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글로벌 트렌드 극복하기 SDN 4 NFV


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OpenFlow Korea 세미나 자료

ONF / ONS Updates

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글로벌 트렌드 극복하기 SDN 4 NFV

  1. 1. 2014-04-14 1 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Overcoming Global Tech Trend April, 2014 OpenFlow Korea ( 발표자 : 안종석 (James) 기술매니저 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Contents in the Market ONS Updates ONF Updates Summary 1 2 3 4
  2. 2. 2014-04-14 2 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Hundreds of SDN Jobs 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Interop: What's Driving SDN Today? There are multiple ways in which SDN is being deployed today, with OpenFlow controller- based approaches leading, cited by 33 percent of respondents. 31 percent of respondents said that they were using overlay-based SDN approaches, which include VMware's NSX and Juniper's Contrail. 27 percent of the study's respondents said that they were using an SDN controller with multiple protocols and APIs By Sean Michael Kerner | Apr 2, 2014 Vendor A Vendor C Vendor B Academia Start-up 1 Start-up 2 Start-up n …..
  3. 3. 2014-04-14 3 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved News News News ONF on OpFlex Posted on April 3, 2014 by Dan Pitt ONF Executive Director Dan Pitt offers his thoughts on OpFlex, openness, and the southbound interface. Many people have approached ONF for feedback on Cisco’s announcement of OpFlex. While some are making this a battle between standards, others are simply asking what the role could be for both OpFlex and OpenFlow in SDN. While we’ll have some additional commentary on OpFlex in the days to come, I’d like to share a few thoughts with you now on the importance of being truly “open” and what we see as the essence of SDN. “Open Network Linux” could boost viability of vendor-neutral switches by Jon Brodkin - Apr 4 2014, 10:50am +0900 LAS VEGAS—The Facebook-led Open Compute Project has spent the past year building an “open” switch that can boot nearly any type of networking software, giving customers more alternatives to proprietary switch vendors like Cisco. Intel, Broadcom, Mellanox, and Cumulus Networks jumped on board last November, contributing specifications and software that will bring the project closer to a finished design. They weren’t alone, though: Software-defined networking vendor Big Switch Networks, in January, donated what it calls Open Network Linux (ONL) to the project. switches/?utm_content=buffer54af9&utm_medium=social& 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved ETSI + ONF = SDN4NFV • ONF and ETSI announce strategic collaboration for SDN support of NFV
  4. 4. 2014-04-14 4 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Transformation of network hardware NFV Technology changing faster than deployment. 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved 스마트 네트워킹 핵심기술의 연차별 목표 ETRI 통합과제 검토위원회(‘14.3.18.)
  5. 5. 2014-04-14 5 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Keynotes at ONS 2014 9 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved ONF Members (142 as of March 2) 3TEN8 6WIND A10 Networks Active Broadband Networks ADVA Optical Alcatel-Lucent/Nuage Alibaba Aricent Arista Networks Aruba Networks Atto Research Korea Auvik Networks Baidu Barefoot Networks Beijing Internet Institute (BII) Big Switch Networks BISDN Blue Ocean Networks Broadcom Brocade BTI Systems Centec Networks Ceragon China Mobile China Telecom Ciena Cisco Citrix Colt Coriant Corsa Technology Criterion Networks Cyan Dell/Force10 Deutsche Telekom ECI Telecom Ericsson EstiNet Technologies ETRI Extreme Networks F5/LineRate Facebook Fiberhome Technologies FishNet Security Freescale Friesty Fujitsu Gencore Systems Gigamon Glimmerglass Goldman Sachs Google Guardicore Hitachi HP Huawei IBM Infinera Infoblox Intel Institute for Information Industry Intelligent Security Management Intune Networks IP Infusion Itential ITRI Ixia Juniper Networks KDDI KEMP Technologies Konodrac Korea Telecom L3 Communication Systems-East Lancope Level3 Communications LSI Corporation Luxoft Marvell MediaTek Mellanox Metaswitch Networks Microsoft Midokura MRV NAIM Networks NCL Communication NEC Netgear Netronome Netscout Systems NSN NoviFlow NTT Communications Oki Electric Industry Co Optelian Oracle Orange Overture Networks PCCW Global Pertino Pica8 Plexxi Procera Networks Qosmos Rackspace Radware Riverbed Technology Saisei Networks Samsung Sanctum Networks SDN Essentials SDN Solutions SK Telecom Spirent Swisscom Tail-f Systems Tallac Networks Tata Communications Tekelec Telecom Italia Telefónica Telekom Malaysia Telesoft Technologies Tellabs Tencent Thales Tilera Transmode TW Telecom UBIqube Vello Systems Verizon Virtela Vmware/Nicira Vodafone Wipro Limited Xilinx Xinguard Xpliant Yahoo! Zhone Technologies ZTE
  6. 6. 2014-04-14 6 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Different Shades of SDN True SDN Orchestration /Automation Traditional Netw SDN ’Hook’ Overlay Net  for DC NetwVirt. Traditional Netw + White Box Traditional Netw + White Box + Orch. Decoupled Traditional Netw Decoupled Traditional  Netw+ GlobalView Open Source Separate D  C Simplicity Programmability Lower Capex Lower Opex 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Exhibitors: 12
