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Personal growth


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Personal growth

  1. 1. Personal Growthby James Godin | on January 28, 2013Why Personal Growth Is Important:Without personal growth, there would be nothing else.Think about it…If the earth did not grow into a planet that can inhabit life…We would not be here…If we did not grow to be intelligent and wise human beings…We would not have anything that was created by man or woman.Growing your own knowledge, creates ideas and opportunities.Acting upon those ideas and opportunities fuel personal growth.Without action the world would stand still…Without our own action…We stand still.Focusing On The Personal Growth That Matters Most:It’s important to focus on your own progression for the sake of learning from mistakes and formulatingplans to to keep moving forward.Extreme focus on your own personal growth means more ideas, more opportunities to take action, whichin turn creates new opportunities to learn from mistake as well as successes that we have.Without, action there can be no mistakes made.Without mistakes, there can be nothing to learn from to do it better next time.Without learning, there is no growth.We must take action, make mistakes and learn from our mistakes in order for us to get the most out of ourown personal growth.These three things are what matter most…
  2. 2. Everything else is secondary.Personal Growth = Growth In Everything You Do…It’s true.Everything we do presents an opportunity to make mistakes and learn something new.Making mistakes is not a bad thing…Making the mistake of doing nothing is.Every time you think of doing something new, look at it as a way for you to grow intellectually as a person,to expand your knowledge and raise the level of value you have to offer the world.Focus on personal growth daily, and everything else you want will begin to seem like it is simple to achieve,because when you are well developed, it is simple.I recently wrote a blog post about structured self development that I think you will enjoy if you have enjoyed thisblog post about personal growth. Click here to read it now.Connect With Me!James Godin“The Personal Growth Advocate”Work With Me DirectlyFriend Me On Facebook!Follow Me On Twitter!Watch Me On YouTube!Chat With Me On Skype: Jimag87
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