The New PS4. Sneak Peek At The PS4 And Some Leaked Game Trailers.


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The New PS4. Sneak Peek At The PS4 And Some Leaked Game Trailers.

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The New PS4. Sneak Peek At The PS4 And Some Leaked Game Trailers.

  1. 1. The New PS4. Sneak Peek At The PS4 And Some Leaked James Godin | on February 22, 2013Are You Looking The The Juicy Details For The PS4(Playstation 4)?We’ve Got ‘Em!The PS4 is coming this holiday season 2013!!!I’m super pumped up about this one, I’ve been a long time playstation fan, and the PS4 has me feeling likea little kid in a candy storeThere’s not a lot of information available about the PS4 at the time of writing this, but I do know it’s going tohit the shelves by the end of this year, and I’ve been able to preview the new Dual Shock PS4 controller,and some of the game trailers.The PS4 Dual Shock Controller:
  2. 2. The PS4 Takes The Dual Shock Controller To Incredible New Heights!New Features:> Slightly Wider Design> Start Button Has Been Replaced By An “Options” Button.> Select Button Has Been Replaces By A “Share” Button For Social Sharing.> The D-Pad Was Only Slightly Modified From The Previous Version.> Built-In Speaker Above The PS Button.> The Joy Sticks Have A New Raised Edge Design.> There’s A Built-In Headset Jack.> There’s A Touch Pad Where The Start / Select Buttons Used To Be.> New Multi-Color Lighting That Replaces The Old Player Indicator On The Top Of The Controller.The PS4 Tech Specs:There’s not a whole lot of information surrounding the system hardware or the specifications at this time,however I did manage to dig up some cool details…The PS4 will be using a ‘specialized’ custom processor that will increase bandwidth by 3.7x in comparisonto the PS3.It will also have 16x the memory that the PS3 has, which can only mean one thing…SUPER FAST graphics processing for an ULTRA REAL game play experience.Some people like those cartoon looking games, but not me!One of my favorite parts about the Playstation brand is it’s never ending quest to create a platform that willhost the most realistic, user immersive games on the planet. Which it tends to prove it can do each timethey release a next-gen system.Which brings us to our next PS4 segment… ==> Click Here To Continue Reading And To Watch The LEAKED Game Trailers! <==