Want To Live A Better Life?


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Want To Live A Better Life?

  1. 1. Want To Live A Better Life?by James Godin | on February 15, 2013You Can Live A Better Life!Let me share something weird with you…Have you ever felt like you can’t tell if you’re awake or dreaming?That’s a trippy feeling…But do you know that it’s actually a good thing?It is. It means we are transitioning to a better life! (either that or going crazy, lol)Most of us do this without even realizing it.Let me explain what I mean by that…See…We’re in the grind, whether it’s the 9-5 grind or the never endinggrind of cold calling and home parties.No matter what grind you’re caught up in, this is for sure…We ALL dream of a better way…A Better Life!
  2. 2. Sometimes our dreams seem so REAL that they literally makeus feel like they are blending into our everyday grind.I’m not sure what the word is for this state of being…But it’s NOT normal, I don’t care how common it is.We as people are meant to LIVE our dreams, not just wishand hope for it, but never have a better life.Sure we can dream of a better life at night, and then day dreamof telling our boss to go (you know what)…BUT…What happens when we become comfortable with the systemwe are conditioned to conform to?We become some sort of freaky zombie / robot! (that’s not a better life)We talk about our dreams for a better life, like it’s somepre-programmed message that we must put out into theworld so we can ease the pain of our hellish reality.How Do You Live A Better Life Than The One You’re Used To?Well…What would you do if you were approached by an opportunityto change your reality forever?
  3. 3. You remember the movie the Matrix, when Morpheus givesNeo the option to take the red pill or the blue pill?The blue pill would send him back to his dream world, whilehe blindly continued living his life as a slave to the systemthat was made to keep him deaf, dumb, and blind to the truth.OR…He could take the red pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes.He could find out what happens when DREAMS BECOMEREALITY and everything you thought you knew is forever changed!He took the red pill…WHY?Because his name is NEO…Isn’t it funny how he is also the ONE?You catch the connection there?Maybe you should look at that again…But if you are catching my drift here, then you already know whichpill you would take.And that’s why you WILL be at our LIVE hangout tonight at 8pm…Because tonight you will be faced with a choice to take the red
  4. 4. or the blue pill…I can’t tell you which one you will choose…I just know you WILL pick the right one for you.I’ll See You Tonight, Click Here To Choose The RED PILL or The Blue Pill…If you like this post about living a better life, then you will LOVE this post too!Connect With Me!James Godin“I Want To Help You Live A Better Life”Work With Me DirectlyFriend Me On Facebook!Follow Me On Twitter!Chat With Me On Skype: Jimag87