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  1. 1. Social networking sites continue to be widely used worldwide today and more people are signing up.Profile Defenders Reviews
  2. 2. Facebook continues to be on top of the list while LinkedIn remainspopular among business professionals Privacy issues, however, bythose using social media sites have always been a concern,particularly on Facebook A recent issue related to the use byFacebook of a members photo and profile information as part ofFacebook advertisements
  3. 3. Such use is often without the knowledge of the user, as it dependson their security settings By using the image of a person in anadvertisement, that person can unknowingly be seen to be providingan endorsement for a product or service Unknown to many,LinkedIn has the same issue
  4. 4. Sometime in June this year, LinkedIn made changes to its privacypolicy The amendment allows LinkedIn to use its members namesand photos in third-party ads that will be displayed on the socialnetwork site This provision in the privacy policy states that whenmembers recommend people and services, follow companies andtake other actions, their name and photo may show up in adsdisplayed to them as well as to other members
  5. 5. LinkedIn refers to this as providing social context to enablemembers to learn about products and services that LinkedIn isconnect with How to Change Your LinkedIn Security Settings Thosenot amenable to the provision, however, can always opt out You canturn off the feature through the settings section
  6. 6. You can find the settings tab on your LinkedIn home page Click onyour name at the top right corner and a drop down menu will appearwith two options Choose the settings
  7. 7. When youre on the settings page, look for Account (below Groups,Companies and Applications) at the lower left part and click on itThe box next to it will then show several options with PrivacyControls on the top left part Click the first option - Manage SocialAdvertising
  8. 8. A new small box will appear showing you information on howLinkedIn uses a members name and photo in its social ads To optout, just uncheck the box that says Profile Defenders ReviewsLinkedIn may use my name and photo in social advertising Thenclick the Save button to confirm
  9. 9. LinkedIn has actually responded to concerns expressed by usersabout this social ad issue and has already made changes In August,a network official announced the new look for company social adswhich no longer uses the images of specific LinkedIn members butrather uses a simple message showing the number of people in yournetwork connected to the product or service concerned
  10. 10. So make sure to check your LinkedIn settings and make thenecessary changes if you dont want to have anything to do with theproducts and services that LinkedIn is connected to
  11. 11. Profile Defenders Reviews