Top 5 tips on how to make money blogging


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Top 5 tips on how to make money blogging

  1. 1. Top 5 Tips On How To Make Money Blogging…by James Godin | on February 12, 2013If You’re Looking To Learn How To Make MoneyBlogging, Then You’re In The Right Place At TheRight Time. (see below)#1} How To Make Money Blogging About Your Story:Your personal story is the single post important aspect if you want to make money blogging…Why?Because, people don’t buy products or comp plans…People buy you!Even if you feel like you don’t have a story, YOU DO.Even if you feel like your story might not be good enough to help other people, IT IS.You have been somewhere in your life that no other person has ever been…You have heard things, and seen things in a way that is 100% unique to you.No other person in the world has the same story as you, so by sharing your story with the world you will behelping them see things differently…And different is a good thing!
  2. 2. So how do you make money blogging about your story?Simple really…Find out who your audience is, find out what they like, and then relate to them through your personal story.You can reach them on all sorts of levels, from struggle and pain, to breaking through for the first time, allthe way to the most powerful experiences of your life.All of these things are unique to you, and other people want to know about them!SO SHARE IT WITH THEM!Sorry..I get a little excited sometimes. LOLBut, seriously. Be Yourself, and tell your story in a way that ties into what you want your readers to do, forexample:Would you like to make money blogging?Okay great!I am the perfect person to teach you, and here’s why…Just over 7 months ago, I was at the end of my rope as I had jumped from job to job for about 7 or 8 yearsof my life. The stress I went through during that time was enough to drive me into a deep depression whichsubsequently led to substance abuse and addiction in my life.Why did I do this?Because, I felt like I didn’t fit into the normal system of doing things…You know, the 9-5 job that you hate, the end of the week comes, you enjoy a couple of days of peaceand then BOOM, right back into the rat race all over again.A boss telling you what to do and when you can do it, and telling you how much you are worth and evenwhen you can or can’t go to the bathroom for crying out loud!The whole thing was a turn off to me.I searched for years to find a way to make money online so I could quit my stupid job I hated and I couldmake enough money to set my family free of worry, stress, and pain.I found a way that I could make money blogging online, and it’s all been history since that day…I remember it like it was yesterday…I was ready to throw my computer out the window and quit my current business I started after quitting my
  3. 3. most recent and last job I had…When I met a guy online that showed me a better way of marketing online that changed the way I vieweddoing business online…It took me some time to look into it, maybe a few days or a couple of weeks..I can’t remember exactly, some of my past is blurry…But, anyway, I remember joining Empower Network on July 3rd, 2012.I got in, started my training and started to make money blogging almost immediately.Just 6 days after I wrote my first blog post, I made a sale!I was excited and wanted to immediately investigate how I made this happen, so I could do it again andagain.I then wrote a blog post about who I am and a little bit of my life story, which you can read right nowby clicking here.I shared that blog post, and then a few days later had someone sign up into my Empower Networkbusiness BECAUSE of that post talking about MY STORY.So as you can clearly see, I have gotten much better at telling my story since then, and I have added manymagical moments to my life since then as well.Such as…Going to San Diego in September to Fight The Forces of Evil with 3,000 other badasses all followingthe same dream and the same vision as me and my team!Check out one of my posts about San Diego here now.And yes, these blog posts that include my story tend to out perform my other ones…It doesn’t mean the other posts are bad or don’t make me sales, it just means I’ve proven my point that thenumber one way to make money blogging is through your story!Ready to join my team and start telling your story to the world? Click here now. ==> Click Here To Visit My Blog <==
