PERSPECTIVE   on the Profession                              Crossing the Border: A Venture into                          ...
Because of APPA’s effective collabora-       ine,” and as quoted by George Lucas, “You        what is to be, that “related...
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LEADERSHIP - Crossing the border a venture into regional collaboration


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LEADERSHIP - Crossing the border a venture into regional collaboration

  1. 1. PERSPECTIVE on the Profession Crossing the Border: A Venture into Regional Collaboration By James Barbush A s a member of APPA’s Eastern Region ness partners, I saw how this trip to another region, and my home KAPPA Chapter (K with “unknown” expectations, was developing into a for Keystone State of Pennsylvania), significant opportunity for additional collaboration I have attended many conferences in between APPA, its regions, and its chapters. SRAPPA’s my chapter and region. I have also incoming president, John Malmrose, greeted me attended APPA’s Annual Conferences, most notably with a relational response to my attendance. Lander the 2006 collaborative venture of APPA/NACUBO/ Medlin, APPA’s executive vice president, and Polly SCUP in Hawaii with over 4,000 attendees, and Pinney, APPA’s President, commented that this visit APPA 2007 in Baltimore. to another region will stir thoughts of how to further This past year I decided to venture out of my home develop regional collaboration in APPA. territory and “cross the border” into another region. After returning from the SRAPPA conference, I So I did a virtual tour of APPA’s regions in the United talked to several colleagues about what collaboration States and Canada, and arrived at SRAPPA, a region between APPA regions could be and what its results adjacent to my own. I found SRAPPA’s Call for could be. I learned that PCAPPA and RMA collabo- Presentations for their 2009 Annual Meeting. Since rated on the 2007 Regional Conference, as well as I have presented at numerous conferences over the on an earlier conference. They reported that “One past five years, I decided to respond to SRAPPA’s call. goal of the combined PCAPPA/RMA conference I contacted SRAPPA’s Host Committee Chair, and was sharing experiences from our two regions. The spoke to Joni Brown of Embry-Riddle Aeronauti- many and diverse sessions achieved this goal admi- cal University. Joni enthusiastically requested that I rably by mixing presenters from across the western submit my presentation, entitled “Sustaining Lead- states and Canada.” ership through Difficult Times.” The presentation Through collaboration, APPA has greatly enhanced was accepted and I was scheduled to attend SRAPPA our organizations efforts, increased our strength, and 2009, their 58th Annual Meeting, The Race To Green, further unified by the following collaborative efforts: in Daytona Beach, Florida on October 3-6. • APPA’s organizational collaboration with related Never having been to another APPA region, I had organizations. One example being the APPA/ no preconceived notions of what to expect. I was NACUBO/SCUP 2006 in Hawaii. going to Florida to do a presentation, meet SRAPPA • APPA’s ongoing collaboration with each region by members, and take family along. I saw it as an oppor- communicating with regional boards and chapters tunity to do something different. I had no notions and attending their conferences has been fruitful. of doing any particular business except attending Our regions have gained greatly and solved prob- educational sessions and doing the usual networking lems by communicating with APPA at our Board with business partners and facilities professionals. meetings. As a result, APPA representatives have As I explored this new territory, I began to see come to better understand our regions and our that this was going to be a significant event. At the chapters, and vice-versa. opening reception, I immediately met and socialized • APPA’s current collaborative effort with the South- with SRAPPA members and business partners. As the ern New England Chapter in the planning of APPA conference continued, and each event occurred, as 2010 in Boston in July. As a local chapter and part- education sessions and networking progressed, and as ner, SNEAPPA is assisting in providing first-rate I met more SRAPPA members, APPA staff, and busi- education, entertainment, and an awards program. 50 | january/february 2010 | Facilities Manager
  2. 2. Because of APPA’s effective collabora- ine,” and as quoted by George Lucas, “You what is to be, that “related groups” do nottion with regions, problems that we may can’t do it unless you imagine it.” Mirroring need to look and act the same. It meansonce had are gone because of the com- our theme, Monday’s keynote speaker, that we can have individual identity withinmunications in the relationships we have Jeff Noel of the Disney Institute with 20 a larger corporate identity. It means thatdeveloped. years of creative experience, presented an our collaborative relationships will further At this time, you might be asking some outstanding and inspirational keynote en- strengthen and unify our chapters, regions,questions about this notion of regional titled From Inspiration to Innovation. Noel and APPA, individually and corporately.collaboration. What is it? What does it showed us how Walt Disney made dreams I’m sure we will be hearing APPAconsist of? What are its goals? What will become reality, and therefore, assured us continue a dialogue on various forms ofit cost in time and money? What could a that we could imagine solutions and see collaboration. I invite you to consider theregion gain or lose because of it? These our goals become reality in our facilities. collaboration of your region with anotherare good questions. But many of us may In closing, I offer these words: Collabora- region. Think about what you could donot have specific answers for those ques- tive Independence. That’s a topic that I am and how you could do it. It may be as sim-tions. We may not have yet collabora- thinking on and will continue to think on. ple as a board member from one regiontively considered the notion to sufficiently To me, it means that we can build relation- calling a board member from another. Idetermine its goals, actions, costs, and ships, including those where people “cross am sure that that would only be the begin-fruits. The best answer I can give right the border” to another region in our orga- ning of what you can is this: “Great things can happen when nization or to another related organization.we are in relationship and collaborating. Not In those relationships we can collaborate Jim Barbush, ERAPPA’s 2009-10 President,much happens outside of relationship and col- to do small things (or big things) related to is facilities contracts manager at thelaboration.” individual and corporate goals, and we can Pennsylvania State System of Higher At ERAPPA 2009, attendees learned, as still remain independent in our operations. Education, Harrisburg, PA; he can bea result of the conference theme, “imag- It means that no central group dictates reached at G I Gilsulate has insulated and protected L underground pipes and tanks for over 60 S years. This federally approved, patented U system is economical, thermally efficient L and hydrophobic. Gilsulate®500XR is A load-bearing and provides a dry, stable environment for the long-term reliability T of underground piping systems operating E between 35° and 800° F. Examples of its many applications include steam, conden- 5 sate, hot and chilled water. 0 0 X R Thermal Insulation and Protection System for Underground Pipes and Tanks Gilsulate International, Inc. • P.O. Box 802650 • Santa Clarita, Ca 91380 • 1-800-833-3881 • Facilities Manager | january/february 2010 | 51