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BIBLE - Jesus Prays For Us


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BIBLE - Jesus Prays For Us

  1. 1. JOHN 17: 1 – 26New Century VersionA Prayer of JesusAfter Jesus said these things,He looked toward heaven andprayed,FATHER, THE TIME HAS COME.1. GIVE GLORY TO YOUR SONso that the Son can give glory to You.You gave the Son power over all peopleso that the Son could give eternal life to all those You gave Him.And this is eternal life:that people know You, the only true God, andthat they know Jesus Christ, the One You sent.Having finished the work You gave Me to do,I brought You glory on earth.And now, Father,give Me glory with You;give Me the glory I had with You before the world was made.2. I SHOWED WHAT YOU ARE LIKE TOthose You gave Me from the world.They belonged to You, andYou gave them to Me, andthey have obeyed Your teaching.Now they know that everything You gave Me comes from You.I gave them the teachings You gave Me, andthey accepted them.They knew that I truly came from You, andthey believed that You sent Me.I am praying for them. (*)for those You gave Me,because they are Yours.(I am not praying for people in the world but)All I have is Yours, andAll You have is mine.And My glory is shown through them.
  2. 2. 3. I AM COMING TO YOU;I will not stay in the world any longer.Butthey are still in the world.Holy Father, keep them safeby the power of Your name, the name You gave Me,so that they will be one, just as You and I are one.While I was with them,I kept them safe by the power of Your name, the name You gave Me.I protected them, andonly one of them, the one worthy of destruction,was lostso that the Scripture would come true.I am coming to You now.ButI pray these thingswhile I am still in the worldso that these followers can have all of my joy in them.4. I HAVE GIVEN THEM YOUR TEACHING.Andthe world has hated them, because they dont belong to the world,just as I dont belong to the world.5. I AM NOT ASKING YOU TO TAKE THEM OUT OF THE WORLDbut to keep them safe from the Evil One.They dont belong to the world,just asI dont belong to the world.6. MAKE THEM READY FOR YOUR SERVICEthrough Your truth;Your teaching is truth.I have sent them into the world,just asYou sent Me into the world.For their sake,I am making myself ready to serveso that they can be ready for their service of the truth.
  3. 3. 7. I PRAY FOR THESE FOLLOWERS,butI am also praying for all those who will believe in Me because of their teaching.Father, I pray that they can be one.As You are in Me andI am in You,I pray that they can also be one in Us.Then the world will believe that You sent Me.I have given these people the glory that You gave Meso that they can be one,just as You and I are one.I will be in them andYou will be in Meso that they will be completely one.Then the world will knowthat You sent Me andthat You loved them just as much as You loved Me.8. FATHER,I want these people that You gave Meto be with Me where I am.I want them to see my glory,which You gave Mebecause You loved Me before the world was made.FATHER,You are the One who is good.The world does not know You,butI know You, andthese people know You sent Me.I showed them what You are like, andI will show them again.Thenthey will have the same lovethat You have for Me, andI will live in them.WHEN JESUS FINISHED PRAYING,He went with His followersacross the Kidron Valley.On the other sidethere was a garden, andJesus and His followers went into it.