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The City of York Homework


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This presentation is for my homework and is about my day trip to York

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The City of York Homework

  1. 1. This Powerpoint is all about my daytrip to York. Enjoy!
  2. 2. The Vikings were fierce warriors which came from Scandinavia. They conquered many places including York which they called Jorvik. If you like Vikings then you will love Jorvik, you can do so many things including a ride around a real replica of a Viking village!
  3. 3. The Dig was a fun experience where you got to pretend to be a real archaeologist. There were 4 different time periods: Victorian, Middle ages, Vikings and the Romans. It was lots of fun but my favourite thing was when I got to look at real bones as well as fossilised human poo!
  4. 4.  York Cathedral is a massive Cathedral. Unfortunately I didn't have time to go there, but just looking at it made me amazed. Here are some statistics: Width - 249 feet (76 metres), Length - 525 feet (160 metres), 3 towers, West towers - Nearly 184 feet each (56 metres).
  5. 5.  When I went to York I had so much fun. First we had a 2 hour drive to a park and ride which is basically where you park your car then take a bendy bus into the city. It took about 15 minutes. When we got off we went to Clifford’s Tower which was a small tower on top of a mound which is a big grass hill. Next we had a small sandwich.
  6. 6.  After the sandwich we went to Dig which was very good. After the Dig we went to Jorvik which I enjoyed a lot. To finish the day off we had some pizza and went home.
  7. 7.  York is a fun place to go because there is so many things to do and explore. My favourite thing was Jorvik.  If you go to York you will have a great experience!