RESUME - Resume of James Barbush, P.E. 2012


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Very Experienced Civil Engineer with broad and unique background and experience

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RESUME - Resume of James Barbush, P.E. 2012

  1. 1. James E. Barbush, P.E. 2021 Blue Mountain Parkway Harrisburg, PA 17112 Cell: 717-514-5549 E-Mail: July 30, 2012 OFFERING A UNIQUE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PERSPECTIVE FOR A/E FIRMSAre you looking for someone on your Business Development Team who has a uniqueperspective on developing proposals and communicating with clients and prospectiveclients? If so, I invite you to discuss with me what I can do for your firm.Here are questions you might be asking yourself: Are your excellent technical proposals getting you projects, or at least getting you in the upper tier of evaluated firms? Are your proposals coming in 1st, 10th, or 80th out of 100? Why are your proposals that contain your excellent expertise not getting you the job? It could be politics, but it could also be that the proposal does not contain important components that are more than an expose of your excellent technical expertise. What does that mean? I am ready to explain it to you.Here’s another topic – Social Media. Are you using Social Media in your Business Development? I am researching that topic for A/E firms and am finding that there are reasons why A/E firms are not using it or are using it on a limited basis. I wonder if there reasons are valid. I would like to introduce you to what I see for A/E firm’s in the use of cutting edge Social Media. It is no longer just the standards of Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and other standard forms. It has grown beyond that. Are you there? Are you interested in being there?I believe that I have something different to offer an A/E firm in their Business DevelopmentStrategy. Since my retirement from the PA State System of Higher Education in August 2012, Ihave been aggressively pursuing avenues the use of Social Media in Business Development andhow to do proposals that attract the client. I know I have discovered some very good techniques.Would you like to explore the possibilities for your firm? If so, contact me.SincerelyJames E Barbush, P.E.Barbush Enterprises for Leadership & Business Development2021 Blue Mountain Parkway, Harrisburg, PA 17112Cell: 717-514-5549 E-Mail: JamesEBarbush@GMail.comOUR MOTTO is “Building Leaders for Todays Success"OUR OBJECTIVE is “Building People Into Leaders They Are Destined To Be”
  2. 2. RESUME James E. Barbush, P.E. 2021 Blue Mountain Parkway Harrisburg, PA 17112 Cell: 717-514-5549 (preferred) Home: 717-545-2125 E-Mail: SECTION A. EMPLOYMENT HISTORYEmployment experience is provided below within 4 key categories of work, with experience listedchronologically in each category. The categories are as follows:1. Facilities Management in Higher Education (PASSHE) – Retired in August 2012 10 Yrs2. Engineering & Administration/Management in the Government Sector 15 Yrs3. Upper Management for Consultants in the Private Sector that was significant Executive Level involvement in development and management of Bridge Departments 10 Yrs4. Design Engineering For Consultants & Manufacturing in the Private Sector 3 Yrs TOTAL EXPERIENCE 38 Yrs Experience is grouped in categories 1 to 4 to highlight the following: Facilities Experience Government Sector (25 yrs.) and Private Sector (13 yrs.) – a unique balance of experience Executive Level involvement in the building of Bridge Departments Engineering and Manufacturing Experience1. FACILITIES MANAGEMENT April 2000 to Aug. 2010 (Retired) 10 years Employer: The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Accepted across the board Early Retirement Offer effective on Aug. 26, 2010 Location: Office of the Chancellor, Harrisburg, PA Facilities Division, Construction Support Office (CSO) Position: Facilities Contracts Manager Function: Supporting Facilities Procurement & Operations for 14 State-Owned Universities, requiring significant interaction with facilities & contracting staff at the Universities. GENERAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN CSO As Facilities Contracts Manager, supporting Facilities Procurement & Operations for PASSHE’s 14 State-Owned Universities, I identified 9 specific functions that the Construction Support Office performs, then monitored and tracked all of CSO’s work under these functions. Function No. 1 Development of Policy And Program Standards Function No. 2 Delegation of University Contracting Authority Function No. 3 Procurement Of Professional Services & Construction Contracting Services Function No. 4 Administration Of Centrally Held Contracts Function No. 5 Resolution of Bid Protests, Pre-Claims, Contract Terminations, & Disputes Function No. 6 Administration of Centrally Conducted Projects Function No. 7 Provision of Technical and Advisory Support to 14 University Function No. 8 Management of Construction Support Office Function No. 9 Other: liaisons with state agencies, firms, and professional organizations.Resume of James E. Barbush Page 1 of 4May 11, 2011
