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Balanced Scorecard 2014 for James Ball v2 (1)


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Balanced Scorecard 2014 for James Ball v2 (1)

  1. 1. Balanced Scorecard 2014 for James Ball Employee Information Last Name: Ball First Name: James Job Title: B07720|Local Bancassurance Manager Employee Number: 0419727 Band: EU Line Manager: Nigel Clarke Line Manager Job Title: B07721|Regional Bancassurance Manager Line Manager Band: G Introduction Welcome to your personal Balanced Scorecard. Your Balanced Scorecard provides a simple, shared approach, which connects Lloyds Banking Group’s business strategy and priorities to our day to day business activity by:  Aligning our personal objectives to our Business Strategy  Setting clear standards through Lloyds Banking Group Values and its Codes of Business and Personal Responsibility. The Balanced Scorecard is an integral part of how Lloyds Banking Group manages performance and is supported by:  Regular reviews and conversations with Line Managers &  The The Learning Site which facilitates effective development planning to help you achieve your full potential, providing access to all Academies, Learning and Capabilities associated with your role. For more support on Performance Management you can visit the Managing Performance intranet site. Finance 1.1 Objective: Deliver the finance plan Measures: 1. I manage and work within my budget effectively to ensure that my team meets the needs of both customers and the business. Meet Headcount budget Operate to cost budgets and act to best cost option Targets Target Date Target 31/12/2014 1. LDG direct costs within budget My Plan to Achieve this Objective Commentary Comment by James Ball: Expenses are always dealt with in a timely manner both personally and within the wider
  2. 2. team Building the Business 2.1 Objective: Meet a broad range of customer needs Measures: 1. I lead, coach and support my team to enable them to professionally and efficiently meet customer's protection needs. I encourage a one team approach to working together with colleagues from across the wider business. * Meet Customer needs objectives * Meet Partner objectives for Community Bank and Mortgages * Develop Mortgage Protection penetration Targets Target Date Target 31/12/2014 1. Customer needs met - 100% 1i. Mortgage referrals target - 100% 1ii. CB referrals target - 100% 1iii Activity standards - achieve benchmarks My Plan to Achieve this Objective Commentary Comment by James Ball: Throughout the half year I have led and managed the team through change and a challenging bancassurance environment in a professional manner at all times this is evidenced in the overall performance of the team. Q1 Top team in the Region on all bench mark standards including needs met, CB and Mortgage referrals. Q2 and YTD Needs Met 111% - Top in the Region and 8th Nationally Productivity 103% and 5th Nationally Community bank - 250% top in the Region Mortgage referrals - 153% top in the Region Customer 3.1 Objective: Deliver genuinely excellent customer service Measures: 1. I consistently deliver an excellent customer experience, take ownership of any challenges, and lead key changes in a way that everyone understands 2. My team helps customers and their families remain protected by meeting persistency/retention standards * NPS scores >75 * Fulfillment scores >80% * Wills - manage FCs to 15 sign ups per qtr from opportunity
  3. 3. Targets Target Date Target 31/12/2014 1. NPS target - (TBC) 1i. Evidence of leading and embedding change at a local level 2. Zero premium lapses and NTUs < 7.5% 2i. 6 month lapses < 5.7% My Plan to Achieve this Objective 3.2 Objective: Deliver fair outcomes Measures: 1. We work to get things right first time for our customers in a fair and considerate manner and where a complaint exists we get to the root cause to improve the experience for all customers * BVT file quality 90% pass < 5% Unclear * Risk score Green * Customer Contact rates TBC Targets Target Date Target 31/12/2014 1. Outcome testing - (TBC) 1i. Volume of upheld complaints - (TBC) My Plan to Achieve this Objective Commentary Comment by James Ball: As a manager I have endeavoured to put the customer at the heart of the team this is a constant in our communications in both needs met and getting the right outcome first time for our customers. This is evidenced as follows. Current NPS score for the team - 92.8% QTD with 13 promoters, this has really helped to demonstrated to our branch colleagues the pivotal role that we can play in the overall customer experience. fulfilment - 92.8% 2nd in the Region Wills - referrals is a constant above 50% of opportunity and QTD there have been 149 successful sign ups. Retention is a great way of evidencing customer understanding and long term relationships. The team currently stands 6.6 % against zero exits with an improving trend across the team and 6.2% for 6 month exits. The new KPI measures have now become embedded in the team evidenced in an overall Team Tacsy score of 13 and 8/9 advisers green with 1 other amber YTD. BVT has continued to be a strength after a hiccup in the month of March with the overall team score at 96.7% and 1.4% unclear a great achievement with over 200 cases checked this quarter alone. Outcome testing is also now improving with the April CMF showing a 98.2% needs met measure with no upheld complaints. Risk
