How to gain confidence


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How to gain confidence

  1. 1. How To Gain Confidenceby James Godin | on January 28, 2013Do You Know How To Gain Confidence?I ask you this question, because the answer most people give me is yes…But secretly their REAL answer is no.See, most people think that in order to be more confident, you just need to think you are more confident…But that is just the beginning really…They don’t realize that it’s a matter of the things they do, that make the change in their confidence…Ultimately this is why most people don’t really know how to gain confidence.This Is How To Gain Confidence…Being confident is about being comfortable in your own skin.In other words, you know exactly who you are as an individual and nothing or no one will ever take thataway from you.So, what if you lack this level of self belief?If your self belief level is low, you can raise it by doing things that surprise you and make you feel strongerand more determined to continue succeeding each day.How do you do that?Well, it starts by stepping outside of your comfort zone and making it a point to do one thing daily thatscares you. By doing so, you will overcome fears and become more sure of what you are able toaccomplish.That’s what makes you more confident.That’s what raises belief in yourself…And THAT is what makes a person successful.Do You Understand How To Gain Confidence?You would be surprised how many people will read what I just wrote above, and for some strange reason,
  2. 2. they still won’t fully understand how to gain confidence.The simplest terms I can put it in is this:1. There are things in your life that scare you, and there always will be things that you fear. But without fear,we would not have a foundation for faith. Fear is real, and fear is a necessary part of growth.2. Accept your fears for what they are and make it a point each day to acknowledge they exist, meet themface to face and fight them off with everything you have by being brave enough to go do the things eachday that scare you the most.3. When one fear has been conquered, move onto the next!You will be surprised how much of a boost this gives to your self belief level.This is how to gain confidence.I recently wrote a blog post about the definition of greatness. I think you will find that it is highly relevant to this postabout confidence and self belief. One who is self believing and confident is one who is destined for greatness.Read it here.Connect With Me!James Godin“I Show You How To Gain Confidence”Work With Me DirectlyFriend Me On Facebook!Follow Me On Twitter!Watch Me On YouTube!Chat With Me On Skype: Jimag87
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