  7. 7. 2014-04-14 7 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved NTT Docomo 13 • Reference for Korea • Auto-Scale for Nation Wide Disaster Voice Mail Video Normal Nation Wide Disaster 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Andromeda ‐ SDN Based Substrate  • Andromeda Network Datapath with integrated programmable NFV (Scale out, Critical optimization applied e2e) • Goal: near native performance, CPU efficiency VM TX Firewall /  Security Rate  Limiting Billing Routing Phys TX
  8. 8. 2014-04-14 8 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Use Case for SDN/NFV 15 • OpenFlow as the Service Chaining Protocol • Enterprise Network Functions such as Firewall, WAN Optimization, Load Balancer and QoS • Traffic Classification using OpenFlow • Service Chain is a list of input and output ports (Virtual & Physical) connecting VNFs 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Load Balancer Use Case 16 • freescale wants to lead its OpenFlow standard
  9. 9. 2014-04-14 9 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Protocol-Independent Packet Processors 17 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved ONF Organization & Governance 18 ONF Board  Executive Director  (Dan Pitt) Technical Advisory  Group Testing Leadership Council Chipmakers  Advisory Board Council of Chairs Arch & Framework Extensibility Config &  Management Testing & Interop Forwarding  Abstractions Migration Optical Transport Wireless & Mobile NBI Working Groups Discussion Groups • Security • L4-7 • Carrier-Grade SDN Committees • Market Education Research Associates
  10. 10. 2014-04-14 10 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Specification Parallel Tracks Constraints • Incremental improvement on 1.X pipeline • Board decided 1.3.X is a long term release Goals • All kind of networking devices – flexibility • Software devices want rapid innovation • Hardware devices want stable and solid releases • Grounded and real – require prototyping Plan • OpenFlow 1.3.X specification : long term support • ONF Extensions for 1.3.X : new features • OpenFlow 1.X specifications : extensibility, incremental pipeline improvements • OpenFlow 1.0.X : no work planned 19 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Extensibility WG Status 20 • OpenFlow 1.0.2 – Done – November 2013 - TCP port is 6653 • OpenFlow 1.3.4 – In ONF wide review - Please review ! – 1.3.4-rc3 released – see mailing list – 37 erratas – Plug-fest & vendor feedback – Release April 2014 • OpenFlow 1.5 & ONF Extensions – In Incubation phase – no new proposals – Incubating & prototyping proposals – Release mid to end 2014 • OpenFlow 1.6 & ONF Extensions – After 1.5 is done – Themes defines area of focus
  11. 11. 2014-04-14 11 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Discussions: 5 themes for 1.5 • 5 themes • Tunnel handling improvements • Flow local control (learn, bidir, state...) • L4/L7 service support (steering, chaining...) • Error / anomaly handling • Fitness for carrier usage • Some of the other proposals for 1.5 • EXT-109 - Match on TCP flags • EXT-334 - Make flow statistics extensible • EXT-340 - Time Extension • EXT-350 - Selectively add & delete group buckets • EXT-379 - Make meter an action • EXT-388 - Port pipeline field metadata • EXT-427 - Controller able to send pipeline fields 21 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Open Flow Extension for Traffic Steering • Simple Extension (Phase 1) – OF Extension to control L4-L7 traffic steering (stateless, same as today’s OF wire protocol) – Redirect traffic to 3rd party generic appliances, i.e. create a tunnel to pass traffic across some network nodes/links • Stateless Extension with floating pointer (Phase 1.5): – With floating pointer for matching criteria. E.g. with a bitmap for matching criteria – Index to existing fields plus offset & length • Tracking flows: learning micro(Individual) flows and keep the states (Phase 2) – Learn new 5 tuples, and apply actions • More sophisticated OF Extension (Phase 3): – Combine more than one packets to match HTTP header • Longer term OF Extension (Phase 4): L2 Header L3 Header L4 Header Payload Pointer Match Window of match field value, with mask option
  12. 12. 2014-04-14 12 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved L4-L7 statistics • For What? Where? When and How? 23 L4-L7 stats types and characteristics for ONF L4-L7 architecture Stateless L4 stats Network attacks OpenFlow switch Stateless L7 stats Application attacks OpenFlow switch or other L4-L7 service function (DPI) Statefull L7 stats and telemetries APT L4-L7 service function (DPI) Existing OF and Stateless extension to OF1.4 / 1.5 Stateless OpenFlow Extension with floating pointer OF ? Statefull OF extension for Layer 4-7 Services OF Future Thoughts ? Any comments, additions or contributions to L7 stats project are welcome! 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved NBI in SDN 24 Network abstracted resource (VN, VC, Policy) Resource Resource Resource Policy Policy Policy
  13. 13. 2014-04-14 13 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Protocol-Independent Packet Processor 25 • The abstract switch forwarding model 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Myths & Misconceptions • SDN is Network Virtualization • SDN == NFV • SDN is about centralized control • OpenFlow is not mature • OpenFlow does not scale • Do we really need another protocol? • We can’t just throw away our existing networks
  14. 14. 2014-04-14 14 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved Summary: Overcoming Global Tech Trend  SDN기반의 NFV 관련 표준화를 고려하는 개발 계획  관련 분야를 포함하는 저변 확대  글로벌 시장 진출 기회 2014 OpenFlow Korea All Rights Reserved OpenFlow Korea (