  4. 4. 4.1 Objective: Ensure compliance with internal and external procedures Measures: 1. I ensure that protecting the bank and our customers is high on all colleagues agenda by adhering closely to risk procedures in a timely and accurate manner Targets Target Date Target 31/12/2014 1. File quality (verification) scores >90% pass and <5% unclear 1i. Deliver first line supervision requirements in accordance with T&C scheme requirements. My Plan to Achieve this Objective Commentary Comment by James Ball: As stated previously BVT is now a strength again with the current three month data at 96.7% and 1.4% unclear. All 121's are successfully recorded on MDR along with documented coaching summary support and observations. MRA is also kept up to date with no recorded breaches QTD. People Development 5.1 Objective: Strive to make LBG a great place to work so that we can be the best bank for colleagues Measures: 1. I make my business a great place to work, leading my team by setting the highest of standards through my own behaviours and proactively engaging with colleagues. I live the Group and Lloyds brand behaviours to create a climate in which people feel valued and want to do their best. 2. I support the development of my team, ensuring they build the capability of their teams and enhance their performance through effective coaching and one-to-ones. Targets Target Date Target 31/12/2014 1. Colleague engagement - have an active colleague engagement plan 1i. Absenteeism - full adherence to absence policy, completion of relevant documentation and return to work discussions. 1ii. First year attrition - evidence of actively supporting and nurturing new members of the team. 2. Evidence of building skill and capability in direct reports 2i. Under rated performers - improve, move or exit before YE (TBC) My Plan to Achieve this Objective 5.2 Objective: Measures:
  5. 5. Support your local community and develop lasting relationships 1. I develop local relationships by contributing positively to the communities I serve Targets Target Date Target 31/12/2014 1. Demonstrate your contribution to the community - such as DTMAD, Charity or team activity My Plan to Achieve this Objective Commentary Comment by James Ball: Colleague engagement is very high on the agenda and I have strived to support and coach the team through the recent Plan It changes and up skill around detailed discussion whilst the team are improving there is still work to do. Specifically with engagement we have encouraged FC participation with team meetings which are now facilitated and led as opposed to information down load, giving the FC's this responsibility further cements their understanding of their role and their own personal developments to become the best that they can be. Another example of this is through the FC's taking turns to deliver the outcome calls weekly, having the ability to openly challenge their peers understanding embeds their own knowledge as they strive to be the subject matter expert. Absenteeism is very low with the occasional day taken for 24 hour illnesses. There are no long term sick within the team and I take personal satisfaction that although we work in a challenging environment the team feel that they are supported to deliver in a non threatening manner with complete role clarity. The team have successfully arranged a day to make a difference supporting prostate cancer Wales Development Plan The purpose of this Development Plan is to help you and your line manager to identify the competencies/capabilities, skills and knowledge that you need to develop to improve your future performance. Development Need 1 I have met with Nigel and we have in place an ongoing development plan that we will disucss at regular intervals throughout the year. What will I do to achieve this As above Resources / Support Needed As above Success Criteria As above Target date for review 30/06/2014 Target date for completion 30/06/2014 Development Need 2 What will I do to achieve this Resources / Support Needed Success Criteria Target date for review Target date for completion Development Need 3
  6. 6. What will I do to achieve this Resources / Support Needed Success Criteria Target date for review Target date for completion Development Plan Status: Development Plan – agreed Mid-Year Summary Commentary What have I delivered (What) Comments by James Ball: throughout the half year I have continued to lead the team firstly in Q1 along side Rich Lavender and into Q2 with Gregg Jones, I feel that I have worked well with both colleagues in the delivery of the key measures in line with the banks values and behaviours. Success for the team is evidenced in the key performance highlighted below. Overall score card performance in Q1 Swansea 5th Nationally and Q2 West Wales 2nd Nationally. Needs Met Q1 and Q2 top team in the Region and also top ten consistently Nationally excluding BOS and greenhouse LDG Swansea and West Wales would rank top 3. In addition to this contributing to the success of Wales and Borders and Wales and West position YTD. Team Risk - Green in both Q1 and Q2 making a huge contribution to the Regional score of 4 BVT - consistently over the company standard and currently trending over 95% and less that 2% unclear. Partner Referrals - Top in the Region on both measures at 250% and 153% respectively. NPS - 92.8% trending quarter to date with 13 promotors. How have I delivered in line with Lloyds Banking Group Values & Behaviours (How) Comments by James Ball: The