Algeria Capability Statement Intl


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Algeria Capability Statement Intl

  1. 1. Algeria Capability Statement VECALGCS07/10
  2. 2. Von Essen Consulting Algeria Availability g Von Essen can support the expatriate consultants coming to work in Algeria under the following visa restrictions. Currently, every nationality entering Algeria require a visa before arriving except; • Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Seychelles, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, and Yemen However all nationalities must hold a valid work permit before they can start any projects in Algeria. Immigration g Types of visa including validity, processing time, general requirements, costs, limitations Type of Visa Validity Timescales Documents Costs Temporary • 2 Completed application forms Work Visa Up to 90 days 3-4 weeks USD 1,830.00 • Original passport + copy valid for (TWV) at least 6 months after the intended departure from Algeria (Conversion from TWP to FWP Up to 1 year • 2 recent passport size photographs can be done without leaving Full Work (extendable • Updated CV/Resume Algeria – USD 400.00) 3-4 weeks Visa (FWV) up to 3 years • Relevant education certificates in total) Extensions can be performed without Temporary leaving Algeria As per the 4-6 weeks after and Full Work USD 750.00 respective obtaining the • Completed application form Permit TWV or FWV TWV or FWV (TWP & FWP) Notes: 1. Immigration process foresees consultants entering into Algeria on TWV or FWV. Once consultants have arrived in Algeria, Von Essen’s Local Partner will convert this to a TWP or FWP. Withholding g A withholding tax of 24% may be charged when remitting funds Algeria to another jurisdiction. Where a Taxes double taxation treaty is in place between Algeria and the receiving country this will be reduced in line with the relevant treaty. Types of g • Employed Solution Available Contract g Von Essen can hold a direct contract with either the end client or the agency depending on the requirements Structure of the agency. Where they hold a contract with the end client the agency would hold a separate side contract with Von Essen for their margin. Employed consultants will hold a direct employment contract with the Von Essen partner, which in turn holds a service contract with Von Essen. Taxation g Income Tax Taxes are levied in Algeria on all active personal income on progressive rates from 0% to 35% on income over DZD 1,440,001. Social Security In addition, social security is charged as follows: • Employers – 26% • Employees – 9% cont... VECALGCS07/10
  3. 3. Von Essen Consulting Algeria Banking and g • Local bank account is strongly recommended to facilitate the relationship with the tax other local authorities – Von Essen’s Local Partner can help to open it services • Our partner can arrange a full range of local services at the following rates: Service Description Meet and Greet Airport pickup and transfer to accommodation where the typical taxi fare is USD 25.00. Our arrangement fee is USD 80.00 per hour. Accommodation The lease costs of furnished apartments/flats are approx. USD 3,750 per annum for a 3 or4 bedroom flat. Our admin fee is USD 80.00 per hour. Local Bank Account Opening: Our admin fee is USD 80.00 per hour for assistance Local SIM cards/cell phones SIM cost about USD 3.00 and our admin charge is USD 80.00 per hour Car Hire Lease costs start from USD 30/40 per day and our admin charge is USD 80.00 per hour VECALGCS07/10
  4. 4. Head Office +41(0)22 819 1814 UK Office +44 (0) 207 997 6950