  3. 3. 2. ENGINEERING & ADMINISTRATION in GOVERNMENT SECTOR 15 YRS. Employer: Commonwealth Of PA, Budget Office April 1990 to April 2000 10 Years Position: Senior Civil Engineer Function: Executive Level Involvement For Government Funded Construction Projects * Grant Administration * Contract Administration * Auditing * Engineering * Contract Procurement * Consultant Liaison Location: PP&R Comptroller’s Office, Harrisburg, PA Employer: Commonwealth Of PA, PADOT Nov. 1973 to Feb. 1978 4.3 Years Position: Bridge Engineer Function: Designer, Project Management, Construction Inspector, & Bridge Inspector Location: Bridge Unit, District 8-0, Harrisburg, PA3. UPPER MANAGEMENT FOR CONSULTANTS in PRIVATE SECTOR 10 YRS. BRIDGE UNIT DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT Employer: Boswell Yule Jordan Engineering May 1987 to March 1990 3 Years Position: Chief Structural Engineer Consulting Engineering Function: Executive Level Involvement Location: Camp Hill, PA Employer: Sheladia Associates, Inc. Sept. 1985 to June 1986 10 mos. Position: Chief Structural Engineer Consulting Engineering Function: Executive Level Involvement Location: Camp Hill, PA Employer: Macomber Associates, Inc. July 1981 to August 1985 4 Years Position: Structural Engineer / Project Manager Consulting Engineering Asst. Chief Structural Engineer Function: Executive Level Involvement Location: Camp Hill, PA Employer: Paul E. Grof & Associates March 1978 to January 1980 2 Years Position: Structural Engineer In-Charge Consulting Engineering Function: Executive Level Involvement Location: New Cumberland, PA4. DESIGN ENGINEER FOR CONSULTANTS in PRIVATE SECTOR Employer: Gannett & Fleming June 1972 to October 1973 1.5 Yrs. Position: Bridge Design Engineer Consulting Engineering Function: Designer Location: Harrisburg, PA Employer: Baker Engineers July 1986 to April 1987 10 mos. Position: Bridge Engineer Consulting Engineering Function: Design, Proposal Preparation, & Project Management Location: Harrisburg, PA ENGINEER IN INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURER in PRIVATE SECTOR Employer: General Electric/Buell of Envirotech Feb. 1980 to June 1981 1.3 Yrs. Position: Manager & Structural Engineer Industrial Manufacturer/ Air Pollution Control Function: Executive Level Involvement Location: Lebanon, PAResume of James E. Barbush Page 2 of 4May 11, 2011
  4. 4. SECTION B. CREDENTIALS & PUBLICATIONS1. CERTIFICATIONS Professional Engineer: Certificate No. PE-025571-E 1977 Professional Land Surveyor: Certificate No. SU-001317-A 1982 Competent Communicator Toastmasters International 2008 Advanced Communicator Bronze Toastmasters International 20102. EDUCATION Penn State University Civil Engineering/Structures, 1972 B.S. Harrisburg Area Community College Math, Science, Business 1969 Assoc. of Sci. Bishop McDevitt High School Academic 19673. PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS  APPA International – Educational Facilities Professional National Involvement APPA Regional Representative to International APPA Regional Involvement ERAPPA President 2010, President Elect 2009, Secretary 2003-2008 Chapter Involvement KAPPA Member  Toastmasters International Susquehanna Icebreakers Toastmasters 2006 to 2010 Gannet Fleming Toastmasters 2006 to 2010 Susquehanna Advanced Toastmasters 2010 (new club of advanced speakers)  Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce 2008 to 2010 Active and involved Member Diplomat (A Membership Committee)  Central PA Experts Publisher of Articles and Provider of Events on Leadership Topics4. PUBLISHED ARTICLES  APPA’s Facilities Manager Magazine. Invited to write articles on leadership in the Membership Matters column of APPA’s Facilities Managers Magazine in 2006/2007. - “Effective Leadership” ....................................................... published in Jan/Feb 2006 issue - “Here And Now. Why Me?” ............................................. published in Nov/Dec 2006 issue - “The Vision Has Been Cast. Have You Caught It?” ......... published in May/June 2007 issue. - “Crossing The Border - A Venture in Collaboration” ....... published in Jan/Feb 2010 issue.  ERAPPA Publications. As Secretary, President elect, and President of ERAPPA for 8 years, prepared and published numerous articles and reports for the benefit of ERAPPA Board and the Membership.5. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PRESENTATIONS  Provided Leadership Presentations at Facilities Related Conferences Leadership development skills exemplified by presentations at numerous facilities conferences (24 Presentations since 2005): 5@NFMT, 1@Facilities Midwest, 2@APPA, 3@ERAPPA, 1@SRAPPA, 2@KAPPA, 1@NYAPPA, 1@Educause, 2@TFM Show, 1@TFM Forum, 1@NACUBO Sustainability, 2@PaFMA, 1@AGA, 1@Harrisburg Diocese/Facilities.  Pending Leadership Presentations under Barbush Enterprises July 13, 2011 SUNY/NYAPPA Conference Topic: “7 Profile Points of a Dynamic Leader” May 20, 2011 ASIS Conference Topic: “Perpetuating the Cultivation of Excellence”Resume of James E. Barbush Page 3 of 4May 11, 2011
  5. 5. SECTION C. REFERENCES 1. Robert F. Unger, P.E. ............................................................................. Supervisor 2005 to 2010 Director of Construction Management PA State System of Higher Education Construction Support Office Office of the Chancellor 2986 North Second Street Harrisburg, PA 17110 Office Phone: 717-720-4131 E-Mail: Website: Facilities: 2. Stuart M. Rothenberger, AIA, LEED®AP ................................ Business Partner 2000 to 2010 Crabtree, Rohrbaugh and Associates Architects Director of Higher Education 401 East Winding Hill Road Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Office: 717-458-0272 Cell: 717-919-9663 E-Mail: Website: 3. Keith Roush ............................................................ PASSHE University Colleague 2000 to 2010 Assistant Director/Construction Project Manager Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania Facilities Department East Campus B107 Lock Haven, PA Office: 570-484-2384 E-Mail: Website: 4. Dr. Dilip Abayasekara, Ph.D., A.S. ................................... Toastmaster Colleague 2006 to 2010 Past International President, Toastmaster International Professor of Communications Central Penn College P. O. Box 405 Enola, PA 17025 Phone: 717-728-2203 Cell: 717-648-1080 Dr. Dilip College drdilip@centralpenn.eduResume of James E. Barbush Page 4 of 4May 11, 2011