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7 critical keys to your success in the home based business industry


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7 critical keys to your success in the home based business industry

  1. 1. 7 Critical Keys To Your Success In The Home Based BusinessIndustryby James Godin | on February 13, 2013You Have Just Found The 7 Critical Keys To YourSuccess In The Home Based Business Industry…Continue At Your Own Risk!The 1st of 7 Critical Keys To Your Success Is…Paying The Price of Admission.No matter what you want in life, there is a price to pay.Want to buy a new house?Okay, fork over $275,000 plus interest and closing costs to the bank.You couldn’t get that house if you paid $274,999.99!That’s right, NOT even a penny less than the agreed upon mortgage.
  2. 2. THE SAME THING IS TRUE IN BUSINESS.If you want to be wildly successful in business and life…You MUST put in 100% of what it takes to make it happen.You absolutely MUST pay the full price of admission into the world of highly successful people, otherwise itjust won’t happen.Do you honestly think you could start a business and only pay 99% of the price to be successful andactually get 100% of the rewards?Hell No!In fact, if you only put 99% of yourself into your business, don’t be surprised if you get a LOT less than 99%in return…Like, 0%.Always pay full price for admission into the world of VIP leaders.When you do, you will get back in return 10, 20, 100x what you put in, every time.It’s funny the way the universe tends to bend to the will of a single man or woman who knows exactly whatthey want and they go after it 100% like nothing else exists.This is just one of the keys to your success, but it is critical!The 2nd of 7 Critical Keys To Your Success Is…Creating A Million Dollar Habit! (and doing it DAILY)Yes, one of the most important keys to your success is to develop a daily habit that will, over time, take you
  3. 3. to where you want to be, and get you the results that you want.Think about it…Why was Michael Jordan so successful at basketball?Was it because he was a magical superhero with laser beams shooting from his eyes?No. That’s just silly…BUT,Some may argue that he could fly, with all those high flying acrobatic dunks and layups he pulled off thatdazzled crowds of thousands for years and years!Seriously though, what made him so great?He made a habit of practicing some key skill sets that, when he focused on them, he became better andbetter at, because he LOVED what he was doing.When you love something, and want to be the best at it…Instead of trying to be the king or queen of everything, just focus on a few skill sets, and ignore everythingelse for long enough so that your abilities in the things you focus on become that of a super hero!The keys to your success are within the things you love and focus the most on.Do that for long enough, and you will be an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.This is the second of many keys to your success, but it’s just the beginning for you.Continue through the remaining 5 keys to your success to uncover your true greatness.
  4. 4. The 3rd of 7 Critical Keys To Your Success Is…You Can’t Lose What You Don’t Have.Why is this one of the critical keys to your success and not just a minor one?Well…Many times, when we are struggling in business or life, most of us tend to focus on what is going wrong, orwhat people are saying or doing to hold us back from reaching our goals…I mean, anyone who has been around for a while knows that there are a million time wasters and energydrainers out there for every 100 productive leaders.These people are the ones that want to see you put on a dog and pony act…They want you to dance for them, and sell them into your business, because it makes them feel wanted,and warm and fuzzy inside.But one of the keys to your success is to NEVER let these people hold you back from progressing in yourbusiness.Look…If you are looking for leaders to join you in your business, and all you’re getting is tire kickers…Maybe you should reconsider the type of message you’re putting out into the universe and perhaps it’s timefor you to re-evaluate your mindset before moving forward.See, if you don’t have those leaders on your team that you’re looking for, don’t worry about what others sayor do to try and circumvent you from finding those leaders and bringing them into your team.Those time wasting wussbags out there don’t care if you find great leaders for your business or not…They just want you to dance like a clown for their entertainment because they’re bored with their lives dueto repeated failure and loss of passion for what they do.Do worry about them.Kick ‘em to the curb…They don’t mean anything to you. They might be good people, but they are a waste of your energy andresources, and they don’t help you reach your goals.Say bye bye to them!You can’t lose what you don’t already have, so if you don’t have leaders on your team yet, what do youhave to lose?Nothing!When you have nothing to lose, you can’t lose.
