Why passion is an important part of business


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Why passion is an important part of business

  1. 1. Why Passion Is An Important Part Of Businessby James Godin | on January 19, 2013Why You NEED Passion In Your Business:Passion is the number one thing that will either make your business or break it.If you have passion for what you do, you and your business will THRIVE!If you lack the passion needed to fuel your business and your life to the next level…Your business will inevitably die.Why Is This True?Well, to be honest with you, I don’t know the technical details of how or why this is true. But I do however,know that in my experience, I tend to succeed more in the things that have my heart’s undivided attentionand commitment.How Do I Know If I’m Passionate About Something?This is the EASY part!If you’re passionate about something, you will have a hard time NOT thinking about it. It will keep youawake at night. Not because it’s a problem you’re worried about, but because it is something that youcan’t wait to start doing again the next day and the opportunity to work on it again can’t come fast enough!Where Does Passion Come From?You ask such easy questions!This is simple…Passion comes from a burning desire for something that your heart wants.You will know EXACTLY when you have found passion, because it is undeniable, and it is something thattakes over like a tidal wave of emotion that is driven by your wants and solidified by your needs.Maybe this is just a 25 year old guy’s opinion……or maybe it’s something that every person searches for and few of them ever find.
  2. 2. No matter where you think your passion comes from, it’s more important that you know where you want itto take you.What Am I Passionate About?Me Personally?I am passionate about a lot of things. Such as Family, Genuine Friendship, Personal Development, InternetMarketing, Basketball, Soccer, Movies, Video Games, Etc…One thing that stands out for me more than anything is my vision.A vision of myself, my family, my closet friends, ALL living the kind of life that most people will only everdream of living.I see a strong willed, passionate team of leaders personally connected to me that are numbered in theTHOUSANDS.I see ALL of my thousands of team members and myself helping MILLIONS of people worldwideaccomplish a wide range of goals from personal development, business development, internet marketing,and team building.I see my team and I standing in a stadium of 30,000+ fellow Empower Network team members andaffiliates.I see my family and my team’s families all being able to live worry free lives, with the type of freedombased, financially secured life styles anyone could ever dream, wish, or hope for.I see these things starting to happen in the near future…I’m talking about the next 90 days.I also see the progression and evolution of our team, the Empower Network company and communitycontinuing for 15, 20, and even 30 years down the road.It’s amazing for me to look back now, and to see that I only set out on this journey of self empowerment just6 short months ago…It leaves me feeling surprised at how far I have come and how much I have grown in such a short period oftime, thanks in large part to Empower Network and the wonderful people associated with it.It also leaves me feeling optimistic for the future of myself, my family, my team, their families and thecommunity of empowered entrepreneurs at Empower Network.Things are just getting started for us……Where we will be in 90 days from now will shock and amaze you……whether you decide to take action and be a part of it…
  3. 3. …or you decide to watch from the sidelines, it WILL amaze you!I Encourage You To Find Your Passion…If You Have Found It, I Strongly Suggest Releasing It On The World!My Invitation To You:==> Take a closer look at us and what we are all about by clicking here now.==> See what products we bring to the table to help make a difference in the world by clicking herenow.==> Learn about the unique opportunity we present by clicking here now.==> Find out what makes our company so unique by clicking here now. ==> Visit My Blog <==