Lessons from the late great napoleon hill


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Lessons from the late great napoleon hill

  1. 1. Lessons From The Late Great Napoleon Hillby James Godin | on January 21, 2013My Take On Napoleon HillNapoleon Hill = A Legendary Genius.Napoleon Hill was a man who studied numerous wealthy business people during his time, one of which washis mentor Andrew Carnegie. I don’t know a whole lot about either man on a personal level, but from abusiness standpoint, they are major influences in my life and will continue to be for years to come andprobably for as long as I live.After reading the book that made Napoleon Hill a legend in the world of business intellect, I found that I hadwalked away with over 20 different key principles that apply to business, team building, and life in general.I was blown away by the simplicity of his words, his teachings and his process for achieving true successand happiness in life and in business.From the detailed explanation about defining a definite major purpose in life, to showing me how to lay outa game plan that I could take action on immediately, it was amazing to say the least.I had never before seen in such great detail, a plan for action that was backed by such powerful principlesand put forth with such enthusiasm…It was captivating in every sense of the word.If there is any book in the world that you should read, it is ‘Think And Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. If thiswas the only book you ever read, it would be enough to catapult you to the top of any venture you choose.Obviously, I would urge you to read as many books as humanly possible in your lifetime, but if you aregoing to take in information related to business development, team building, and personal development,look no further than anything that is of similar quality to anything produced by Napoleon Hill.The Napoleon Hill InitiativeNapoleon Hill was a man who believed that anything could be accomplished if a person believed they coulddo it and was willing to commit to achieving their goals by acting upon a massive level of personal initiative.When Napoleon Hill became wealthy and famous, he did not ask someone for permission, he just did it. Asa matter of fact, he didn’t even ask to be wealthy at all. Napoleon Hill didn’t ask for so much as monetarycompensation for his work for 20 years, and it was not until his famous book ‘Think And Grow Rich’ sold 20
  2. 2. million copies world wide that he became wealthy.When his boss said he was going to start paying him wages, Napoleon Hill looked at him and said that itwasn’t necessary, but if his boss insisted on paying him, he would accept $1.00 per year, and that’s exactlywhat happened.Napoleon Hill’s boss paid him $1.00 per year and Napoleon never expected more than that, but alwaysover delivered on the work he put in, because he believed that helping others and achieving his majorpurpose in life was more important than money, and he was absolutely correct, as this is still very truetoday as it was back then.Because of the extraordinary personal initiative that Napoleon Hill showed in his lifetime through hisactions, he became something he never imagined he would be, wise beyond his years, wealthy beyond isneeds, and happy beyond any measure.Any man who is even half of what Napoleon Hill was, will surely find success and happiness in life. I haveno doubt in my mind about that.Going The Extra Mile With Napoleon HillWhen Napoleon Hill gave his lectures, he often talked about going the extra mile.To him it was the one thing that separated the good from the truly great people in life.He believed that by doing more than anyone ever expected of you, and by doing it without expectinganything in return, good things would automatically come back to you based upon the laws of the universe.Napoleon Hill worded it a little differently, but I like to call this good karma. Give good things withoutwanting for one self, and it will come back 10 fold effortlessly, just because that’s the way things work.One thing that Napoleon Hill understood, is that the universe and the world function in perfect harmony,and that no one thing can happen without the other happening at precisely the right time.When you take this notion and put it into action on a daily basis by paying close attention to the way thingstend to happen exactly when they should, you will find that your life becomes much simpler than it wasbefore you began testing this out yourself.You see, put it like this, a palm tree and a hurricane work in perfect harmony. Because of the way a palmtree is built and because of the way I hurricane acts, the winds from the hurricane can bend the palm treeto the ground and the palm tree will keep bouncing back time and time again…Because of perfect harmony between the two of these forces of nature, the hurricane can move freely andpowerfully, and the palm tree can be super flexible and be what it is meant to be. If their harmony had notbeen perfect, perhaps the palm tree would have lost a bit of flexibility and snapped under the strongwinds…Everything happens a specific way for a specific reason and a specific time which is what makes perfectharmony in the world, and even when things get rough, like the winds of a hurricane, being willing to beflexible enough to go the extra mile without expecting anything in return places you in perfect harmony and
  3. 3. enables you to bounce back from any set back in life and in business.Napoleon Hill may have passed before my time, but his teachings are timeless.If you ever get a chance to read his book…You will know exactly why there is not a person in the universe that is quite like Napoleon Hill.Click Here To Read Another One Of My Posts. There’s Another Great Lesson That Napoleon Hill Taught AboutPassion In Business.Connect With Me!James Godin“The Swish Master”Friend Me On Facebook!Follow Me On Twitter!Watch Me On YouTube!Chat With Me On Skype: Jimag87 ==> Visit My Blog <==