How to create your own reality


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How to create your own reality

  1. 1. How To Create Your Own Realityby James Godin | on February 8, 2013Do You Create Your Own Reality?Well…Do you?Do you wake up each morning with a burning desire to do something that you truly love to do, or are yourolling out of bed and dreading the day ahead of you?If you are the second person in this equation, you are NOT creating your own reality…You are living someone else’s idea of who you should be and what you should be doing.Most people get trapped into this sort of an existence because they are told that there is no better way forthem to live their life…That is not true at all.There is a better way…You don’t need to feel like you are a slave to your boss, or to your business either for that matter…You deserve to be free!My goal is to help you become the first person in the earlier example so you can get out of bed eachmorning and, literally be the owner of your own universe…The creator of your own reality so to speak.When you know how to create your own reality…The possibilities for you in this life are absolutely endless.Why You Should Create Your Own RealityTo create your own reality, you need to first understand WHY you want to live a life that you are in fullcontrol of…A life where everything becomes magical, and you get everything you have ever wanted…WHY do you want to be in total control of your destiny?
  2. 2. Are you tired of feeling stuck?Are you going through a lot of pain and suffering?Whatever the your reason may be, it is clear that you should create you own reality for your ownsatisfaction in life.Relieve your pain and suffering…Get yourself unstuck…You deserve to live the kind of lifestyle that you dream of…Dreams were never meant to be limited to our minds, they belong in the physical world.Why else would we dream them up, if they weren’t meant to be?Well, I guess the exception to this rule would be nightmares lol, but besides that, your dreams shouldalways be used as a powerful tool to create your own reality so that your life is exactly how you want it tobe.So why should you create your own reality?Because, you deserve to live your dreams, and the world deserves to see your magical story so they canhave more inspiration in their lives.How To Create Your Own RealityTo create your own reality, you need to be brave…To create your own reality, you need to be bold…To create your own reality, you need to believe in your dream enough to take enough action in the physicalworld to make it happen!Anyone with enough ambition to live a better life, who has the power of vivid dreams leading them throughtheir days on earth can absolutely create any reality they want.My advice to you…Be a dreamer…But, be a dreamer who acts bravely and boldly on their dreams to manifest them in the physical world andbe the owner of your vision and stop at nothing to create your own reality that would put the status quo toshame!If you liked this post about how to create your own reality, I think you will also love one of my recent postsabout how you deserve to live a magical life. Read it here.
  3. 3. Connect With Me!James Godin“I Help You Create Your Own Reality”Work With Me DirectlyFriend Me On Facebook!Follow Me On Twitter!Chat With Me On Skype: Jimag87 ==> Visit My Blog <==