-Feb 2006 issue - “Here And Now. Why Me?” ............................................. published in Nov-Dec 2006 issue - “The Vision Has Been Cast. Have You Caught It?” ......... published in May-Jun 2007 issue. - “Crossing The Border - A Venture in Collaboration” ....... published in Jan-Feb 2010 issue.  ERAPPA Publications. As Secretary, President Elect, and President of ERAPPA for 8 years, prepared and published numerous articles and reports for the benefit of ERAPPA Board and the Membership.5. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PRESENTATIONS  Provided Leadership Presentations at Facilities Related Conferences Leadership development skills exemplified by presentations at numerous facilities conferences 24 Presentations 2005 thru 2010: 5@NFMT, 1@Facilities Midwest, 2@APPA, 3@ERAPPA, 1@SRAPPA, 2@KAPPA, 1@NYAPPA, 1@Educause, 2@TFM Show, 1@TFM Forum, 1@NACUBO Sustainability, 2@PaFMA, 1@AGA, 1@Harrisburg Diocese/Facilities.Resume of James E. Barbush Page 3 of 4December 15, 2012
  5. 5. ATTACHMENT 2 REFERENCES 1. Robert F. Unger, P.E. ............................................................. PASSHE Supervisor 2005 to 2010 Director of Construction Management PA State System of Higher Education Construction Support Office Office of the Chancellor 2986 North Second Street Harrisburg, PA 17110 Office Phone: 717-720-4131 E-Mail: Website: Facilities: 2. Keith Roush ............................................................ PASSHE University Colleague 2000 to 2010 Assistant Director/Construction Project Manager Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania Facilities Department East Campus B107 Lock Haven, PA Office: 570-484-2384 E-Mail: Website: 3. Dr. Dilip Abayasekara, Ph.D., A.S. ................................... Toastmaster Colleague 2006 to 2010 Past International President, Toastmaster International Professor of Communications Central Penn College P. O. Box 405 Enola, PA 17025 Phone: 717-728-2203 Cell: 717-648-1080 Dr. Dilip College 4. Stuart M. Rothenberger, AIA, LEED®AP ................................ Business Partner 2000 to 2010 Crabtree, Rohrbaugh and Associates Architects Director of Higher Education 401 East Winding Hill Road Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Office: 717-458-0272 Cell: 717-919-9663 E-Mail: Website: of James E. Barbush Page 4 of 4December 15, 2012
  6. 6. James E. Barbush, P.E. 2021 Blue Mountain Parkway Harrisburg, PA 17112 Cell: 717-514-5549 (preferred) Home: 717-545-2125 E-Mail: Professional Engineer June 1972 to August 2010 A 38 Year Career in Engineering and Management ATTACHMENT 3 EMPLOYMENT HISTORYEmployment experience is provided below within 4 key categories of work, with experience listedchronologically in each category. The categories are as follows:5. Facilities Management in Higher Education (PASSHE) – Retired in August 2010 10 Yrs6. Engineering & Administration/Management in the Government Sector 15 Yrs7. Executive Level for Consultants in the Private Sector that was significant 10 Yrs Development and Management of Bridge Departments8. Design Engineering For Consultants & Manufacturing in the Private Sector 3 Yrs Unique balance of experience: Government Sector (25 yrs.) and Private Sector (13 yrs.) 38 Yrs1. FACILITIES MANAGEMENT April 2000 to Aug. 2010 (Retired) 10 years Employer: The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Accepted across the board Early Retirement Offer effective on Aug. 26, 2010 Location: Office of the Chancellor, Harrisburg, PA Facilities Division, Construction Support Office (CSO) Position: Facilities Contracts Manager Function: Supporting Facilities Procurement & Operations for 14 State-Owned Universities, requiring significant interaction with facilities & contracting staff at the Universities. GENERAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN CSO As Facilities Contracts Manager, supporting Facilities Procurement & Operations for PASSHE’s 14 State-Owned Universities, I identified 9 specific functions that the Construction Support Office performs, then monitored and tracked all of CSO’s work under these functions. Function No. 1 Development of Policy & Program Standards Function No. 2 Delegation of University Contracting Authority Function No. 3 Procurement Of Professional Services & Construction Contracting Services Function No. 4 Administration Of Centrally Held Contracts Function No. 5 Resolution of Bid Protests, Pre-Claims, Contract Terminations, & Disputes Function No. 6 Administration of Centrally Conducted Projects Function No. 7 Provision of Technical and Advisory Support to 14 University Function No. 8 Management of Construction Support Office Function No. 9 Other: liaisons with state agencies, firms, and professional organizations.Resume of James E. Barbush Page 1 of 2December 15, 2012
  7. 7. 2. ENGINEERING & ADMINISTRATION in GOVERNMENT SECTOR 15 YRS. Employer: Commonwealth Of PA, Budget Office April 1990 to April 2000 10 Years Position: Senior Civil Engineer Function: Executive Level Involvement For Government Funded Construction Projects * Grant Administration * Contract Administration * Auditing * Engineering * Contract Procurement * Consultant Liaison Location: PP&R Comptroller’s Office, Harrisburg, PA Employer: Commonwealth Of PA, PADOT Nov. 1973 to Feb. 1978 4.3 Years Position: Bridge Engineer Function: Designer, Project Management, Construction Inspector, & Bridge Inspector Location: Bridge Unit, District 8-0, Harrisburg, PA3. EXECUTIVE LEVEL for CONSULTANTS in PRIVATE SECTOR 10 YRS. BRIDGE UNIT DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT Employer: Boswell Yule Jordan Engineering May 1987 to March 1990 3 Years Position: Chief Structural Engineer Consulting Engineering Function: Executive Level Involvement Location: Camp Hill, PA Employer: Sheladia Associates, Inc. Sept. 1985 to June 1986 10 mos. Position: Chief Structural Engineer Consulting Engineering Function: Executive Level Involvement Location: Camp Hill, PA Employer: Macomber Associates, Inc. July 1981 to August 1985 4 Years Position: Structural Engineer / Project Manager Consulting Engineering Asst. Chief Structural Engineer Function: Executive Level Involvement Location: Camp Hill, PA Employer: Paul E. Grof & Associates March 1978 to January 1980 2 Years Position: Structural Engineer In-Charge Consulting Engineering Function: Executive Level Involvement Location: New Cumberland, PA4. DESIGN ENGINEER for CONSULTANTS in PRIVATE SECTOR Employer: Gannett & Fleming June 1972 to October 1973 1.5 Yrs. Position: Bridge Design Engineer Consulting Engineering Function: Designer Location: Harrisburg, PA Employer: Baker Engineers July 1986 to April 1987 10 mos. Position: Bridge Engineer Consulting Engineering Function: Design, Proposal Preparation, & Project Management Location: Harrisburg, PA ENGINEER for INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURER in PRIVATE SECTOR Employer: General Electric/Buell of Envirotech Feb. 1980 to June 1981 1.3 Yrs. Position: Manager & Structural Engineer Industrial Manufacturer/ Air Pollution Control Function: Executive Level Involvement Location: Lebanon, PAResume of James E. Barbush Page 2 of 2December 15, 2012