How to build back links the right way


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How to build back links the right way

  1. 1. How To Build Back Links The Right Wayby James Godin | on December 5, 2012 (Click Image To Watch Video)Disclaimer: Just because myself and countless others have earned thousands of dollars in commissionsas an Empower Network affiliate does NOT guarantee in any way that you will get the same results. We aresimply showing you what is possible here, and there is no way for us to know if you will put in the time,effort and resources needed in order for you to succeed. See Our Average Earnings DisclosureHere. (updates live every 24 hours)
  2. 2. So What Is The Right Way To Build BackLinks?Well, I guess that depends on who you talk to……someone with a large budget would tell you to target keywords that already have a TON of traffic flowingto them in the search engines.Keep in mind the keywords you target that have the highest level of traffic will cost the most to attain andmaintain, that’s why it requires a considerable budget and takes a significant amount of time to rank forthese keywords.On the other hand…If you talk to someone who either doesn’t have a $10,000 per month advertising budget, or just sees thevalue in doing things differently, you might get a different answer.The answer I give is this……The first thing you need to think about when trying to rank for different keywords is low competition andhigh traffic……now, keep in mind, there are some keywords that are not very competitive that get thousands ofsearches per month, but they are RARE.Most keywords that are low competition also get much fewer searches per month…But, that’s okay!In fact it’s perfectWhy?Well, because, when you target a keyword that only gets 100 or fewer searches per month it isEXTREMELY easy to rank for.Now, I realize that 100 searches per month doesn’t seem like much, but it is when you rank for 1,000 ormore of these low hanging keywords!!!See the BIGGER picture here?So what happens when you snatch up 1,000 SUPER EASY to rank for keywords that all get at least 100searches per month?You end up with 100,000 people searching for your search terms every single month!!!Several studies from longtime SEO experts have repeatedly shown that between 40% – 60% of all searchvolume will result in a click on the #1 ranked search result on the first page of Google.Can you imagine an extra 40,000 – 60,000 people going to your website every month?HOLY CRAP!!!
  3. 3. This is the technique I am applying to my business daily, and it is producing results.I currently rank #2 out of 81,500,000 results on Google for the search term “Freedom Business Model” SeeProof Here (results current as of 12/05/2012)I also rank #2 out of 4,450,000 results on Google for the search term “Who Is James Godin” See ProofHere (results current as of 12/05/2012)This is just a small sample of what I’ve been able to do so far……and what I’ve just taught you is just a sample of what I can really teach you.I encourage you to continue reading below and see what we can do for your personal and businessdevelopment.Who Are We and How Can We Help You?It All Started When These Two Men Launched Their Dream From a Small Hotel Room FilledWith 30 Powerful Minds on October 31st, 2011…
  4. 4. *Co-Founders of Empower Network David Sharpe (Left) & David Wood (Right)These two men come from places of struggle and pain.Ask either one of them personally, and they will tell you their stories of how they were both homeless at apoint in their lives, they both had to deal with and overcome extraordinary odds to get where they are today,and why they decided that they were going to make it their mission in life to help average people earnmoney like ‘gurus’ do so those people would not have to endure the almost unbearable pain and strugglethey themselves went through.It’s Because of these two amazing men, that Empower Network was born.Just a Few Months Later, It Was GAME ON!Pictured above, you see Dave & Dave speaking to a room of over 1,200 affiliates of Empower Network atthe “Don’t Be a Wussy 2012 ″ Event in Atlanta, Georgia.In the first 30 days of launching Empower Network, over 10,000 people became customers of arevolutionary marketing system that enabled the average person to earn 100% commissions and have it alldirectly deposited into their bank accounts daily if they chose to become an affiliate.
  5. 5. In June, 2012…Out of the over 10,000 customers, 1,200 of them decided they wanted to stomp out their inner wussy andlock arms as an affiliate with the fastest growing company of it’s kind.That’s exactly what they did!Just a Few Months After This Event, There Was Another…Only this time, there wasn’t 1,200 affiliates……there was 3,000! (after only 90 days since the last event)Massive growth happens like this when a system is working……Our System Works. Period.I know Because I Was There!
  6. 6. *My Girlfriend (Left) and Myself (Right)In September, 2012 we had the experience of a lifetime by going to the “Fight The Forces of Evil 2012 ″Empower Network event in San Diego California.We overcame fears and struggles, and the breakthroughs we had lead us to living a much more positiveand prosperous life.We’re not the only ones who have benefited from such a life changing experience…Look At What Just Some of The Affiliates At Empower Network Did Between The Event InAtlanta and The Event In San Diego:Justin Verrengia Earned $63,878 in Just 90 Days!
  7. 7. Disclaimer: Just because Justin Verrengia earned $63,878 in 90 days as an affiliate of Empower Networkdoes NOT guarantee that you will too.You can see our average earnings disclosure here. (updates live every 24 hours)Rob Fore Earned $94,281…
  8. 8. Disclaimer: Just because Rob Fore earned $94,281 in 90 days as an affiliate of Empower Networkdoes NOT guarantee that you will too.You can see our average earnings disclosure here. (updates live every 24 hours)Tracey Walker Earned $109,341…
  9. 9. Disclaimer: Just because Tracey Walker earned $109,341 in 90 days as an affiliate of Empower Networkdoes NOT guarantee that you will too.You can see our average earnings disclosure here. (updates live every 24 hours)Chuck Marshall Earned $158,166…
  10. 10. Disclaimer: Just because Chuck Marshall earned $158,166 in 90 days as an affiliate of Empower Networkdoes NOT guarantee that you will too.You can see our average earnings disclosure here. (updates live every 24 hours)Tony Rush Earned $160,222…
  11. 11. Disclaimer: Just because Tony Rush earned $160,222 in 90 days as an affiliate of Empower Networkdoes NOT guarantee that you will too.You can see our average earnings disclosure here. (updates live every 24 hours)As You Can See…We are a leadership factory pumping out leader, after leader, after leader, and all of our leaders arecollecting some pretty BIG checks!Would A Check Like That Help You And Your Family?I Think So!Get Started Now! (only $25!)Now imagine that you decided to get started today……you would probably need support right?We Have a Great Support System!When You Join Team Rock$tar You Get:>> Team Support In Our Facebook Group>> 80+ Professionally Written & Tested Email Autoresponders
  12. 12. >> Access To Our Weekly Team Training Calls>> Access To Our Current & Future Live Webinars>> A Team Culture That Puts Helping Others First>> The Ability To Mastermind With Us At Our Live EventsHere’s Your Assignment On What To Do Next:1. Join Team Rock$tar Now! (only $25 to get started)2. Complete Your ‘Fast Start Training’ In The Member’s Back Office.3. Listen To The Replay of Our Last Team Call (Wednesday Night Rock$tar) Listen To The Wednesday Night Rock$tar Replay Here: Dial In: (805) 399-1099 Access Code: 761055#4. Listen To The Replay of The Most Recent Empower Network Call (Monday Night Empower Hour) Listen To The Monday Night Empower Hour Replay Here: Dial In: (712) 432-0990 Access Code: 260326#Did You Like This Content? ‘Comment Below & Share‘Connect With Me!James Godin“The Swish Master”Friend Me On Facebook!Follow Me On Twitter!Watch Me On YouTube!
  13. 13. Chat With Me On Skype: Jimag87