A Prayer for Meteoroligists


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A Prayer for Meteoroligists

  1. 1. Page 1 of 3A PRAYER FOR METEOROLOGISTSBy James E. BarbushI wrote this prayer in May 2003 when my daughter and her husband were married. They are both meteorologists.JamesEBarbush@GMail.com 717-514-5549https://www.facebook.com/pages/Seek-First-The-Kingdom-Of-God/470653676328872http://bizleaders.socialhubsite.com/blog/category/leadership-topics/WEATHERI pray That you will be able to discern and predict The Spiritual Signs of the Times as you will discernand predict the weather in all accuracy.SEASON & SEASONSI pray That your life will be as varied and changing as the Seasons of the Weather,That you will have Summer Seasons with Times of Fullness, Warmth, and Recreation.That you may have Fall Seasons that are Full of Harvest.That you may have Winter Seasons that are for Resting and Seeing Times of Beauty.That you will have Spring Seasons that are Full of Planting, Rebirth, and New Growth.TORNADO & WHIRLWINDI pray That you will be caught up in a Whirlwind of Destiny, going towards what God wants to do inyour lives.That Tornadoes of Clearing will sweep away your enemies and troubles as a tornado sweepsacross the land.RAINBOW & BOWI pray That you will see the Rainbows of God’s Promise in your lives and in the lives of your offspring.That your lives will be as Colorful as a Rainbow.SKY & SKIESI pray That your skies will be clear and bright allowing much of the Son to enter your lives.That the Sky Is The Limit regarding your God Given Destiny that is planned for your.CLOUD & CLOUDSI pray That your lives will not be cloudy and dismal.That your lives will be like Full and Billowy Clouds.That your lives will be Blown Across the Skies to All Lands.That the Clouds Will Give You Shade from a sun that can be too hot.That you will enter The Cloud of God’s Presence in all you do.
  2. 2. Page 2 of 3COLD & HEATI pray That you will be Cooled From the Heat and Warmed From the Cold.That Your Walk With God will Never Grow Cold.That Your Walk With God will always be Hot With the Fire of God.That you will always be Warmed by the Love of God.That you will always be Cooled by the Breath of God.DROUGHTI pray That you will never be caught in a Drought of God’s Presence.That you will never lack for the Refreshing Water of Life.DEWI pray That you will always be Fresh with the Dew Of God.That you will always be Wet with His Presence on Every Morning.FROSTI pray That you never find Frost That Will Block Your Vision.That as Frost Is Given By the Breath of God Frost is Given, you will Experience the Breath ofGod coating every area of your life.VAPOURSI pray That your lives will be Humid with the Grace Of God.SHOWER & SHOWERSI pray That you will always be showered with blessings and refreshings.That your Reservoirs of Prosperity will be always full.That Showers of Blessing will bring cleaning and joy.HAILI pray That as God asked Job “Have you seen The Treasures of the Hail?”,I ask God to let you see and experience all the treasurers that God has stored up for you in His creation.ICEI pray That even as Ice Floats with 90% Below the Water,that you will not trust in only the 10% of what you see,that you will Trust 100% in God for He has laid you a foundation that is strong and unseen.RAINI pray That The Spring Rains will water your plantings so you will have a full and plentiful harvest.
  3. 3. Page 3 of 3SNOWI pray That your lives will be covered with Beauty and Purity as the White and Freshly Fallen Snowcovers the fields.STORM & TEMPESTI pray That during the Storms of Your Life, you will be sheltered in the Ark of God.HURRICANEI pray That you will be Protected Under the Wings Of God in the Hurricanes of Life.LIGHTNING & LIGHTNINGSI pray That as Lightning Filled the Mountain Top when Moses received the commandments,you will be Charged with His Presence as He meets with you.THUNDER & THUNDERSI pray That as you hear Thunder from the Storm, you will hear The Voice of God Speaking of Safety.SUN & MOONI pray That as The Earth Revolves Around the Sun, Your Lives Will Revolve Around God withperfection and consistency.WIND & WINDSI pray That as The Wind Blows Across the Land, you will feel The Spirit of God blow across your livessignaling great destiny and power.