what performance over the half year has again been of the highest order, in achieving these results I have personally strived to deliver within the banks values and behaviours and feel that I endeavour to live the brand and promote this ethos throughout the team. My day to day management of the team, LD, LMM and stakeholders is always thought out with a clear strategy of putting the customer first and building a strong and sustainable business. This is evidenced in contributions to the weekly LDG calls, team meetings and weekly LMM tri party meeting. The inter relationship within the LDG is strong and has been built on a firm foundation where we speak the truth and actively take feedback to improve. Initiatives that I have implemented to support the customer proposition have been management of FC's to protect a customer a day and the ongoing relationship with the MAPA colleagues to ensure we endeavour to refer each and every mortgage customer through a thorough referral process. I have shared these initiatives with my LBM colleagues and actively contribute with ideas and shares at team meetings, I have supported the RBM fully in the half year and will continue to do so in as many capacities as possible. I share his belief that through active engagement the individual should perform at a higher level and have continued to support the colleague engagement within the Region most recently delivering the train the train event at the LBM meeting in Gloucester.
  7. 7. I thoroughly enjoy these additions to my main role and will continue to seek out these additional responsibilities to build upon my own personal development which I feel has moved on considerably over the last 12 months. I do feel that the bank is in a position of transition and in bancassurance we could be faced with great challenges in the coming months but with additional skills and self belief I honestly believe that I can add value to the company and continue to play an important part in the evolution of the bank of tomorrow. With that said i am looking forward to attending the joint party meeting with our mortgage colleagues to listen to their ideas and see how we can shape the business and make is a success for the customer the colleague and the bank. I have enjoyed the first half of 2014 and an energised to continue into 2014 and support Wales and Borders maintain and deliver the highest standards. What has the colleague delivered (What) Comments by Nigel Clarke: James has articulated very well all the successful metrics for both Swansea and the enlarged West Wales group so I won't repeat them here - but do acknowledge and recognise that the "Whats" results are excellent and at or near the top of the company. This has been instrumental in helping secure No1 position within the Region and for the Region. I think that the partnership with Gregg is better overall than with Alan and Richard because of complimentary strengths which has meant that the new West Wales has carried on seamlessly even though the former smaller West Wales was not in such a good position at restructure. How has the colleague delivered in line with Lloyds Banking Group Values & Behaviours (How) Comments by Nigel Clarke: James has been more tuned in to the benefits of Colleague engagement than his peers and is in part seeing the rewards in his results across the scorecard - and I have pick up ideas from his comments alone. James has been involved from the beginning as proponent for CE and is regularly part of delegated activities that support the region - either as ideas and input or reviewing workstreams to add value and ensure that are fit for purpose. This has ensured he has a strong voice around the LBM table. Wider exposure has and will come from deputising duties, representing Wales and West on CE Coalition and showcasing working relationships via the Director Visit. Works very well with LD and in partnership with second LBM and the set up with the Mortgage team has consistently been strong. However James has developed stronger leadership behaviours - presents confidently - and has strong articulation. Risk -Throughout H1 TACSY risk score has been Green for the FC's under supervision with occassional file quality issues dealt with promptly. Primary metrics remain within Company standard and I have no reason to think that will change. On thing James will need to be aware of his the environment round the business imperative of Customer needs met from customer outcome testing. If that is not met to company standard in H2 it may impact your rating down one level. Going forward James is in succession plan and with some further exposure I think would be ready for a challenge at the next level. I'd like that to be SBM but that would not be exclusive in my thinking if a great opportunity came available. Proposals will be made to enhance development and exposure which I believe will give James the opportunity to stay well placed in the day job but take the pronponent part of his role in a different direction. Very pleased for you - to apply a TOP rating and thank you for your contribution.
  8. 8. Year-End Summary Commentary Performance Rating You and Line Manager should:  Discuss and agree a rating for current performance against Balanced Scorecard objectives  This rating will then be approved by a Grandparent. Click on LINK to view your Colleague Profile and access your performance and career information. Rating: TOP PERFORMER Signatures Colleague: James Ball