Why I Don’t Hate Mondays


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Why I Don’t Hate Mondays

  1. 1. Why I Don’t Hate Mondaysby James Godin | on February 17, 2013If You Hate Mondays…You NEED To Read This Right Now!Why I DON’T Hate Mondays:See…I used to be just like you…I used to HATE MONDAYS!!!Not anymore.Why?What changed?Well…Much like you, I had a dream of a better life.I knew deep down inside that there just had to be a better way to live.
  2. 2. We are meant to LIVE our lives freely, not like drone slaves who do what master says…We, as people, are the most BadAss creatures on earth, because we have the ability toBELIEVE inanything we choose, because whether we feel like it or not, we ARE in control of our lives.You can take back your freedom any time you want…Your life can change…and you can become a person who doesn’t hate Mondays in an instant!You just have to be willing to fight for it.What you thought freedom was free?Don’t be silly…There’s a price to pay for anything worth having in life.If you’re willing to pay the price, you can have ANYTHING you want.Not too long ago…Maybe 7 or 8 months…I DECIDED I wasn’t going to be trapped into a system I didn’t fit into and didn’t want to be forced toconform to…I decided to BREAK FREE!I used to Hate Mondays…But since I decided to break free from being a slave to a system I don’t agree with…Everyday just seems like it’s SaturdayAnd believe me, when every single day feels like Saturday, it’s impossible to hate Mondays becauseyou don’t even realize when it is Monday. LOLThe only reason I even know tomorrow is Monday is BECAUSE so many people were talking about howmuch they hate Mondays on Facebook…So now, not only do I NOT hate Mondays, most of the time I don’t event notice what day it is anymore, and
  3. 3. it’s a great feeling to have.Now, I wake up around noon each day…Do some stretches…Listen to a chapter or two from an audio book…Read something valuable from a leader who also doesn’t hate Mondays and gets the results in businessand life that I want to have.I write a blog post like this one telling people how they can break free from the matrix and do somethingAMAZING, like to not hate Mondays anymoreI email my list of subscribers that LOVE what I send them each day…I make some sales in my business…Make money whether I’m at the beach, hanging out with my family…or watching a movie!Who could hate Mondays when everyday feels like a Saturday and you’re able to do things like that?I don’t know…I’m just saying…If you hate Mondays…Maybe it’s time you start hanging around the kind of people who can help you break free from thedreaded 9-5 grind that makes a person hate Mondays…Maybe it’s time you decide right now to change your life for the better, and realize that ALL good decisionsthat change your life on a massive scale happen in an INSTANT!Just like right now…Well, maybe…But only if you click the button below and decide to stop being the “I Hate Mondays” kinds of person,and join us on the inside where EVERYDAY is the weekend!Get started by clicking the button below…
  4. 4. Did I mention that the ONLY thing holding you back from living your dream life is a simple $25 decision?It’s true…Would you pay the price of $25 to FINALLY break free?I thought so…Connect With Me!James Godin“I Don’t Hate Mondays, Because Every Single Day Feels Like The Weekend”Work With Me DirectlyFriend Me On Facebook!Follow Me On Twitter!Chat With Me On Skype: Jimag87