  4. 4. #2} How To Make Money Blogging With Product Reviews:This is a great way to make money blogging…Trying a product and writing an honest review is one of the best ways to get traffic to your blog, and get youleads and sales.Why?Because, it’s easy. The product is already out there, just waiting for someone like you to come and test itout. Once you test it out and you get some benefit from it, write about how it helped you and why you wouldrecommend it to others.It wouldn’t hurt any if you throw a little bit of your story in there tooThe better someone can relate to you, the more likely they are to buy something that you recommend.So if you intend to make money blogging with this method, it’s best if you insert your personality and yourstory into the review while keeping in mind that people don’t by products, they buy you!A simple thumbs up or down on a product goes a long way for others! ==> Click Here To Visit My Blog <==
  5. 5. #3} How To Make Money Blogging With Trending News:There’s a lot of awesome ways you can make money blogging, but one method that drives trafficquickly is trending news. Especially when you get to it first!Keep an eye out for hot news stories and try to be the first one to blog about it in your niche. If you doeverything right as far as SEO and such, and you beat others to the punch, it is more likely your post will goviral and get lots of traffic virtually over night.Then you can sit back and collect all the leads and sales you can handle.The viral factor has a lot to do with your ability to make money blogging quickly, use this method as oftenas you like, and always beware of the tsunamis of traffic that follow!#4} How To Make Money Blogging With Video:Video blogging is a great way to make money blogging.Yes, I used blogging twice in one sentence, what about it?LOLOkay, back on track now…Use video to connect with your audience on a level that is impossible with articles and emails. It shows thatyou are human, and your audience will like you more if you show them you aren’t someone who hidesbehind a computer to get them to buy stuff.Tell your story in video, you can even do product reviews using video to make money blogging. You canuse it to connect on a much deeper level, which not only do people appreciate, but they can’t help butconsume it all day long and buy buy buy!If you’re serious about being able to make money blogging…Do video. I have over 60 videos on this blog alone. I encourage you to take a look around and seeif you can find them all. There’s at least 6o, and I challenge you to find any less! ==> Click Here To Visit My Blog <==
  6. 6. #5} How To Make Money Blogging With Sexy Ads:What?You’ve never heard that sex sells?Look…I’m not saying to do anything you’d be ashamed of here, I’m just saying, it’s not a bad idea to go beyondthe normal way of doing things to get extra exposure.And, no I don’t mean exposure like pornography…I mean exposure like, LOT’s of traffic to your blog because people see something provocative andthey can’t help but be drawn to it, so put some stuff like that on your blog and watch the people startflocking to it like robots being sucked into a giant magnet! It really is quite hilariousBut, hey, you ARE here to make money blogging, aren’t you?Quick Tip: The quickest way to be able to make money blogging is to use this system.(Some of you just decided to go to Burger King, lol)Okay, you can go…Right after you’re done reading this blog post and leaving a comment below ==> Click Here To Visit My Blog <==
  7. 7. BONUS} How To Make Money Blogging With Empower Network:Yes, the methods shown above are highly effective in helping you make money blogging…BUT,These methods are not quite as powerful on their own to create a massive income online by any means…So…You need a proper vehicle to help you make money blogging on a much higher level.That vehicle IS Empower Network.Empower Network is ranked in the top 500 sites in the world out of 350,000,000 sites.Most of those sites come from the U.S. and they rank in the top 200 in the U.S.All of that power means one thing…You post your blog posts on an Empower Network blog, and you get an INSTANT BOOST in the searchengines, because it’s a high ranked authority site.Google and other major search engines give your blog posts a lot of link juice when you are connected to asite like Empower Network.So, when you blog here, you will get higher rankings faster than anywhere else, and you will get MORETRAFFIC, MORE LEADS, and MORE SALES!If you are serious about being able to make money blogging…There is NO BETTER WAY to make money blogging than with the Empower Network!You can start to make money blogging right now by clicking here to join.You can get more information on the Empower Network Blogging System here.You can also watch our Free Video Presentation here.And get your FAQ’s answered here.I hope to see you on the inside soon, so we can get you up and running and to make money blogging athing that is easy and fun for you for years to come!
  8. 8. Connect With Me!James Godin“I Make Money Blogging”Work With Me DirectlyFriend Me On Facebook!Follow Me On Twitter!Chat With Me On Skype: Jimag87 ==> Click Here To Visit My Blog <==