  5. 5. When you realize that you can’t lose, you will START WINNING!When you start winning…You will automatically start attracting leaders into your business.THAT…Is why this is one of the critical keys to your success!The 4th of 7 Critical Keys To Your Success Is…You WILL Be Paid For Every Action You Make.This is a critical key to your success because whether you do something great or do something that, well,for the lack of a better word, sucks, you pay for it!When you do something bad in life, bad things tend to happen to you…Some call it back luck…Some call it bad karma…Others call it fate, the universe, or god.No matter what you call it…One thing remains…It’s True!If you put in half-assed effort into your business, then you had better expect nothing more than a half-assedresult, and in most cases much worse than that.However…If you’re going to put 100% of your heart into something you love to do, and you take the actions that helpothers in a way that is completely selfless, the things you get in return are priceless gems that cannot bedescribed with words alone.In summary…Do bad, and you will continue to get crap in your life and business.Do good, and expect that the things you get in return will make you truly wealthy in life.This is the 4th of 7 keys to your success, and without this one, the others would not have the same impactwhatsoever.Now, on to the next of the keys to your success in the home based business industry…
  6. 6. The 5th of 7 Critical Keys To Your Success Is…It’s NOT About What Happens To You, It’s About HOW YOU RESPOND To WhatHappens To You That Will Make or Break You.This is one of the critical keys to your success because…When one person sees struggle, another person sees a challenge they must overcome.When one person sees a problem, another person sees an opportunity to become better.You can choose to be the person who blames the world for their struggle and pain, or you can become theperson who rises to the challenge and becomes a stronger person once you have overcome adversity.Also…You can choose to be the person who uses their problems as excuses for why they can’t or won’t succeed,or you can become the person who sees an opportunity to change their surroundings to fit their needs andsolve their problems.All 7 of the keys to your success are important, but this one is EPIC!The 6th of 7 Critical Keys To Your Success Is…You MUST Come From A Place of Contribution, and NOT Collection.One of the keys to your success has to do with your selfless ability to give to others in a servant manner,without expecting anything in return.Those people who try to help others just so they themselves can have personal gain, are the people whostruggle the most.It’s the people in life that focus on solving other people’s problems, that ultimately end up solving all of theirown as a result of their selfless actions to help others.If you look at the keys to your success, you will find that they all go together perfectly and functionharmoniously…This harmony, would not be possible if you did not give from a place of selflessness.If you are only helping others so that you could help yourself, you will disrupt this harmony and the naturalorder of things will prevent you from having success.No one can truly become successful, until they have found a way to help someone else have success.Not only is this one of the critical keys to your success, it just makes you feel good to do it…So my advice to you, is to do it.
  7. 7. The 7th of 7 Critical Keys To Your Success Is…It’s NOT About What You Are Doing That Makes You Successful…It’ About WHO YOU ARE BEING.This might just be one of the most critical keys to your success…What you do, does not make you who you are.Who you are, determines what you will do.Essentially…You could be DOING all the right things at all the right times, but not getting the results that you would likein your business or life.That’s because you must first BE the type of person that people want to listen to and learn from. You couldbe doing a bunch of awesome stuff, but if you are not BEING the kind of person that people love to follow,how will you ever find the right people to help?You won’t.These keys to your success will take you to where you want to be, and help you become the person youultimately would like to be. The thing is…Will you use them?98% of ALL people who get into the home based business industry, never use the 7 keys to your successthat I just outlined here…Because they are BEING the people who got them to where they are now.If you want to become someone better than you are right now…It’s not just about doing things differently…It’s also about thinking differently…And…BEING different.These are the keys to your success, will you BE different from the 98% of people out there that arestruggling to hit it big in this industry?Join Me…And I’ll Coach You To Get The Most Out Of These Keys To Your Success!
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