Structured self development


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Structured self development

  1. 1. Structured Self Developmentby James Godin | on January 28, 2013What Is Structured Self Development?Structured self development is actually simpler than it seems…Essentially a person who is actively focusing on self growth is structuring their game plan in a way that is inline with what they want with the end goal in mind.In even simpler terms than that…Whether you are building your life, your business, a house or a sky scraper…It all needs to be well structured to perform at an optimal level.If a sky scraper had no structure, there would be no sky scrapers. People wouldn’t be able to build themhigher than a couple of stories high until it all came crashing down.Same with a house, only, you probably wouldn’t get much further than the foundation of the house if youlack any real structure.Take structure out of business and their is no real success, no real profit, and no real business at all for thatmatter.Take the same thing out of your life and you have absolute chaos!So obviously, structure is very important.Therefore, a well structured self development plan will do a lot of good for you and your business, andI’m sure you agree.Now let’s look at how you can use structured self development starting right now.Using Structured Self Development:First, know what you want.I’m not talking about a house, a car, or lots of money…I’m talking about the thing that you heart desires more than anything in the world, and if it is one of thesethings, then that’s fine, but the more closely connected to it you feel the better it will work for you.Next, envision yourself already having the things that you want in life.
  2. 2. Finally, structure your entire plan for getting what you want based entirely upon WHY you want it, and itwill then become easier for you to figure out how you will get it.Be strategic in your plan, and move swiftly when making important decisions and take action on amassive scale ever single day, while always keeping in mind how the things that you’re doing will make youa stronger, wiser, more successful, and happier person.Structured Self Development In The Information Age:The information age as tossed us head first into the world’s largest compilation of books, magazines,articles, blogs, videos, audios, and websites that the world has ever seen.Everything you could ever want or need for self growth is literally at your fingertips.So…How you choose to structure your learning of this information…How you choose to compile the knowledge you download in your brain…And how you choose to use what you have learned…All play into structured self development and if done correctly and consistently enough will bring you all thesuccess, freedom and happiness you could ever want in life.I recently wrote a blog post about defining your definite major purpose in life. I feel like this would be a great add-onto what you have learned here about structured self development. Click here to read it now.Connect With Me!James Godin“I Believe In Structured Self Development”
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