Free Software to Build Your Email List


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Easy Ways to Build Email List and Generate Affiliate Marketing Income.

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Free Software to Build Your Email List

  1. 1. ==== ====Get the Free List Building Software before it expires Click Below. ====This may come as a shock to you who are reading my articlesfor the first time, but yes, this article is going to staytrue to the title and actually deliver the goods. First, ifyouve gone far enough to select a title with the words"List Building" in it, then chances are that you are finallybecoming serious enough about your internet marketing tolearn how to do it correctly. For that, I applaud you.List building secrets are nothing more than advanced list buildingstrategies. The first list building tip would be to get your handson some list building secrets, although the terms list building tipsand list building secrets can often be used interchangeably, along withlist building strategies. If you really want to learn how tobuild a list, then pay attention to every list buildingstrategy in this article because there are quite a fewlist building tips and list building secrets within it.Actually, you are going to learn how to build a list of subscribersfrom scratch and cash in on doing so.First, you should know that there a few essentials to havecovered and in place for beginning if you have yet tobegin.Before anything else, you should study your market. If youdo not know what your market is, then think of what you aregood at, enjoy doing and a problem that you can uniquelysolve. I recommend studying up on product creation where youcan learn about how to come up with your own digitalproducts if you do not already have a product and market.Notice, I said you should study your market before yourproduct. Find out what people want, need, what problems theyare having and choose a market that you can sell thesolution to with them already wanting to buy it from you.This makes it alot easier than starting out with a productthat doesnt have a proven and tested market. If they arebuying it from someone else, they will buy it from you too.Second, purchase a domain. Thats right, you need to spendsome money. The man who climbed Mt. Everest actually had toreach up and grab some rock. Even the man who flew hishelicopter to the peak, had to get into the cockpit. Thatswhat you are doing when purchasing your domain. Now, just
  2. 2. before buying any domain, after studying your market niche,enter the keywords and most searched for phrases into thekeyword selector tool of your choice to see how many timesthat word and phrase is searched for a day. Next, check theavailability of those keywords as domain names. If a highlysearched for keyword is available, by all means buy it now.You will benefit from the searches already being made on itdaily. With the domain purchase and registration, you willneed to purchase hosting as well. Choose a reliable andquality hosting provider. Uptime is important. I wouldchoose one with 100% uptime, because then you are assuredthat you will never lose a sale due to hosting. With yourhosting account, you will find software to help you buildyour web site. First, build an opt in page. This page isnothing more than a squeeze lead capture page for yourvisitor to come to and see a few bullet points, see a videoof why he should buy from you and enter his/her name andemail address into the web form to receive more informationabout your great product and services. To create thewebform, you will need to purchase an account from aweberautoresponder. They will have some code in your account thatyou can highlight with your mouse, click on to bring themenuboard to your screen, choose copy, click on it and thenpaste it into your web site by bringing the menuboard backup and clicking on paste in the place that the aweber sitetold you to paste it. You can then save it in your htmleditor. After this, your web form will appear! Now, thats a list buildingtip most people dont already know, so technically it can be describedas a list building secret.Also, the benefit is, now that you have an aweber account,you have unlimited autoresponders. You can write some greatemails to send to everyone who visits your opt in page andsubscribes. I recommend having about 20 of them prepared tosend every day one a day for 20 days. The first one canwelcome them and deliver the link to the download youpromised, invite them to purchase or whatever you choose.Each one after that should give them something valuable,treat them special and invite them to purchase. The greatthing about your new aweber autoresponder is that it comeswith a great feature called "personalized enable" software.This will address each and every subscriber by their ownfirst name when they receive their email from you onautopilot immediately after subscribing to your web site,even if you are on vacation when they find your site orasleep. Because you have the invitation for them to buy andhave given them plenty of customer testimonies, results andreasons why, they will purchase. Now, once you have your
  3. 3. traffic system in place, this really becomes easy. You willsimply set up automated sources of traffic by using adownline builder traffic generator that advertises onesingle site with a multitude of referral links to trafficexchanges that will build you steady and growing advertisingshowings of your opt in squeeze page because of referralcredits earned from both surfing the sites and/or referringother people to use your downline builder/traffic generatorweb site. After several hundred people visit your web site,your leads list that is located in your autoresponderaccount will be filled with fresh and eager subscribers whowill recieve your salesletter messages that you haveprepared in advance and have preloaded into yourautoresponder and they will receive these by email.Because your automated traffic, which becomes automatedafter you have built enough referrals to have your siteshown again and again from the referral rewards inadvertising credits, you will be generating leads and saleson autopilot. Remember, the sales process is handled by youremails that tell your customers where and how to buy andwhy. You also need to have thank you messages prepared forafter they buy sent to them that can refer other products tothem or give them a chance to submit testimonies or askquestions from a support autoresponder that you have set uppreviously as well. After setting up one business in thisway, because the autoresponders are unlimited and you canpurchase as many domains and have them hosted as you wouldlike, you are ready to set up more online businesses and befree from work.ArticlesInMyInbox is the worlds premier electronic article courier express. To put their awardwinning professional article marketing service to work for you and your business, simply send anemail to and include "articles order" in the subject and the name and alittle about your business in the email body. Leaving an email address where your message canbe returned is also requested and we will be in touch to help you get subscribers and sales veryquickly! ThanksArticle Source:
  4. 4. ==== ====Get the Free List Building Software before it expires Click Below. ====